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  1. Kirishima

    Kotoshogiku retires

    Kotoshogiku was one of the first wrestlers I had an immediate affinity for because of his signature style. To see him leave sumo, however imminent it was still feels like an impossibility. I truly only have the best hopes for him, and I am sure he can be proud of his career.
  2. Kirishima

    Banzuke for Hatsu 2020

    First post here, I will keep it simple. I obviously love stronger rikishi, just look at my username, taken from a former Ozeki known for his physique and strength. Seeing Tochinoshin this low is, although deserved, quite saddening, yes I know it is habit to favor Tochinoshin coming into the community but dropping back down to Maegashira is very depressing, even if he is far from my favorite rikishi. Speaking of my favorite rikishi I am glad to see Ishiura doing well, I hope he can make it any farther. Very interesting banzuke with a lot of interesting and tough decisions made in the mid to low Maegashira level. The top half was actually pretty predictable, hopefully we see Sekiwake Takayasu put in some good sumo so he can get back to where he was.