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  1. Kaito

    Games Talk - Hatsu 2020

    I hate senshuraku.
  2. Kaito

    Norizo Cup 2020.1

    Unfortunately, Enho has 4 now.
  3. Kaito

    Games Talk - Hatsu 2020

    Does everybody have access to this info? I've been poking around the site for that stuff and couldn't find it.
  4. Kaito

    Chaingang Hatsu 2019 Day 1 and day 4 Carnage

    It’s a rule now that you can’t pick anyone more than 3 times. Otherwise some of us would still be 7-0 with 7 Terunofuji picks. Grats on finding some other winners!
  5. Kaito

    Games Talk - Hatsu 2020

    Whoops, I had a winning Odd bet until I realized Tsurugisho wasn’t dropping out and tried to take advantage of the one-legged man. Still a nice day though.
  6. Kaito

    Norizo Cup 2020.1

    No worries! I appreciate how difficult it must be to create questions that require such precise wording in a non-native language. I think you're doing a terrific job!
  7. Kaito

    Norizo Cup 2020.1

    I see... I had a few questions I left unasked while filling this out, but this misunderstanding I didn't anticipate at all. So the question is whether Takakeisho will go undefeated against the aforementioned group?
  8. Kaito

    Norizo Cup 2020.1

    Also for day 5, Takakeisho won his match against Maegashira 3 or lower East (Tamawashi).
  9. Kaito

    Chaingang Hatsu 2019 Day 1 and day 4 Carnage

    Yeah, I'm pretty salty I didn't use up my 3rd Terunofuji pick yesterday. gg
  10. Kaito

    Games Talk - Hatsu 2020

    Had a pretty good day yesterday until Hakuho lost me 2 easy-looking Sumo Game and Bench matches in one fell swoop. Also a Shohozan win away from hitting a 50 pointer in Odd. But we fight on.
  11. Kaito

    Fukurou memorial kyujo rikishi list - Hatsu 2020

    I'd be a little surprised if nobody else drops out after day 1. The rikishi coming in with injury concerns looked pretty bad across the board. I noticed Meisei landed on his injured arm and Abi was clearly not walking well on the way out.
  12. Kaito

    Games Talk - Hatsu 2020

    Wishing I would've backed myself more today. I felt Asanoyama and Hokutofuji would win, but my picks didn't really show it.
  13. Kaito

    TORCHBEARER 2020: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Taiga is kyujo.
  14. Kaito

    Banzuke Surfing Hatsu 2020 (*new* 16th Wave)

    I was hoping Fukunofuji would compete, but looks like it's a no-go. So... Jk25w Dewanoryu
  15. Kaito

    GTB Hatsu 2020- 102 players, results

    46 in my first try. I'm kind of baffled and feel like I learned nothing. I spent a lot of time making sure the maegashira ranks were perfectly ordered based on historical precedent and much of it didn't go according to plan. It seemed like other predictors had some idea about most of it, but I don't know how. Takanosho seems heavily underpromoted to me. I had him just behind Takarafuji, and with an argument for coming out ahead. I wouldn't have even thought to compare him to Aoiyama and Ryuden as I had him about 3 numbered ranks ahead historically, and even more this time. Onosho was barely demoted despite the strong downward pressure of 3 people dropping out of san'yaku and a large group of people moving up and contesting his spot, all of whom would pass him a majority of the time, historically. Even Sadanoumi stayed ahead of Ishiura and the others trying to move up? It seems like he belonged 3+ numbered ranks below them, every time, until now. I guess banzuke-making is more of an art than a science. I'll need to see a few more to get in the committee's heads.