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  1. A Yoridashi, apparently..... A belt grip Gaburi Yori or something, I guess. You grip him close and shove him out with your body, as opposed to using any outright manhandling or lifting with your arms....
  2. Kotomaru

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Oyama is still listed at Azumazeki on the Kabu list, rather than Hakkaku. It's been a while now, so thought I'd mention it, lest he gets overlooked next update.
  3. Kotomaru

    Sumo Reference Updates

    So, as I am always looking for ways to express my ever increasing Sumo obsession, and my various madcap projects such as fight notation system and statistically useful pseudo-Kimarite having been put on hiatus due to a bout of sanity, perhaps I could be made useful as regards Sumodb's one major flaw. That being, to paraphrase everybody, ever; "Sumodb is great but the heights and weights are useless" Which is odd, because its easy work compared to pretty much everything else that must go into maintaining the site. The heights and weights are all right there on the website ready to go - hell, I have all the Sekitori stats from Aki on a spreadsheet right in front of me, and could add them in 20 minutes. So if you could do with a data entry dogsbody, to add this stuff, I volunteer. Or I can send the pitiful amount of data to someone who already has access, whatever. But lets get the height/weight stuff up to date for the last Basho at least, t'is but a few minutes work. Cheers
  4. Kotomaru

    GTB Natsu 2020- 106 entries and results!

    LOL. Hey, it wasn't the easiest one for a newbie. How you guys got anything right below M4 is deeply mysterious to me at this point...
  5. Kotomaru

    GTB Natsu 2020- 106 entries and results!

    Hi. I entered this game for the last basho as Kotomaru, and sure enough my name is there under the list of entries. I don't see myself anywhere else though - on the overall scoreboard, or basho scoreboard or whatever, despite new players apparently being added already. Just wondering if I have slipped through the cracks or am too impatient to see the extent of my failure, and it will update in time. Cheers