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  1. Seiyashi

    Sekitori Sweepstake - July 2023

    In, and somehow still in makuuchi with some Kagayaki level luck.
  2. Seiyashi

    New 'Kiribayama' for Guess Kisenosato's Aite game

    1. Mitakeumi 2. Ura 3. Kotonowaka 4. Meisei 5. Midorifuji 6. Shōdai 7. Nishikigi 8. Tobizaru My logic is that where ex-ōzeki are available I'll prefer them on Miyabiyama logic, other than Asanoyama who fell for performance-unrelated reasons. Also Nishikigi v Hokutofuji is IMO a stinker but what can you do.
  3. Or just simply had a better working relationship with Kaiō. After all, Kyokutenhō was an absorptee.
  4. Seiyashi

    Kakuryu to Retire

    According to Herouth, Arawashi and his wife were in attendance.
  5. Seiyashi

    Kakuryu to Retire

    God, Asashōryū must have caused a fit in some of the more conservative members of the audience. He looks like he stepped straight out of a yakuza drama. Doesn't sound like his popularity with the general crowd is dimmed one bit, though.
  6. Seiyashi

    Another Sekitori Marriage

    O.o source?
  7. Seiyashi

    Kakuryu to Retire

    So that's the tachimochi settled. Tsuyuharai Shōdai? Edit: yep, the schedule is out.
  8. Seiyashi

    Kakuryu to Retire

    He's already started losing some weight, it seems.
  9. Seiyashi

    New juryo pics Nagoya 2023

    The latter.
  10. Seiyashi

    New ozeki Kirishima

    You mean Haruo Kirishima.
  11. Seiyashi

    Guess Kiribayama's Aite - May 2023 edition

    I would say Mitakeumi simply because if Miyabiyama is any precedent, Mitakeumi's not going to get easily repromoted to ōzeki without an outstanding performance.
  12. I don't think it's about career ranks but how many basho in makuuchi, plus some of them might have been grandfathered in or opened their heya before criteria were tightened.
  13. Seiyashi

    Ishiura Intai

    That would have been me among others, but tabloids might have started it first.
  14. It has to, and given what was discussed in the thread apropos of Kakuryū, means Hakuhō probably had a hand in buying him out.