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  1. Kotoroiwa

    Music abroad

    Willberg made his first recording in about 1663, but was dormant for a long time until 2014 when he found the producer Mikko Mattila Matti Mikkola (Bl**dy h*ll!!!) and released an album (Lyhyenä hetkenä and Tällä kadulla being the highlights), which was a huge critical success and probably also sold quite well. He'll make another comeback in 2080s. No, I wouldn't say male duets (or any kind of duets) are more common here than anywhere. The Loiri & Edelmann one had a backstory in a movie where they played father and son. Since I'm already posting, why not add few more.
  2. Kotoroiwa

    Music abroad

    Hmm? Alternatives: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptc4NC1wuV0&ab_channel=Tolin37 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTElyWaFJ4E&ab_channel=kulkijaneito
  3. Kotoroiwa

    Music abroad

    Few from a more distant past (although the first admittedly is from the last decade, but it sounds older).
  4. Kotoroiwa

    Favorite Songs

    I remember lending my copy of the freshly released album 'Vision Thing' to a workmate of mine, who promptly returned it and inquired me since when I've been contemplating suicide.
  5. Kotoroiwa

    Favorite Songs

    Loiri is sui generis, a Renaissance man. Finnish champion in water polo and handball, played also football for a season at national top level – always a goalie. You see, Vladimir Beara denied a penalty in Helsinki Olympic Games final, when Vesku was in an impressionable age. Not that much in absolute terms, but anyway. Uuno Turhapuro is indeed a totem animal of many a Finnish man. Very few are able to pinpoint the exact barley field used to create a bottle of vodka or smell the type of sausage displayed on shop window, through it. Those of delicate nature are now not advised to google images. In later decades he's been more famous for more serious roles in over seventy films, the earlier humorous ones included. A sample from a Eighties humour show – English subs. As a teenager I understood nothing about Loiri's early Eighties recordings of Eino Leino's poems. Now I do. Then again no one wrote Finnish like Leino did. About a decade ago, by the time of this recording below, he came close to dying, yet survived and lost seventy kilos of weight getting his act together. This was somewhat of a hit. His voice is very recognizable and it's a favourite for impressionists. There's even one who only mimics Loiri.
  6. Kotoroiwa

    Favorite Songs

  7. Kotoroiwa

    Music abroad

  8. Kotoroiwa

    Flat Earth Society and Sumo

    I knew one day this image would become handy. I knew it!
  9. Kotoroiwa

    Favorite Songs

    The whole album is excellent!
  10. Kotoroiwa

    Favorite Songs

    Hmm… If I could have only a single CD to take with me to a deserted island (and a solar panel to charge something to play the disc with). At least these would be included:
  11. Kotoroiwa

    Music abroad

  12. Kotoroiwa

    Music abroad

    Oh, the thread has resurrected. Let's see, let's see... Oh yes, let's start the new year with the sensation of the last one.
  13. Kotoroiwa

    How to get back into Sumo after a long time away?

    Oh yes, the glossary. Unupdated for good fifteen years. Somewhere on my computer I have a simple text file with terms that aren't listed yet. That file has probably been worked on 2010s. http://www.sumoforum.net/glossary.html Oh yes, and the 1,000-page book in Finnish we were supposed to write about sumo… I wonder which decade we'll start that one.
  14. Kotoroiwa

    Favorite TV Series

    Penny Dreadful I finally watched this summer. (I'm a bit of behind on everything.) The sequel will be probably be quite meh, but I'll give it a chance. The Alienist awaits as well with its second season. Taboo, of course. If only the second season were to be released this century. Yes, Victorian era (or thereabouts) and non-mundane themes work for me. Eva Green I would watch reading telephone catalogue. Amazon's Tolkien series… How could anyone pull this one off? Logic says it will be a failure of intergalactic proportions. And the Finnish ones… Eh, not worth mentioning to international audience.
  15. Kotoroiwa

    Music abroad

    Thanks to everyone offering links. Some of those have already been familiar to me, but most not. Some music has certainly not been anything I would've found on my own or even by chance. Hopefully others feel to have also been exposed to new music, too. Now, let's see… If I were given a chance to bring with me onto a desert island music from just one artist or band, it would be CMX. Much of their allure is derived from the lyrics written by their vocalist / bassist A. W. Yrjänä. They are complex, even to the point of an end in itself. No wonder they divide opinions. Enough talking.