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  1. 6 hours ago, RabidJohn said:

    What about Tobizaru and Hiradoumi? By my reckoning, they would have had to go down to M4W to give Terunofuji a full schedule (assuming no upstarts from lower down to deal with). That puts them in the joi, doesn't it?

    The over-promotions were mainly those in the K-M3 zone rather than purely sanyaku. Like Oho, whose 3-4 is 3 wins better than I expected of him, tbh. He'll have an 'easier' 2nd week, too, and might even KK.


    When I posted yesterday, they were 3-3...

  2. 22 minutes ago, Bunbukuchagama said:

    Abi's good start is unusual because Komusubi usually have a very tough early schedule.

    And he'll be done facing sanyaku tomorrow, with either a 6-1 or a 5-2 record heading into what should be a much easier second week!

  3. 4 minutes ago, Gurowake said:

    I see after one basho of sanyaku dominance leading to a huge overpromotion to sanyaku, we're back to the new normal. 

    The huge overpromotion was just Nishikigi, right? Terunofuji shouldn't have entered, Daieisho only started fighting on day 4 for some reason, and I don't know what's up with Kirishima, but the rest of the sanyaku is doing quite well, to the extent that Atamifuji has the only winning record among the joi maegashira.

  4. 2 hours ago, Kishinoyama said:

    When I checked the sumodb results today, I couldn't believe that the yokozuna lost by yorikiri. I was expecting a fusen loss! (Thinkingindepth...)

    Yesterday's conversation with Isegahama: "You're not finishing this tournament, but we need to make it look good. Don't put up too much resistance, and visibly flex your knee in pain at the end of the bout."

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  5. 33 minutes ago, Benihana said:

    Terunofuji is now at 19 kinboshi. And he "achieved" that with only 126 bouts. Since Kiribayama botched his run, there seems no short term relief in sight. Poor Teru and poor NHK treasurer.

    I think that passes Kisenosato, but he managed it in about three times fewer bouts.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Yamanashi said:

    It seems like there are plenty of reasons for the crowd to show up a little early and watch the top of Makushita this basho.

    It actually feels a lot less exciting than when we had the big prospects and the sekitori comebacks making their way through there on a regular basis.

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  7. 8 hours ago, Koorifuu said:

    Walking fusenpai Shimanoumi

    He's done the math on exactly how many wins he needs to keep his salary (4, I think) and he'll expend the minimum amount of effort to collect them when the matchups are in his favor.

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  8. 8 minutes ago, Asashosakari said:

    Please. He'd need the Saudis to bankroll it or something, because nobody in Japan would touch a Hakuho-fronted sumo venture with the proverbial ten foot pole at this point, and his own money will be barely enough to run it at "indy wrestling fed" levels, playing to audiences in the hundreds, not thousands. I'm sure Hakuoho, Tenshoho et al. have always dreamed of that kind of opportunity.

    Besides, after the initial rush of existing fighters desperate for a payday, what's going to be his recruiting pitch for future talent? "I do even less about physical abuse than the organization that dumped me!"?

    Guys this is getting uncomfortably close the 4/1 post I've been drafting (Laughing...)

  9. 2 hours ago, Asashosakari said:

    The Kyokai brass were highly suspicious that Hakuho would prove troublesome as oyakata, and they made him sign that pledge to express their reservations in the most public manner possible. Inside of just three years, Hakuho managed to prove them spectacularly correct.

    I guess my question, without being privy to the details of the investigation, is this: did Hakuho in fact prove himself to be troublesome as oyakata, beyond what we've regularly seen in other heya in recent years? I am honestly asking, as it hasn't been clear to me from reading what's been made public exactly what about the situation and his management of it has been so egregious as to demand the response we've seen. (Obviously, Hokuseiho's actions were completely beyond the pale and his punishment was warranted). I am fully prepared to accept an explanation as to why closing the heya is the appropriate response, but so far it hasn't been clear to me why demotion in elder rank, loss of salary, and a warning to do better, as we've seen in other recent cases, wasn't sufficient here.

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  10. 7 hours ago, Tigerboy1966 said:

    Another fun makushita storyline. Tsukahara has been in the extended promotion zone for 25 of the last 28 basho. Now at ms4 and with no "monsters" lurking this could be his big opportunity. He has the size and a fearsome oshi attack... but then again he had those advantages five years ago...

    The guy certainly had the kind of start that would make you pay attention (Jk 6-1 Y, Jd 7-0 Y, only loss to Kotoshoho, avenged in Jk playoff and again in Jd), reached upper Ms in 9 basho, then hit a wall.

  11. On 29/02/2024 at 12:48, Jejima said:

    M10E Reonito has been given K1E Abi.

    Abi's last five bashos have alternated KKs and MKs. If the pattern continues, this basho should be an MK...:-O (Abi prefers to fight in Tokyo?)

    More like he's done well at upper M, and not so well at K, so fingers crossed for a better performance (he's been successful in san'yaku in the past...)

  12. 4 hours ago, Jejima said:

    Final round of voting (21 voters)

    3rd place...

    M1E Wakamotoharu (57.14%) (Thirdprize...) defeated K1E Takayasu (42.86%)

    Sumo Forum's Favourite Rikishi for 2024
    K1W Ura (52.38%) (Yushowinner...) defeated Y1E Terunofuji (47.62%) (Secondprize...)

    So, Ura is the winner of Sumo Forum's Favourite Rikishi for 2024 contest.

    I am a little surprised about that. How about you?

    There was never going to be any other outcome.

  13. 2 hours ago, Bunbukuchagama said:

    Am I the only one getting the feeling that everyone is getting punished at Miyagino, not just the shisho himself?

    This story might be more complicated than we think.

    Yeah, what's going on over there? This all seems like a drastic overreaction to what so far has been described as one really bad apple. That's certainly something we've seen in other heya recently, without anything remotely like this response.

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  14. 1 hour ago, Wakawakawaka said:

    Do people really like Wakamotoharu this much or do they just dislike whoever he's paired up against?

    I get he's a solid no-nonsense rikishi... maybe I just see him as too 'no-nonsense', i.e. dull. 

    Also wouldn't it be totally wrong for Takayasu to lose this round and not be able to secure his JY?

    People love Ura, and it's a dead heat at the moment, so apparently WMH really is that popular ... I don't quite get it either.