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  1. Yaochozuna

    GTB invite- Aki 2022 - RESULTS!!

    To my eyes, the whole thing has transitioned several levels from the usual attempted telepathy to the realm of outright divination. You have my respect, renowned co-foristae.
  2. Yaochozuna

    How many languages do we cover?

    Beautiful thread I'm Czech and that's also my mother tongue. This allows me to understand Slovak very well (these two languages are very close to each other) and, to some degree, Polish (in a conversation, both sides have to put some effort into making themselves understood, though). The clarity of other Slavic languages is decreasing with distance. As I spent my youth in Communist Czechoslovakia I was made to learn Russian at school, too. I still remember some pearls, such as "The Pioneers were going to the Artek camp," or "Comrade Lenin used to like birds." I'm fluent in both English and German, I know reasonably well Latin, some rudimentar ancient Greek and was briefly interested in Italian and Esperanto in the past.
  3. Lovely. In December, when our baby daughter had a particularly nasty nonsleeping phase and I was spending late evenings with her tied to me, I was watching real-time videos from locomotive cockpits. Hundreds and hundreds kilometres of this: this. Also very soothing
  4. Yaochozuna

    Kyokai joint keiko Natsu 2022

    So, Takaganja had to go, and now they're holding joint sessions, eh? I call double standards!
  5. Yaochozuna

    Aoiyama is properly Japanese

    Would have expected Oshi Dame or something along those lines…
  6. Yaochozuna

    Haru 2022 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    Ok, that explains why gambarization … uh, gambarizement … gambarizedom … er, gambarizehood … why the thing is so popular.
  7. Yaochozuna

    Sumo ABC help required

    Although it's hard to compete/compare with Akebono, my pick for all-time letter A would be Aminishiki. (Can be put also under letter U )
  8. Yaochozuna

    Nishonoseki (Kisenosato) activities

    "We're the hairdressers who say 'Ni!'"
  9. Yaochozuna


    @Yarimotsu: Thank you for the clarification.
  10. Yaochozuna

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    This new haiku form Of Wakatakakage Is called WAKAIKU
  11. Yaochozuna


    Pardon my ignorance but can such a thing as a podcast be actually downloaded in, let's say, mp3 and put into an offline device? I don't use Spotify and I've never really understood what makes a podcast different from a "normal" audio recording. (A phonograph cylinder or a stone tablet would be even better, of course. I've somehow missed the advent of the new century in this respect…)
  12. Yaochozuna

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Think the shikona Of Wakatakakage Doesn't fit haiku?
  13. Yaochozuna

    COVID-delayed oyakata danpatsu-shiki

    I'd say, with his experience, Nakamura oyakata has become a fierce supporter of Adolf Loos' ideas
  14. Yaochozuna

    Corona and sumo

    Oh man, you really have to feel for Tsurugishou. 6-9 at M16W, a break-in, and now covid
  15. Yaochozuna

    Ex-Takanoyama emerges

    * Pavel was teaching Jiří. Otherwise the description is correct and the video is quite self-explanatory. Takanoyama's shiko isn't what it used to be, though…