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  1. Yaochozuna

    Favorite Yokozuna? Past And Present

    At the risk of being like a snob jumping on a bandwagon I have to say Hakuho. The guy is pure fascination, albeit slightly (and at times not so slightly) villaineous one. My close nr. 2 would be Harumafuji, with the two sometimes alternating. From the past ones Futabayama, but that's based just on what I've heard or read.
  2. Yaochozuna


    23 year old "youngster" Aminishiki, underage fledgeling Ama about to "take a beating in Makushita", Midorifuji (just not the current one)... There is a point where simple necromancy becomes the noble discipline of palaeontology. I think we are way beyond that here. Amazing.
  3. Yaochozuna

    Music abroad

    Heh, I'd never heard about Linkola until MH's album Fascinator was released But Štorm tends to write songs about all kinds of weirdos, including Camille Flammarion or Nicolae Guță. I don't know much about typography but I did read his Eseje o typografii and it was a pleasant read.
  4. Yaochozuna

    Music abroad

    Moderation of my first post took some time so you may have overlook my Kratzenian two pence...
  5. Yaochozuna

    Ahoj from Prague

    So, after years of lurking I've decided to surface. I'm a Czech from Prague (but not a special fan of Takanoyama), I like Harumafuji (who doesn't?), I admire Hakuho (who doesn't?) My interest in sumo was awaken by those famous EuroSport broadcasts years ago and since then I have stopped and restarted watching sumo several times. I don't consider myself a well of knowledge so I'll probably keep my way of peaceful reading and not speaking much. Ahoj
  6. Yaochozuna

    Music abroad

    This topic made me register. So hi to everyone from Prague, Czechia :-) I used to listen quite a lot to Finnish music during my folk metal phase a couple of years ago. Finntroll, Korpiklaani, Ensiferum, Moonsorrow to name a few. And not just folkmetal or metal in general. Well, Kotoroiwa, if you like Nightwish, how about The Gathering? Their album Mandylion charmed me a long time ago. They are Dutch, however, so I¨ll proceed to Czech music. You probably know Master's Hammer. They used to be quite influential back in the early 90s. But do you know about their comeback? And do you know that they have a song about Pentti Linkola (may he rest in peace): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2kBQPwZmzM The trouble with Master's Hammer is of course their stubborn use of Czech. But man, are those lyrics good. Franta Štorm is in his professional life a typographer (an internationally famous one) and for some time he was teaching at a university. His playful approach to language with lots of archaisms taken from books in which he studies the scripts is pure delight. Speaking of unusual metal. Workoholic Lord Morbivod and his many bands: Umbrtka (work, dirt, industry, greyness, more dirt and more work; and work); Stíny plamenů (sewer system in West-Bohemian Plzeň and the mythological beings inhabiting it), War for War (war, mining), Trollech (trolls, gnomes, folk tales) and others. Research for yourself, the man is insanely prolific. What else? Silent Stream of Godless Elegy comes to mind. Not that all albums are good (or to may taste at least) but Relic Dances is worth a try. A fine fusion of Moravian folklore music and metal. You do have Apocalyptica over there, don't you? Well, we have Tara Fuki. Not metal, but they do play cellos and, curiously, they sing in Polish, not in Czech. And if you like your dose of classical music from time to time, try to find anything sung by the Armenian soprano Lusine Zakaryan. She was a goddess and no less.