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  1. Kaito

    Norizo Cup 2021.9

    Hi Susanoo-san, I'm not sure what happened but I picked the Yusho question correctly and didn't get the points awarded. My entry list shows the correct pick. Unfortunately, I'll still miss top 10 due to Endo not receiving sansho. That, and my horrible active rikishi picks!
  2. Kaito

    Games Talk Aki 2021

    Pretty much crapped the bed in UDH after sharing the lead for the first time after day 14. But that's fine because I'm sure I just won Oracle again. You might think that would translate into more overall success, but you'd be wrong. Still, pretty happy about this one!
  3. Kaito

    Games Talk Aki 2021

    I see you're about as lucky as I am in Sumo Game, Now aiming for Makuuchi in 2023...
  4. Kaito

    Games Talk Aki 2021

    I felt like I really knew what was going on for the first 9 days, but every day now is not only hurting my chances, but my feelings as well.
  5. Kaito

    Norizo Cup 2021.9

    Daieisho beat all 4 foreign opponents he faced!
  6. Kaito

    Games Talk Aki 2021

    I'd post more but I feel like it'd mostly be me whining about anything unlucky that happens. I think I've had a really good read on this basho. It's just little mistakes everywhere that have me around the back of the top 10s instead of winning anything. Also I checked POG off my list of games I needed to enter and then realized on day 3 that I hadn't actually entered. It's probably the best game to skip, but I think I would've had my best result in it this time. 7-0 in Bench though, let's goooo!
  7. Kaito

    Miyagino beya out of Aki

    Only beginning to? I'm somewhere in the middle of thinking it, or perhaps more towards the end.
  8. Kaito

    Aki 2021-GTB - RESULTS!! - 140 entries (22 newbies)

    Now that I see some predictions for Waka M3E, it looks feasible, but coming into the deadline, I would've said he was rather locked into the M4W slot.
  9. Kaito

    Aki 2021-GTB - RESULTS!! - 140 entries (22 newbies)

    For most of the entry period, I had Mitoryu ahead of Chiyomaru and Tokushoryu, but I was feeling pretty uncomfortable about how many points I'd lose if he were M17W, and then I ended up not promoting him at all. I also had Ichiyamamoto and Yutakayama ahead of Chiyonoo and ended up moving them below instead. I think Reonito paraphrasing Asashosakari's "however low you think the Juryo guys should go, it's not low enough" got in my head a bit. Hope I didn't ruin anything. I'm dropping my worst score this time and could move to #1 with a strong result, so I've got my fingers crossed harder than usual.
  10. Kaito

    Games Talk Nagoya 2021

    I wish I could be as good as Joaoiyama. I can't even beat drones in Sumo Game.
  11. Kaito

    Sekitori toto + Isp

    Same. Last basho was my first time going makekoshi in Toto. This time I'm 2-9 and I really thought I did enough to win on some of the recent days. Hopefully just a fluke but the game feels impossible to me right now!
  12. Kaito

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    He would know it, but we probably wouldn't, right? I think the contents of the Opening Ceremony are largely kept secret.
  13. Kaito

    Betting on sumo

    I don't know why we need vig at all in Odd Sumo, given that we're really competing against each other and not the house. But yes, the odds offered are very unfavorable. In a dead even matchup, rather than letting you risk 1 point to win 1 point on either side, you're forced to risk 1 point to win .5 points. Meaning your pick needs to win 2/3 of the time just to break even. A real sportsbook (and one that's not at all generous) would only ask you to be right 55% of the time. As for real sportsbooks offering sumo, there's Marathon, 888, Unibet, William Hill, and something called Bet-Channel? I've never had easy access to them as an American and I think most of them have recently quit the sumo business because it's getting hard to even find odds to view anymore. If you find a bitcoin sportsbook with sumo, let me know.
  14. Kaito

    Games Talk Nagoya 2021

    Hmm, I feel like I missed a trick not having Takayasu in Hoshitori. I did expect him back day 3, or after the first week at the latest. I could have had a sub for the first 2 days, then had Takayasu on high points the rest of the way with the sub available again to use elsewhere. I'll have to keep that in mind for next time it comes up.