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    Hello from Arizona!

    Hey all. I've been following sumo on and off for the past several years but have been seriously watching the Bashos for the past year now. I could never find a quality place to watch the streams up until recently when I discovered that people on youtube/twitch have been streaming them and making videos. Anyways, I first remember seeing sumo on tv in the 90s when they used to broadcast the tournaments on ESPN. I was always intrigued by sumo because its so culturally rich and the spectacle of these large men clashing in a small ring was really cool to me. I didn't know people that size could be that athletic! Been a fan ever since. I joined Sumo Forum today because I need a place to get my sumo fix between Bashos and people to chop it up with about this great sport. All time favorite rikishi: Chiyonofuji Current favorite: Enho (The Honeybadger) Others I root for: Ura, Abi, Ikioi, Wakaichiro Clearly I'm a fan of technicians or unorthodox weirdo style sumo. Haha.