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  1. Seiyashi

    New recruits Haru 2023

    Mildly off topic, but is there any significance to the style in which the student yokozuna tsuna is tied?
  2. Seiyashi

    The end?

    Works in Singapore.
  3. Seiyashi

    Kakuryu to Retire

    Maybe their PR team used Google Translate to come up with the awkward English name. Or simply learnt English in an older era, using pleasure as in "pleasure cruise" or "pleasure boat".
  4. Seiyashi

    ex-Mienoumi retires as head of the sumo museum

    To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if that was Hakkaku's post-retirement job too, after handing over the stable to Okinoumi/Kimigahama.
  5. Seiyashi

    ex-Mienoumi retires as head of the sumo museum

    Any word on who his replacement will be?
  6. Seiyashi

    Kakuryuu interview

    I think it means the last yokozuna created (umare) in the Heisei era to have a danpatsu.
  7. Seiyashi

    Yutakayama Intai

    Alternatively he's living without access to a tokoyama and a ponytail is much lower maintenance.
  8. Seiyashi

    Terunofuji interview

    This is something Asashosakari mentioned before, but this kind of time delay is once-off and only screws over people during this period. It's not as if the sanyo period extends by 5 years for each generation of rikishi to make the problem worse and worse. Not that I'm saying it's necessarily a good thing, but this is at worst short term pain. This would only be a problem if sanyo also cannot borrow. Does anyone know what the rules are on this? I don't think we've had a problem so far with this - the first test would be Isegahama and Michinoku, since usually kabu borrowers aren't going to be high-profile enough to be in line to succeed to a heya.
  9. Seiyashi

    Terunofuji interview

    Depends on when Terunofuji retires. Asahifuji is 62 at present, if Terunofuji were to retire today; and Asahifuji were to stay on for the 5-year sanyo term; there would be a 3 year period for which a kabu would need to be arranged. Temporary kabu can't be switched. If Asahifuji wants to stay as sanyo, he needs to hold a kabu for that whole period. He can't be Terunofuji oyakata, basically, because that's what the temporary non-transferable kabu given only to Terunofuji on the occasion of his retirement would be.
  10. Seiyashi

    Hakuho retires

    FWIW they didn't stand for Gackt's Kimigayō either, so it wasn't out of xenophobia or lack of respect per se against the Mongolian anthem. My current hypothesis is that the Japanese draw distinctions between formal versions/arrangements of the anthem and "performance" versions, and simply assumed that the versions playing at Hakuhō's danpatsu were performance versions that didn't require the whole nine yards of standing. The version of Kimigayō played during basho is a lot more formal in arrangement, and AFAIK they stand for that one, so it might be a bit more subtle than just generic culture with respect to anthems (pun intended).
  11. Seiyashi

    Terunofuji interview

    The last we know, he is slated to inherit Isegahama, but that comes with some question marks. First, he might not have a kabu of his own to swap with ex-Asahifuji if he wants a sanyō arrangement, although maybe a loaner can be arranged. Second, Isegahama was a Suginomori family operation, drawing on their contacts in the Aomori area. We don't know if Terunofuji, despite his adopting the Suginomori family name, will be made privy to those connections, or whether they will move to ex-Aminishiki's Ajigawa leaving behind just the name for Terunofuji, a process similar to when ex-Musashimaru took over the Musashigawa kabu but essentially founded a new stable.
  12. Seiyashi

    Hakuho retires

    It's nice to see Hakuhō's mum get a great reaction from the crowd.
  13. Seiyashi

    Hakuho retires

    Other notable snippers, courtesy of Herouth: Harumafuji Kyokushūzan Hakuhō's father by proxy: Mahatō carried in a portrait, gave it to Hakuhō, and then took a snip Also Hakuhō's mother, accomplished by Hakuhō relocating his seat to the edge of the dohyō so she could reach it without stepping on the dohyō. Arawashi's attendance implied, although not known whether he took a snip
  14. Seiyashi

    Hakuho retires

    So Hakuhō not only has links to Tottori Jōhoku, but Doshisha. How strong is their sumo program?
  15. Seiyashi

    Hakuho retires

    Me, after Gurowake pointed out the obvious mistake of misreading Tōhakuryū as Azumaryū (Azumaryū's shikona is a subset of Tōhakuryū's)
  16. COVID-19 held up a lot of danpatsu-shiki events, making their economic viability doubtful (since they're essentially benefit events, not to mention a lot of fans of popular rikishi would like to send them off). But on the other hand, some oyakata might like to just have it done and over with, especially if they might not have star power to pack the halls to make it a profitable event. The following 13 (EDIT: 15 - added Homarefuji and Chiyootori) oyakata had their danpatsu-shiki delayed by COVID-19. With Tochiozan's danpatsu-shiki announced, and Kotoyuki's having already taken place, I thought it would be a good idea to collate them in one thread in view of the exceptional circumstances: OVER: Aminishiki/Ajigawa: intai Nagoya 2019, danpatsu-shiki 4 October 2020 30 May 2021 29 May 2022 OVER: Homarefuji/Tateyama: intai Aki 2019, danpatsu-shiki 14 February 2022 OVER: Yoshikaze/Nakamura: intai Aki 2019, danpatsu-shiki 5 February 2022 OVER: Gōeidō/Takekuma: intai Hatsu 2020, danpatsu-shiki 29 January 2022 OVER: Tochiozan/Kiyomigata: intai Nagoya 2020, danpatsu-shiki 30 January 2022 OVER: Toyonoshima/Izutsu: intai Nagoya 2020, danpatsu-shiki 28 May 2022 Sōkokurai/Arashio: intai Nagoya 2020, danpatsu-shiki 2 October 2022 Kotoshōgiku/Hidenoyama: intai Kyushu 2020, danpatsu-shiki 1 October 2022 Kakuryū/Kakuryū: intai Haru 2021, danpatsu-shiki 3 June 2023 OVER: Kotoyūki/Kimigahama: intai Natsu 2021, danpatsu-shiki 2 October 2021 Ikioi/Kasugayama: intai Nagoya 2021, planned 4 June 2023? Toyohibiki/Yamashina: intai Nagoya 2021, danpatsu-shiki 29 January 2023 Asahishō/Kiriyama: intai Nagoya 2021 Hakuhō/Magaki: intai Aki 2021, planned 1 October 2023? Chiyootori/Sanoyama: intai Kyushu 2021, planned 30 September 2023? It's of course a bit of a stretch whether the Nagoya retirees and Hakuho's danpatsu-shiki can be considered to be "delayed" by COVID-19 rather than the queue at the barbershop, especially now that Kotoyuki's danpatsu-shiki shows that they needn't have their danpatsu-shiki in the same order as when they retired. Nonetheless, since there's still a backlog (and potentially a flurry of danpatsu shiki in relatively closer proximity), it's probably still useful to keep track of them here. Editorial note: this thread started life as the Tochiozan danpatsu-shiki thread, but was edited and rearranged to accommodate announcements of other delayed events. And since the events have started happening, it has been renamed from "Outstanding oyakata danpatsu-shiki" to "COVID-delayed oyakata danpatsu-shiki". Update (16 June): Given how the list of possible danpatsu dates was basically corroborated by 3 or four hits in a row, it's probably safe to take it as good. Head list updated with Ikioi's, Hakuhō's, and Chiyootori's planned danpatsu dates.
  17. Seiyashi

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Hak's got loads of stars At his danpatsu, but will It be for nothing?
  18. Seiyashi

    Hakuho retires

    Yeah you're right. Two of the same kanji, late over here, eyes sort of glazed over the haku element, and brain autocompleted the longer time denizen.
  19. Seiyashi

    Hakuho retires

    What I do find really unusual about his danpatsu is the invitation to amateurs to be his last opponents. No doubt they have a personal connection to Hakuhō, but it feels like he's using this event to soft debut them, and one of them might be taking Miyagino's foreigner slot in short order.
  20. Seiyashi

    Hakuho retires

    I think it's an appearance and lion-behind-fox thing: he wants to show that he has the goodwill of the current and likely future top rikishi for the next generation to come. For a danpatsu that seems to be all about showing he has the strong interpersonal connections, both within and without sumo circles, that would make him an asset to the NSK in the future, this choice of attendants seems very in line with that strategy. As for the attendants, they get to piggyback off that message by showing they have the favour of the man with those connections. Other than the toriteki tournament, the Miyagino rikishi themselves don't feature extremely strongly relative to, say, Aminishiki's. I can't help but think that this is deliberate, since Hakuhō seems to be trying to show that he understands that sumo is more than just results on the dohyō. He has also managed to do the deshi attendants thing once already, when Enhō first made it into makuuchi, so I guess there's no need to belabour that point too.
  21. Seiyashi

    Hakuho retires Settsu Sōko has a strong history of involvement with sumo, sponsoring the lodgings of Asahiyama and Minato-beya. It was at one of their training facilities that Hakuhō stayed at to train when he first came to Japan, meeting the then-president Asano Tsuyoshi. Asano Hirotsugu, current CEO of Settsu Sōko, is the son of the late Asano Tsuyoshi. GACKT needs no introduction as one of Japan's biggest pop stars, but Ariunbaatar Ganbaatar needs some: he's a Mongolian baritone (opera singer) who is pretty darn accomplished and has a number of musical awards. A note that the image indicates that Kimigayō is a solo performance, but the Mongolian national anthem is apparently a group performance, so I don't know whether that implies audience participation (ergo a sizeable Mongol contingent, which wouldn't be surprising) The Ichikawa Danjurō name/lineage is arguably the biggest in kabuki, and Kariya Fujio will no doubt be well known to the NSK, so scoring these favours is a major coup and a nice sop to throw to traditionalists who might be a a bit concerned about other bits of his danpatsu (e.g. the Mongolian national anthem). You've probably seen Ichikawa Danjurō in the setsubun photos at the same events as Hakuhō, so it's no surprise that they know each other. Kariya Fujio's career as announcer seems to be over, so newer sumo fans like me might not know him, but those around in the 90s or even before might find him much more familiar. All in all, this looks like the sumo event of the year - even were it not for the fact that it's Hakuhō's retirement, this is one danpatsu with a lot of clout. Aminishiki's with the yokozuna gonin gakari was a show of Isegahama-beya's strength in terms of sekitori; Hakuhō's danpatsu is showing off just how good his connections are/how much goodwill he can call in. Toyonoshima had a hometown compatriot for his Kimigayō, Hakuhō has two international-grade singers.
  22. Seiyashi

    Hakuho retires

    Schedule for Hakuhō's danpatsu courtesy of Herouth. MC/Announcer: Kariya Fujio (NHK's top executive announcer and former sumo commentator) Opening ceremony Kabuki performance by Ichikawa Danjurō XIII (head of the Naritaya guild of kabuki actors) Elimination tournament featuring Miyagino toriteki (and one sekitori, technically): Kawazoe v Raihō Ōtani v Hōkahō Ochiai v Senhō Ōnokura v Mukainakano Jūryō dohyō-iri at 11:35am Hakuhō's final sumo, versus: Mahatō (eldest son) Batjargal Munk- (can't make this out, nephew) Usukhbayar Demidjants (notable amateur sumo wrestler featured in our ams section, teammate of Hakuhō's nephew, and son of a famous bokh who was featured in the photos (brown robed guy?) when Hakuhō went back to Mongolia to promote his danpatsu) Jūryō torikumi (curiously featuring Tamashōhō but not Ochiai or Enhō): Hakuhō's final dohyō-iri: Tachimochi: Takakeishō Tsuyuharai: Hōshōryū Gyōji: Shikimori Inosuke Yobidashi: Ryūji (makuuchi yobidashi from Miyagino) Shokkiri: Ōnojō and Ebisumaru Gyōji: Kimura Kazuma (makushita gyōji from Nishiiwa) Kimigayō by GACKT Mongolian National Anthem (Ariunbaataru Ganbaataru) Go-aisatsu delivered by CEO of the Settsu Sōko group, Asano Hirotsugu Danpatsu shiki Flower bouquet gifting Sumo jinku Kasugayama (ex-Ikioi) leading Hokuseihō and Enhō supporting Break at 2:40pm Makuuchi dohyō iri Yokozuna dohyō iri (hinting at Terunofuji's participation?) Taiko demonstration by Isegahama ichimon yobidashi Makuuchi torikumi: Yumitorishiki by Hōkahō
  23. Seiyashi

    Ochiai’s future shikona

    Not strictly on topic, but: So apparently they didn't expect Ochiai to be promoted this fast, and he's supposed to get a shikona in future (they couldn't make it before the cutoff of the banzuke meeting on Wednesday). Miyagino will think more about it after his danpatsu.
  24. Seiyashi

    YDC Post Hatsu 2023

    I feel like there's something wonky with the proof and stats considering that period contains two of the most dominant yokozunas in sumo history. Not every yokozuna hits 14s casually.
  25. Seiyashi

    YDC Post Hatsu 2023

    Tokushōryū. (only semi kidding, since he does share a character, and even hails from Nara where Tokugawa Ieyasu is enshrined IIRC as Tōshō Daigongen) And yes and yes. Takakeishō via Takanohana's idolisation of Uesugi Kenshin hence picking the name of a descendent Kagekatsu, and the Onami brothers because of the parable of Mori Motonari's sons.