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  1. Morning

    New ozeki Kirishima

    The picture he is holding up has Tetsuo as Furigana.
  2. Morning

    YDC Meeting Natsu 2023

    I expected Terunofuji to follow Hakuho's precedent if he had zenshoed. And of course they aren't going to limit Ozeki slots when that's needed for getting new Yokozuna and they'd probably want two or so new ones.
  3. Morning

    I sell 4 Box C tickets for Tokio day 6 19/04/2023

    I personally prefer buying via the official resale.
  4. Morning

    Hakuho retires

    That was a packed house. It's nice to see how he got slowly more and more to the edge in the bout with his son before "being push out". Nicely done in a show man way.
  5. Morning

    SuMALL NSK EC site

    It worked fine for me. That's why I'm asking. And I wouldn't call an automatic translation feature "stup gaijin won't notice". I'd call it lazy and cost saving.
  6. Morning

    SuMALL NSK EC site

    You would have to give some examples where you are seeing this. But I think the stupid gaijin thing is a bad faith assumption.
  7. Morning

    SuMALL NSK EC site

    It's open now. Shipping in Japan only. I hope the stuff is also available at the Kokugikan store. There's some stuff I'd like to pick up during my planned Japan trip.
  8. Morning

    The end?

    Isn't there the official app which you can use to watch the fights?
  9. Morning

    Hakuho retires

    Nice cloth
  10. Morning

    Haru 2023 discussion (results)

    Ura is fitting very well with cherry blossom season.
  11. Morning

    The end?

    Twitch sucks for archive purposes.
  12. Row 1-4 are the S for box. 1-3 for chairs.
  13. Morning

    Ichinojo Concerns

    That totally looks like the tadaa emote in FFXIV, only the sparkles are missing.
  14. Morning

    A Day at the K’Kan

    If the link is added, it should be the link to the source. Not to tinyurl or similar man in the middle.
  15. Morning

    A Day at the K’Kan

    Is it soranews24 at the end of the obfuscation link?【pics】/