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  1. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    The English commentators- views

    I personally can't stand any of them, and the only reason i no longer watch your videos is because you no longer provide jap commentary, which is a shame since i prefer your minimalist style much more compared to the others.
  2. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Asanoyama caught violating COVID restrictions

    So he will end up at the exact same position as abi. I guess that counts as consistency.
  3. Just force everyone to write it in kana (こうとくざん). There, no ambiguity. ;) On a more serious note, I just spell it koutokuzan. that removes the sadogatake ambiguity. Or just use macrons everywhere lol.
  4. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Masunoyama intai

    Sad. I remember I started watching sumo when he started his comeback in jonokuchi so i've been watching him closely since. was hoping he would some day make it back to sekitori, but alas it was not to be.
  5. Yokozuna Hattorizakura


    What about guys like Kotonawa and Ounabara who have been missing for almost 5 years now? I highly doubt they're coming back.
  6. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Banzuke for Natsu 2021

    my boy at a career high Jk9. Jonidan promotion imminent. on a more serious note, makushita joi looks like it will be very exciting this time. I was going to say you missed sadogatake, but then I realised they only have 3 now. Can't believe it was only a year ago when they had 5, all clogged up in the bottom of makuuchi, with kotodaigo seemingly set to join them in the paid ranks soon.
  7. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Kotoyuuki intai

    why so suddenly? he was in Makuuchi very recently and isn't that old. he could've easily gotten back up.
  8. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Juryo promotions for May 2021

    Poor kotokuzan misses the promotion. I always feel bad for guys who miss the promotion due to lack of openings. look at kotodaigo now after being snubbed twice.
  9. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Kakuryu to Retire

    sad. wish he showed up in the ring at least one more time, a flat note to go out on after such a long absence.
  10. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Juryō promotions for Haru 2021

    I've taking a liking to Bushozan over the last few basho so it's good to see him in juryo now. He reminds me a bit of Takakeisho for some reason. Also good to see Ichiyamamoto finally back as well, it's always great to see guys coming back from injury. Seems Oho will be going back down, very disappointing after his good 6-1 showing the previous basho.
  11. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Persistence Watch - 2021

    Results for Hatsu 2021, Disappointing showing for the veterans. A name change has not brought a change of fortune for Shonanzakura, who continues his losing ways, although he actually seemed to put some effort in his match with Kazunofuji. He now has tied the all time losing streak record at 83, and it's highly likely he will break that record next basho. Of the large group of new members, only two managed to get their kachi koshi. Hishuyama even managed a respectable 5-2 to leave the group. Shikona Heya Debut MK Current Rank Highest Rank Record Win% Last Basho This Basho Shonanzakura Shikihide Aki 2015 31 Jonokuchi 28 East Jonokuchi 15 3-217-1 0.014 0-7 0-8 Nishikio Asahiyama Aki 2018 13 Jonokuchi 11 East Jonokuchi 8 24-67 0.264 3-4 2-5 Daishoko Oitekaze Haru 2020 4 Jonokuchi 21 West Jonokuchi 21 4-25 0.138 1-7 1-6 Shiraishizakura Shikihide Haru 2020 4 Jonokuchi 20 East Jonokuchi 20 9-19 0.322 2-5 3-4 Kinseiryu Shibatayama Haru 2020 4 Jonokuchi 18 East Jonokuchi 14 9-19 0.322 2-5 2-5 Asashorei Takasago Haru 2020 4 Jonokuchi 17 West Jonokuchi 10 9-19 0.322 3-4 3-4 Kirinohana Michinoku Haru 2020 4 Jonokuchi 15 East Jonokuchi 15 10-18 0.357 3-4 3-4 Sadanojo Sakaigawa Haru 2020 4 Jonokuchi 13 West Jonokuchi 13 11-17 0.393 3-4 3-4 Matsugi Tagonoura Haru 2020 3 Jonokuchi 19 West Jonokuchi 19 10-18 0.357 2-5 4-3 Hishuyama Sakaigawa Haru 2020 3 Jonokuchi 15 West Jonokuchi 11 13-15 0.464 2-5 5-2 No new members for next basho, whenever that may be.
  12. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Sumo articles by journalists who are Forum members/or not

    why do they always get people who don't have a clue about sumo to write about sumo?
  13. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    the db says tomorrow jokoryu will be facing 2-5 ms4 nakazono. what possible reason could they have for such a bizarre match up?
  14. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Longest gaps between rematches

    Not sure if this counts, but Akiseyama v Aoiyama happened on day 9 of the tournament, 10 years after their first meeting in July 2011. though they were both in juryo for the first meeting.
  15. Yokozuna Hattorizakura

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2021

    if shohoryu gets 7 wins but loses the playoff, will he still be auto promoted?