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  1. iwokayama

    New juryo promotions for Hatsu 2012

    First Russian Sekitori not from Ossetia, if I'm not mistaken. His hometown is actually closer to Japan than Mongolia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lesozavodsk Orora is not from Ossetia too.
  2. http://translate.google.com/translate?u=ht...en&ie=UTF-8
  3. iwokayama

    Kotooshu engaged

  4. 22 yer old 150 kilo bulgarian sumowrestler Daniel Ivanov become member of Tagonoura beya. http://sportal.bg/news.php?id=169251
  5. iwokayama


    I agreee with Manekineko that first of all Osh must win but looking in the past Hakuho rekord before his promotion is not what we called outstanding: 8-7 0-0-15 10-5
  6. iwokayama

    Who will win

    There is two pols going in Honbasho talk. Lets do it in the right place. My man is Kotooshu.
  7. iwokayama

    Ozeki Matchup - Clash of Titans

    I see only one henka from Osh agains Kakizoe. Another two looks like a henka because Osh i over 2 meter tall.
  8. iwokayama

    Hatsu 2007 banzuke speculation

    Yes, Kotonowaka must find another new rikishi capable to get to sanyaku.
  9. iwokayama

    Hatsu 2007 banzuke speculation

    Sadogatake with 3 rikishis in sanyaku. May be this will be some record in sumo history.
  10. iwokayama

    Day 1 Pics - Kyushu 2006

    Registracijata vav frenskija sajt e mnogo lesna. Napravih ja za dve minuti bez da znam frenski. "Registration in info-sumo is very easy. You don't need any french knoledge."
  11. iwokayama

    Kyushu basho winner

    It`s time for Kotooshu.
  12. iwokayama

    Kotooshu in commercial

    About yusho in Kyushu I think so.
  13. iwokayama

    How high will Bart rise?

    Kotokaze j11w in 1979 with 14-1 yusho goes to m14w.
  14. iwokayama

    Injuries, jinxes and Osh

    I bet 100 euros that Kotooshu will get over 13 wins this year.
  15. iwokayama

    Intai Inevitable?

    You just said that Intai Inevitable