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  1. supplex55

    BBM Sumo trading cards

    Just a quick follow up to wrap up this thread.... I was able to reach my goal of completing all of the Modern BBM Sumo Card sets just this past week with the help of my good friend Paul Fogarty who moderates the BBM Sumo card collectors Facebook page. If anyone would like a look, here is the link to my Sumo collection again:
  2. supplex55

    Do you collect BBM Sumo cards?

    I only recently began collecting the cards--was not even aware they existed prior to 2017 when i found a set (2017 series 2) on ebay and purchased it. I was hooked and began trying to collect other cards of my favorites since i began following the sport in the late 90's (Asashoryu, Hakuho, Kaio, Musashimaru, Akebono and Harumafuji) and before long began to try to find sets to purchase as I had caught the bug. Eventually I decided I would try to collect every Modern set of Sumo Cards released by BBM since their debut in 1997. Sets before 2011 were virtually impossible to find already assembled, so I started to piece them together with the help of Sumo Soul and the members of the BBM Sumo Cards Collectors Facebook group. Just last week I completed my last two sets--the 2004 (Hakuho's debut) and the tough 2005 sets with the gracious help of my good friend Paul Fogarty. If anyone would like a look at my collection, it is here:
  3. supplex55

    BBM Sumo trading cards

    Thank you so much for your recommendations, many of which I have already done in the past. I did contact the seller you sent the link to and hope he may be able to help. The only one of the 3 i recall seeing in action was Takamisakari (he would be difficult to forget--LOL). Much appreciated--should you have further recommendations or contacts who may be able to help, PLMK
  4. supplex55

    BBM Sumo trading cards

    here is the 2005 card i am missing to finish that set---
  5. supplex55

    BBM Sumo trading cards

    Thank you for asking--these are the 3 i am missing: 2004 BBM: #14 (Takamisakari) ,64 (Bushuyama) 2005 BBM: #65 (Tamaasuka) i actually have pics of two of them here--
  6. supplex55

    BBM Sumo trading cards

    Yes I am---I am Mike Ford and post there often....I also have created my own site for other collectors to use for reference:
  7. supplex55

    BBM Sumo trading cards

    Thanks for sharing your experience collecting sumo cards. Though I have been a sumo fan since 1999-2000, I did not start collecting sumo cards until 2017-18, beginning with the more recent sets. After finishing 2017 to date, I began to look to collecting all of the sumo cards produced by BBM since their debut release in 1997 since those sets contained rikishi I was familiar with and helped stir my initial interest in the sport. Thinking this should not be so difficult, as the sets were comparatively recently produced, I soon realized that it was not the case. While 1997-2000 are still in good supply, 2001-2003 are much more difficult to build and then the "black hole" of sumo collecting begins with 2004. Cards from 2004 through 2007 are particularly difficult to locate, as BBM sumo card production purportedly dropped significantly during this period--often referred to by advanced collectors as the "Black Hole" or "Lost Years" of sumo card collecting. A possible reason for the 2004-07 scarcity is a decline of Japanese interest in the sport following the retirement of the mega-popular Yokozuna Takanohana in 2003 (after he had two years of frequent kyujo in 2001-02). Also, beginning with the 2004 set, BBM reduced the set size to 99 cards, and discontinued insert cards--an obvious sign of less demand in their Sumo product during that time. I have largely, with the help of the Facebook group: BBM Sumo card collectors, completed all of the base sets from 1997-date. I am still, at the time of this writing, missing 3 cards--all three from the "black hole" period: 2004 #14 and 64 as well as 2005 #65. Additionally, I have accumulated hundred of extras to trade/sell. Please contact me if you can help me finish my 2004 and 2005 sets, or have an interest in getting into the hobby as i can recommend resources, places to find cards and other collectors who can help...
  8. supplex55

    BBM Sumo trading cards

    Hi-- I am new here on the forum and am curious if other members here are also collectors of BBM Sumo cards. I would love to start a discussion here of what sets members are collecting and can recommend various resources to assist in building sets/collections of the trading cards. I personally have been trying to assemble complete BBM sumo sets from their initial debut in 1997 to date. You can take a look at my collection here: