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  1. I have attended the Kyushu Basho almost exclusively the last 10 years or so. The November time always worked well with my schedule, and I've always liked the smaller environment around the Fukuoka area. I had in fact made reservations for the basho, and was told of the change back to Tokyo by the general manager of the Fukuoka hotel where I usually stay! So I've adjusted the plan to stay in Tokyo, probably nearby Ryogoku. I travel with a service dog in support of my diabetes. He has been to Fukuoka with me previously, along with trips to several locations in Europe and all around the US. The staff at the Fukuoka Kokusai Center were never a problem for my visits there, but I've had trouble contacting anyone at the Kokugikan to advise them to expect us. Any ideas about who I might contact?
  2. ChiTownDude

    Ticket Availability - November Basho

    It's not a matter of "sway". As things begin to open again, Hawai'i and Japan are working together to make both safe for tourists. Much of the investment in tourism infrastructure in Hawai'i is by Japanese companies, so it makes sense. I don't believe there will be any "open" tourism anytime soon, with negative, recent Covid-19 tests becoming the norm.
  3. ChiTownDude

    Ticket Availability - November Basho

    Thank you for your experience. I had heard from a friend in Tokyo that tickets, which used to be snapped up by corporations for perks and give-aways to clients were NOT being bought this way at the moment. Makes sense. . . .
  4. Aloha, I have been going to at least one sumo basho every year since about 1988. I was planning to go to the Kyushu Basho in November and made appropriate reservations including hotel there. Several weeks ago the hotel manager (I've stayed with them before) informed me that the basho would be at the Kokugikan this year. Clearly things aren't like they were. I watched the tournament on television a few weeks ago, and of course noted the hugely reduced audience being allowed. I've always gotten floor seats anyway (masuseki). So now I'm planning to be in Tokyo for the November basho. I live in Hawai'i and the situation here has been fairly well controlled, with the Hawaiian government alluding to allowing travel between Japan and Hawai'i soon. Any experience at ticket availability from the last tournament would be appreciated. Of course recognizing that my well-made plans could go haywire altogether. . . .ha