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  1. Yaochozuna

    Obesity Deaths

    My pleasure
  2. Yaochozuna

    Obesity Deaths

    Nope, we wouldn't :-) But truth be said, it's a cultural thing, not just vocabulary. In my understanding od (American) English, corral does have Wild West connotations (Gunfight at the O.K. Corral and such). Czech word ohrada has none. But it works the other way round, too. Would you call a hotel Mace in English? And yet, there is this hotel Palcát in Tábor in South Bohemia, even with a monstrous phallic depiction of the said weapon next to it. Refers to the Hussite Wars and their role in the heavily romanticised version of our national story. Jan Žižka had one, you know :-)
  3. Yaochozuna

    Obesity Deaths

    I'm one continent over and I had to Google it
  4. Yaochozuna

    Your creative input required!

    Okay, okay. We're original, after all (Although even here there's some German input or at least circumstantial influence but we'd be really way offtopic discussing it.)
  5. Yaochozuna

    Your creative input required!

    Mainly we did Further reading: Ferdinand Seibt, Deutschland und die Tschechen. Naja, was wäre ein richtiger tschechischer Intellektueller des 19. Jahrhunderts ohne die Reclam-Verlag Bücher gewesen? And as for Pilsner Beer, the keyword here is Josef Groll.
  6. Yaochozuna

    Your creative input required!

    Difficulty in paddling. We use it in Czech but it's the same in German, as we've mimicked you for all our history ZW = Zahmwasser; WW = Wildwasser X = unfahrbar 1) ZWA 2) ZWB 3) ZWC 4) WW I 5) WW II 6) WW III 7) WW IV 8) WW V 9) WW VI 10) X
  7. Yaochozuna

    What we do in our off-time

    Heh, same here. So many great games out there and I end up playing mariáš in a ghastly MS-DOS application from 1993. The irony…
  8. Yaochozuna

    Hello from the American Midwest

    Magaki oyakata has subscribed? Anyway, welcome!
  9. Yaochozuna

    Hakuho retires

    Ah, thanks for reminding me why I never liked Kisenosato (strangely, I seem to like Araiso, though). That henka of Hakuho's is a thing of pure beauty. Also Kisenosato's face expression change. Golden!
  10. Yaochozuna

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Do you really think You can bind a white peng by Signing an "oath"? Fools.
  11. Yaochozuna

    Hakuho retires

    I think I understand the prolonged story of Hakuho's retirement now. Hakuho: "I'm done. Retiring." YDC: [ some blah blah in background] Kyokai: "Impossible man. Cannot pay you. You've earned so much you'll have to die on dohyo." YDC: [some more blah blah in background] Hakuho: "I don't like it." YDC: [some major blah blah in background] Kyokai: "Neither do we." YDC: [angry blah blah in background] Hakuho: "So?" YDC: [even more angry blah blah in background] Kyokai: "So nothing. Unless..." YDC: [pissed off blah blah in background] Hakuho: "Unless?" YDC: [pissed off blah blah in background for good measure] Kyokai: "Unless we 'pay' you and you 'reinvest' the money back. You know, building heyas and such." YDC: [continuous lunatic blah blah in background] Hakuho: "No other options?" YDC: [frenzied blah blah in background] Kyokai: "No other options, pal." YDC: [blah blah blah in background] Hakuho: "So be it." YDC: [blah blah blah blah in background] Hakuho + Kyokai: "Will you shut up?" YDC: [won't shut up]
  12. Yaochozuna

    Asahifuji kanreki dohyo-iri

    This is great news and very fitting. Isegahama oyakata does have his own set of imperfections (we all do) but he seems to be actually learning from them. Out of the current crop of senior oyakata I think I respect him most.
  13. Yaochozuna

    Most underappreciated rikishi

    Chiyoshouma, clearly. No one seems to appreciate Chiyoshouma. Which is a shame, really. The world needs more Chiyoshouma love!
  14. Yaochozuna

    Hakuho retires

    Like many other truly successful people, Hakuho tends to divide. I'm ok with that. I feel privileged to have seen him perform. So long and thanks for all the kimarite
  15. Yaochozuna

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    That was one heck of A friggin' sumo career Trees or whatever