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  1. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    New Juryo for Hatsu 2022

    great to see kitanowaka up there, been a fan of his for a while though i'm especially happy for chiyoarashi. finally making it back after over 8 years is pretty inspiring. shows a lot of fighting spirit.
  2. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Chiyootori intai (split from Kyushu 2021 discussion)

    could we get the chiyootori discussion moved to a separate thread please
  3. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Promotion & Demotion & Yusho Kyushu 2021

    where did Kotoyusho come from? I don't think he was on anyone's radar and yet he somehow managed to sneak into Juryo with a steady string of 4-3s and 5-2s.
  4. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    Another huge rematch gap. Last time Chiyoarashi & Kyokutaisei fought was May 2012.
  5. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    More 7 year gaps. Today we have Abi v Hidenoumi, both then fighting under their real names, and Akua v Tochinoshin, which occurred during Tochi's comeback. and on day 4 we had Tsurugisho v Bushozan, both just starting their careers
  6. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    Oh and fun fact, Tsurugisho v Kaisho will be the first time they met in over 7 years. Last time was for the Jonidan yusho.
  7. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    I have a feeling Hokutofuji will do really well this tournament, he's very underranked. likely yusho contender, keep an eye on him.
  8. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Ex-Taka-twins activities

    At 4-1, Takanofuji is probably the most successful ex-sumo mma fighter of all time lol. Doesn't look too bad of a fighter either, that latest KO was beautiful. Any MMA fans here able to weigh in? is he the real deal? It seems most of his opponents were cans, and he lost pretty handily to the only really legit looking guy.
  9. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Top 10 Sumo Records Aki 2021

    Wakatakakage should be 3/2017~5/2018 I got a few that could fit for most consecutive losses (assuming kyujo doesn't break the loss streak). obviously no one comes close to hattorizakura 3. 32 - Morikawa 4. 31 - Hiramatsu 4. 31 - Takagishi 4. 31 - Sano 7. 27 - Sugishita 8. 25 - Yamaguchiyama 8. 25 - Sato 10. 23 - Fujiazuma There's also Saseboyama who appears to have at least 27, although no torikumi for him seems to exist so it's unknown when the streak ended.
  10. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Is this the worst Ozumo career ever?

    There are many guys who made a brief maezumo appearance and vanished. One rather embarrassing example I recall recently was Konno. Was very overweight, and as a result he somehow managed to tear his MCL in a low intensity match. He was subsequently never heard from again.
  11. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Nishikifuji v Akua on Day 12 is missing a kimarite (it was a yoritaoshi)
  12. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Hakuho retires

    I am personally not sad at all to see him go. I will just leave it at that.
  13. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Death Note: Wakanohana III's Unfortunate Predictions

    Never actually thought this day would come lol. can he make it two in a row?
  14. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Rikishi Status - 2021 Aki

    he's probably best know as Aminishiki's final opponent. wow that's unexpected. he wasn't too bad last time we saw him in Juryo, coming in from a makushita yusho. thought he would make another comeback eventually, shame to see him go. the first of those kyujo were corona related, could that have played a role?
  15. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Sumo articles by journalists who are Forum members/or not

    not this shit again. sumo is dying because (gaijin) social media thinks it's boring and "engagement and discussion seem to be waning" [citation needed] . no mention of actual attendance figures, merch sales and tv viewers (ie where the actual money is made).