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  1. ViscountessNivlac

    Japanese Yusho Resurgence? (A second drought)

    So only three more generations until we get the stealth Mongolians? That joke doesn’t work as well having just talked about them getting Japanese hometowns.
  2. ViscountessNivlac

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    That was amazing! It was the third M17-Ō bout ever, according to my query. Two of them are from 2020, and those are the two that weren’t losses, a playoff, or before the six tournament system! All three were finished with yorikiri too. There’s also an M16-Ō bout on the books, from a basho when M16 was the bottom of Makuuchi, and an M15-Ō match from when that was the bottom. Both were another loss for the maegashira involved, so it does seem to be a 2020 thing.