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  1. I've taking a liking to Bushozan over the last few basho so it's good to see him in juryo now. He reminds me a bit of Takakeisho for some reason.

    Also good to see Ichiyamamoto finally back as well, it's always great to see guys coming back from injury.

    Seems Oho will be going back down, very disappointing after his good 6-1 showing the previous basho.

  2. Results for Hatsu 2021,

    Disappointing showing for the veterans. A name change has not brought a change of fortune for Shonanzakura, who continues his losing ways, although he actually seemed to put some effort in his match with Kazunofuji. He now has tied the all time losing streak record at 83, and it's highly likely he will break that record next basho.

    Of the large group of new members, only two managed to get their kachi koshi. Hishuyama even managed a respectable 5-2 to leave the group.

    Shikona Heya Debut MK Current Rank Highest Rank Record Win% Last Basho This Basho
    Shonanzakura Shikihide Aki 2015 31 Jonokuchi 28 East Jonokuchi 15 3-217-1 0.014 0-7 0-8
    Nishikio Asahiyama Aki 2018 13 Jonokuchi 11 East Jonokuchi 8 24-67 0.264 3-4 2-5
    Daishoko Oitekaze Haru 2020 4 Jonokuchi 21 West Jonokuchi 21 4-25 0.138 1-7 1-6
    Shiraishizakura Shikihide Haru 2020 4 Jonokuchi 20 East Jonokuchi 20 9-19 0.322 2-5 3-4
    Kinseiryu Shibatayama Haru 2020 4 Jonokuchi 18 East Jonokuchi 14 9-19 0.322 2-5 2-5
    Asashorei Takasago Haru 2020 4 Jonokuchi 17 West Jonokuchi 10 9-19 0.322 3-4 3-4
    Kirinohana Michinoku Haru 2020 4 Jonokuchi 15 East Jonokuchi 15 10-18 0.357 3-4 3-4
    Sadanojo Sakaigawa Haru 2020 4 Jonokuchi 13 West Jonokuchi 13 11-17 0.393 3-4 3-4
    Matsugi Tagonoura Haru 2020 3 Jonokuchi 19 West Jonokuchi 19 10-18 0.357 2-5 4-3
    Hishuyama Sakaigawa Haru 2020 3 Jonokuchi 15 West Jonokuchi 11 13-15 0.464 2-5 5-2

    No new members for next basho, whenever that may be.

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  3. On 22/07/2020 at 21:52, ryafuji said:

    I know the makuuchi record was Wakanohana vs Wakanoyama - an 8 year gap between their first meeting in 1992 and their second in 2000. Don't know if that's still the record. 

    Not sure if this counts, but Akiseyama v Aoiyama happened on day 9 of the tournament, 10 years after their first meeting in July 2011. though they were both in juryo for the first meeting.

  4. On 26/12/2020 at 03:12, Yamanashi said:

    Is he being treated according to the "foreign rikishi" policy discussed in another thread?

    yes, but why does every foreign rikishi have an empty torikumi for the basho before their debut on the db? even if they were already with the stable why are they listed in the db if they don't participate, and why in maezumo and not banzuke-gai? shouldn't hatsu dohyo be the date of their first bout? that's how the NSK lists it.

    still, under this system, the main issue is that Arauma and Reon should both be listed in the same division, either both maezumo or banzuke-gai.

  5. On the Aki 2020 banzuke, Arauma is listed as mae zumo. however there were no mae zumo matches during that basho and the sole eligible rikishi (Reon) went from Bg to Jk in November. Shouldn't Arauma also be banzuke gai? or shouldn't his hatsu dohyo be 2020.11?


  6. Guess I need to change my shikona now too lol. Anyway I can do that?

    On a more serious note, that makushita joi looks absolutely stacked. So many sekitori level guys there fighting for promotion. will be very exciting to watch.

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  7. 16 hours ago, Akinomaki said:

     The 3 aim to become the first 3 brothers to be sekitori at the same time, what the 3 Izutsu sekitori brothers hadn't accomplished. Wakamotoharu had a kachikoshi in mid juryo, the eldest Wakatakamoto one in mid makushita, with still a long way to go, but likely he'll make it before the Nayas come close to form a sekitori trio.

    I don't believe wakatakamoto will ever reach juryo sadly. he's been stuck in mid makushita forever with middling results. The last year has been nothing but 4-3s and 3-4s, and he's almost 30. Hozan also isn't looking so good. an mk at the bottom of sandanme is a worrying sign.

  8. Results for November 2020. The Jonokuchi 12 pair both achieved their kachikoshi. Nishikimaru after a year and a half and a shikona change, and Takatsukasa after a single appearance thanks to a playoff win against fellow persister Nishikio. Not so good news for the mk rikishi, who are now 'celebrating' mk landmarks. Nishikio has now spent two years makekoshi, and Hattorizakura has now spent a record 30 straight tournaments makekoshi, 27 of them winless. How much longer will he go?

    Shikona Heya Debut MK Current Rank Highest Rank Record Win% Last Basho This Basho
    Hattorizakura Shikihide Aki 2015 30 Jonokuchi 30 East Jonokuchi 15 3-209-1 0.014 0-8 0-7
    Nishikio Asahiyama Aki 2018 12 Jonokuchi 14 East Jonokuchi 8 22-62 0.262 3-4 3-4
    Nishikimaru Asahiyama Haru 2019 8 Jonokuchi 12 West Jonokuchi 4 20-42-1 0.323 3-4 4-3
    Takatsukasa Irumagawa Hatsu 2020 3 Jonokuchi 12 East Jonokuchi 3 12-16 0.423 3-4 4-3

    New for Hatsu 2021

    Jk14 Hishuyama

    Jk17 Sadanojo

    Jk19 Nagahara

    Jk22 Kirinohana

    Jk23 Matsugi

    Jk24 Shiraishizakura

    Jk27 Daishoko

    Jk29 Asashorei

    As predicted, we have a lot of new members arriving to replenish the depleted persistence ranks. Jk17 Haruku would also have been included, but he announced his intai.

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  9. 9 hours ago, mt fuji said:

    Just added all of these suggestions, thanks for those! I felt like I had too many Makushita rikishi and not enough from the Sandanme down so it's nice to have some more of those.

    If you feel you have too many makushita I would recommend dropping Tochiseiryu, Wakayama, Tsurubayashi, Toyohibiki & Shohoryu. Though it's your choice.

    If you want more lower guys then perhaps you can consider Sd61 Shinohara.