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  1. Hidenotora

    Not the Kyushu basho 2020 GTB invite - and Results!!

    Fairly sure I've got 59. I didn't think they'd put Kotoshoho up that high, and that messed up my middle a little but that's like 19 points better than my previous guess, so pretty happy with that. Looking forward to seeing the full results!
  2. Hidenotora

    Rare occurence in Jonidan

    Interesting, I never knew it was different below juryo. I was sure I'd seen a mizu-iri below juryo, but on looking through a bunch of videos I couldn't find a single one, every one of them was a torinaoshi. Added to my list of trivia!
  3. Hidenotora

    Buying and selling of myoseki still prohibited?

    Ah, of course, the classic consultant fee move! Thanks for clearing it up guys. I asked because I sort of had the impression based on things I'd read in passing that the practice continued, but at the same time all "official" rules and info I'd read said it was still banned. Thank you both!
  4. Hidenotora

    Buying and selling of myoseki still prohibited?

    So does that mean no? When did that change happen then if that's the case? Sorry, kind of an esoteric question and I guess not many people really know but this is one thing where you read one thing in one place, and something else in another. Was hoping one of you could answer it definitively!
  5. Hi all, Sorry if this has been answered somewhere else. There's a thread from when the NSK became a "public interest corporation" in the wake of the yaocho scandal in 2011 and some posts since, but I can't find anything concrete on this issue. As above, in the wake of the yaocho scandal in 2011, the NSK became a "public interest corporation" and prohibited the buying and selling of elder stock, with the kyokai deciding who the next holder would be, based on the recommendation of the retiring oyakata. Is this still the case today? Has there ever been any friction between a retiring oyakata and the NSK in terms of who would inherit a kabu? And how does this work for borrowed kabu? I understand this practice still occurs, but does everything have to go through the kyokai now? Including borrowing and guys swapping kabu? Any info or input would be appreciated, and if this has been answered definitively somewhere else, I apologise and please direct me to that thread. Thanks!
  6. Hidenotora

    Hello from the U.K.

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I'm from Sheffield, not far from Cleethorpes at all, used to go there on holiday as a kid in fact. The only place outside the U.K. I've been is Japan in fact; if you're gonna do something, may as well go big, is my motto!
  7. Hidenotora

    GTB Aki 2020- 121 entries - and RESULTS!!

    I scored 40, which I'm pretty happy with considering the overall split of scores this time. Must have been an open bar at the banzuke meeting. I feel like Ikioi really got a bad deal here, and Ichinojo was incredibly lucky. Well done to anyone who predicted that!
  8. Hidenotora

    Hello from the U.K.

    Hi all, I'm Ollie from the U.K. I've been watching sumo seriously for a couple of years now (since when Kisenosato was injured), I've known about this forum for years too but never signed up for whatever reason, so I thought I finally would!