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  1. Kaito

    Gaming Banter

    Yeah, I was just looking at this at the same time and determined it's my most important bout too, but I'm for Midorifuji. And I have Daiamami in Juryo Game. Oh well, g'luck!
  2. Maybe I'll get Oracle points after all? I didn't think it'd be normal to fluctuate up and down in that game, but I'm back up for a day. Juryo Game went rather well until Meisei lost. Could've been contending for the win on the last day, but I'll take whatever I can get. Won Quad, looking for one more for a decent haul. Can't imagine Mitakeumi and Shodai getting involved in the Jun-Yusho picture is gonna help me any in Salarycap. Hanging on for some Odd scraps.
  3. Yeah, 2nd day in a row of losing Sumo Game by having the higher ranked rikishi on line 3. We both had a komusubi but I had the wrong one. I guess I'm not scoring in Oracle after all. I had been glued to Panda all basho and moved up to something like 5th or 6th yesterday, but it seems like I peaked too soon. Thought I'd have an easy day in Quad and then lost the first two. I can't buy a Quad win in Juryo.
  4. Well, I've got some GTB points too, if that's counting towards this basho. It seemed like I was in strong positions in a lot of other games but opportunities keep slipping away one by one. I don't think I'm gonna be winning any Yushos, but still hoping for points from the following: Juryo Game - Have been hanging close behind the leaders all along until I suddenly fell out of the top 10 and then fought back in yesterday. Hope Meisei wins out. Odd - Sitting in 6th atm. Missed another big score yesterday that would've pushed me to 2nd. My reward for believing in Onosho. Salarycap - I've been lurking outside the Top 10 for a while. If Hakuho doesn't drop out, I still have the potential to get a Yusho and 2 Jun-Yushos plus Sansho from my top 3 spots. Even without him, any similar end result should be enough to push me into the points. Quad Game - I was winning a couple days ago but now I probably need to go 2-1 to get a decent result. Toto - Back to back losses mean I'll need to win out to get anything I think. Sumo Game and Bench - I can't earn SB points but at least when I started losing in Sumo Game, I was able to turn an unlucky 2-5 start in Bench into a 7-5 record. Doing pretty well pointwise in both. Oracle - I think I'm finishing top 10. But tough to pinpoint where exactly.
  5. Kaito

    This IS the July 2020 Basho thread!! Spoilers!!

    Enho gripped Takakeisho's mawashi and pulled him past, then had his foot still planted on the tawara after Takakeisho was airborne in an unrecoverable position. So who was really the dead body?
  6. Kaito

    Gaming Banter

    I don't know about that Takakeisho win where he both went airborne first and touched out of bounds first. Or maybe I'm just salty it cost me a nice Odd score.
  7. Geez, for the 4TH time in 6 days, I had my first Quad wrestler lose, only to storm back with 3 straight wins. I'm not really sure how to proceed in Odd Sumo. I got kinda punished today for going conservative. I was looking at Kiribayama instead of Asanoyama for my 3rd, but decided I didn't need to be risking my position going for a big score. Now I'm wondering if I should even be betting anymore. I'd like to go for the win, but I'm afraid I'll just lose 27 points over the last 9 days and miss out on top 10 altogether. Did the person who set the game up realize how bad the odds are compared to real betting? Like when wrestlers are evenly matched, you're getting 1/2 odds on both sides? It kind of discourages betting at all since it shouldn't be beatable in the long run.
  8. I'm Josh, though friends call me QB. All right, time to start sorting today out.
  9. I don't even need to know what happens in the 2nd half of Makuuchi to say, I can't believe how much I crushed every game today.
  10. Panda - You might want to fix your 3-pointer in Tipspiel.
  11. Kaito

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    I guess I was replying to something very old, don't mind me.
  12. Kaito

    GTB Natsu 2020- 106 entries and results!

    I got a fortunate 54. Just lucky again at hitting some bulleyes in messy sections.
  13. Kaito

    Sumo betting

    Betting isn't just about picking the surest winners though. The odds are everything. I wouldn't think many would be excited to lay ~10:1 on Kakuryu or bet Endo as the biggest favorite of day 15.
  14. Kaito

    Games Talk Haru 2020

    Wait, the rules posted on the Toto site are outdated? It says fewest X's used is the first tiebreaker for yusho. I'd been wondering why the rankings didn't seem to accurately reflect the rule.
  15. If I always picked the opposite of who I thought would win on day 15, I'd do much better. I don't know what kind of logic is required to pick them correctly.