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  1. 4 hours ago, Sakura said:

    Goeido may have been an Ozekiwake because of the skill level of those around him, but my opinion is that he was a better rikishi than any of the Ozeki that we curently have.

    You only have to recall his day 15 bout against Takakeisho that derailed the latter's first promotion bid.

  2. 13 hours ago, Tigerboy1966 said:

    Update on promotion and relegation after day 12

    Hokutofuji removed himself from the relegation queue with a win over Roga. Mitoryu looks to have secured his promotion.

    Makunouchi ->Juryo

    Almost certainly down: Endo, Kitanowaka, Shimazuumi

    Needs 2 wins: Daiamami, Myogiryu

    Needs 1 win: Roga, Churanoumi, Ryuden



    Almost certainly up: Mitoryu

    Needs 2 wins: Tokihayate, Daishoho,Takarafuji, Tomokaze, Oshoma

    Needs 3 wins: Asakoryu

    I started a thread... 


  3. Day 12

    Juryo demotion queue: Hokuseiho, Kotoeko, Kitaharima, Chiyosakae.

    Makushita promotion queue: Onokatsu, Chiyomaru with a win, Kazekeno with a win, Tsukahara with a win, Kayo with a win, Nabatame with a win, Tsukahara with a loss, Nabatame with a loss.

    Kazekeno is the only 6-0 guy left, courtesy of Sd3 Nagamura; he fights Onokatsu tomorrow. If he loses, we get a big playoff among the 6-1's. The other four promotion contenders have been saved for potential exchange bouts on the final weekend.

  4. Juryo demotion queue: Hokuseiho, Kotoeko, Kitaharima, Aoiyama, Chiyosakae, Hakuyozan.

    Makushita promotion queue: Onokatsu, Chiyomaru with a win, Kazekeno with a win, Tsukahara with a win, Kayo with a win, Nabatame with a win, Tsukahara with a loss, Nabatame with a loss.

    It's not yet 100% that Kotoeko and Kitaharima will go down, but it's close. Kazekeno is the only 6-0 guy left, courtesy of Sd3 Nagamura; will he fight Onokatsu, Chiyomaru in a promotion playoff, or someone else? If he loses, we get a big playoff among the 6-1's.

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  5. 48 minutes ago, Bunbukuchagama said:

    Oh, sorry, I was thinking about Makushita.

    Yeah, Ms has the one 6-0, seven 5-1's, and 10 4-1's who'll give us five more 5-1's tomorrow. So if Kazekeno loses, we should get something like a 7-way playoff!

  6. 22 minutes ago, Yubinhaad said:

    Tochimaru's tsuppari flurries can be quite effective, they don't really move the opponent back that much, but instead keep him off balance for a well-timed ottsuke, hazu-oshi or hikiotoshi. Kyokukaiyu didn't really get an opportunity to settle into any kind of position and was eventually outmanoeuvred.

    Ryuo also won his bout, he and Tochimaru are joined at 6-0 by Jd61w Taranami, who is in his second basho back after his own three-basho kyujo.

    I wonder what they'll do with the lower-division yusho pairings. There are 8 6-0 rikishi, but there's no way they'll match Ms13 Kazekeno with Sd3 Nagamura, so presumably Nagamura gets Aonishiki, Ryuo gets Sd64 Higonomaru, Tochimaru fights Taranami, and they figure out 5-1 opponents for Kazekeno and Chiyooga...

  7. 9 minutes ago, Bunbukuchagama said:

    Not a bad idea, actually. But Onokatsu is through to Juryo anyway, and promotion to sekitori ranks is arguably a bigger prize than "just" Makushita yusho. How about Chiyomaru? It would go against tradition, but would mean an actual direct promotion bout.


    No, it'll be a 5-1 for sure, just a question of which one. If it's not Onokatsu, probably Haruyama?

  8. 13 hours ago, Tochinofuji said:

    As much as I'd like to see a swift return to makuuchi happen for Wakatakakage, I think we're likely to see at least one more Juryo basho for him. Though hope I'll be proven wrong on that count! 

    After his loss today, I don't think even winning out would do it, unless there's carnage in both makuuchi and juryo. 12-3 from J10 isn't a real promotion claim, so he'd only go up if there's someone they can't keep in makuuchi and there are no better candidates for the spot.

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  9. 20 minutes ago, Tigerboy1966 said:

    You can work it out for yourself

    I don't know how to set it out properly, but for instance:

    Makunouchi ->Juryo

    Almost certainly down: Endo, Kitanowaka, Shimazuumi

    Needs 2 wins: Daiamami, Myogiryu

    Needs 1 win: Hokutofuji, Roga, Churanoumi, Ryuden



    Needs 1 win: Mitoryu

    Needs 2 wins: Tokihayate, Daishoho

    Needs 3 wins: Takarafuji, Tomokaze, Oshoma

    Needs 4 wins: Shirokuma, Asakoryu

    I think that's right

    I don't have time to run the thread this basho, but this looks right to me. A little early for san'yaku turnover, but Nishikigi is out and atm Onosato would take his spot. Three vacancies opening up in Juryo: Hokuseiho, Kotoeko, Kitaharima. Onokatsu is coming up, Chiyomaru and Kazekeno would join him with a win but are eliminated with a loss, Kayo, Tsukahara, and Nabatame still in contention.

  10. 3 hours ago, Koorifuu said:

    ... I hadn't even noticed he was put against Kotoeko, that definitely helped it out. -Another- win would make an arguably bigger difference though.

    He could still end up as high as 2nd in the promotion queue with a 4-3, or as low as 7th with a 5-2, depending on other results. All the contenders except him are in action tomorrow, so we should have a better sense. Kazekeno would be out with a loss of course, as would Tenshoho and Yuma. Chiyomaru and Onokatsu would be all but certain to go up with a win. Then there's Kayo and Nabatame.

  11. 8 minutes ago, Sumo Spiffy said:

    That's what I have. I'm assuming that Wakamotoharu dropping to 5-4 keeps him lined up for a match with Kiri. Hoshoryu and Daieisho might have a better chance of getting broken with Daieisho having a losing record, but if that happens, presumably we have Hoshoryu and Takakeisho against the leaders. (I know Kotonowaka makes sense, but I also have Shonannoumi getting bumped up, and I don't think they're going to yeet him all the way up to Hoshoryu. If it's Takakeisho and Kotonowaka against Takerufuji and Onosato, then I think Abi gets Shonannoumi and Hoshoryu stays in against Daieisho.)

    I like it. Then I think Hosh and Koto would be free on day 12, and then they can reassess what they need to do down the stretch, though we may see the schedule delayed for more than just day 15.

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  12. 18 minutes ago, Asashosakari said:

    Kitanowaka brings an excellent body, but I'm really struggling to name a single other part of his sumo that I would consider (close to) makuuchi-average at this point. And that assessment isn't just based on his less than stellar top division record so far; even in juryo I'm frequently surprised how many different ways his opponents are capable of finding to defeat him. It kind of feels like he's been around forever (two straight years in juryo tends to lead to that impression, at least for me), but at the same time it feels like he hasn't slowly worked his way up to makuuchi like, say, Churanoumi, and rather just fluked in via his physical tools. At 23 he's still young, but I'm honestly starting to wonder if the action in makuuchi just might be a little too fast for him. If so, that's something he might not ever overcome.

    I feel like his yotsu skills are on the stronger side, but I don't have a lot of confidence in my own "eye test."

  13. 35 minutes ago, Koorifuu said:
    • Hakuoho
      • This was reminiscent of his match against Akua, eh @Reonito? I get that he's had more to think about these last few months, but going "here's my leg" to Akua and "here's my neck" to Aoiyama almost back to back is a whole new level of incompetence/negligence. He can still beat most people head-on, but damnit, he's gotta stop letting one-trick-ponies getting their track in!
    • Kitanowaka
      • ...why? People who watch juryo know that he's much better than this. There's no obvious injury, I hope he steps it up as he'd be a great permanent addition to makuuchi's ranks.

    I guess Terunofuji's 10-5 in Juryo, sandwiched between his 13-2 Y in J and M, gives me some hope that Hakuoho is just having an off tournament; there are surely plenty of potential reasons for that.

    Kitanowaka's struggles in Makuuchi sort of remind me of Kototebakari's in Ms joi; both have great skills and good size, but seem to lack a bit of physicality.