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  1. Kaito

    Not the Kyushu basho 2020 GTB invite - 130 entries

    Meh, I really think I have Daieisho/Onosho the wrong way around after looking at it again, and I had it right on first draft. The rest I feel good about.
  2. Kaito

    Not the Kyushu basho 2020 GTB invite - 130 entries

    Here's mine, with some attempt at tiering (though by the end, all tiers had shrunken to 1 or 2 members).
  3. Kaito

    Bench Sumo news

    No biggie, but it's actually my 4th time at a new highest rank. Looks like the problem was introduced in Sept. when it said 2nd time for the...2nd time.
  4. Kaito

    Preparations of the Y/O- November 2020

    No, but I'd say that's a bad sign. I don't believe either Yokozuna has resumed training yet.
  5. Kaito

    Favorite TV Series

    Thanks for the Devs recommendation, Athenayama. I hadn't heard of it, but I'm now halfway in and it's well worth the watch.
  6. Kaito

    Gaming Banter

    Kind of a disaster in Hoshitori with Aoiyama backing into a MK bonus, and Hoshoryu/Kotoeko similarly streaking with 3 in a row to KK, plus Ichonojo with the last day KK. I thought it would be hard to not maintain top 2 when Terunofuji pulled out and half my competitors didn't even have a sub. Now I don't know if I stayed in the top 10. I got what I wanted in Salary Cap, but looking at it more closely, I'm pretty sure Shodai owners will be passing me from anywhere, so should be looking at a 0 still. Everything else went pretty well! Even if the aforementioned are 0s, I count 60.5 points and 2 yushos. It was looking like I might actually steal the Juryo Game yusho even with poor tiebreakers, but things turned back the other way with the last 3 matches, starting with Chiyootori's defeat of Kotonowaka. I can be content with a tie for 3rd. Roto - 15 Oracle - 15 TTT - 12 Juryo Game - 9 Norizo - 5 Quad - 4.5
  7. Kaito

    Gaming Banter

    Well, I've had a good look at Oracle and it may be that only the 4 directly behind me can catch me mathematically. Of those, Oortael is the only truly concerning one. It looks close to 50/50 for the yusho. In Roto, I thought my lead would be unassailable on the last day, but it looks like TochiYESshin can do it from 3rd if he gets 5 perfect results. In TTT, if I win I get 2nd. If I lose, I get a tie for 2nd with up to 6 people. Hoshitori yusho was still looking pretty solid coming into day 14 but my Terunofuji replacement Kagayaki getting thrown at the bales by Hoshoryu had a rather negative effect on my chances. Winning is still possible, but I'm more realistically hoping to stay in the mix for 2nd or 3rd. Juryo Game, I'm 1 behind a group of 3 leaders. Sucks that Kyokutaisei pickers earn a point per day for Weak Maegashira. I think winning is still possible, but I won't hold my breath. Looking at 3rd-5th. Tough loss in Quad today. Still in the points and hoping to stay there. Norizo - Not close to winning, but seems like I'll score. Would be much more comfortable if I didn't switch Most Active from Shodai to Terunofuji right at the deadline. Salary Cap went bad pretty fast. Hoping to see some kind of rebound from day 14 results. Takakeisho getting involved in the yusho/jun-yusho bonuses is probably what I need to score anything now. UDH - Not too sure I'm scoring here but I think the last 2 days have gone okay, so waiting to see. What that adds up to, I have no idea.
  8. I'm like the worst tinkerer ever. Could've had another quad win but I changed the 4th pick from Kiribayama to Onosho and the lads blew a 2-0 start. Grrr.
  9. Kaito

    Gaming Banter

    I've got some questions about Hoshitori rules, for anyone who may know. The rules leave some things unsaid and I don't want to assume. If a rikishi goes kyujo and a substitute is used, then later the original rikishi returns (like Kiribayama this time), does the substitute become available again to fill in for another rikishi going kyujo? If not, could he sub again if the original goes kyujo for a 2nd time? EDIT - Actually just found my answer for this one, as somebody this basho used the same sub for Kotoshogiku, and then for Kiribayama. If a substitute is used to replace a low-value rikishi and then a higher-value rikishi on the team goes kyujo later, can the substitute slide up to assume the position of the higher-value rikishi, or is he stuck substituting for the lower-value rikishi? EDIT - He stays at low-value. That's what I thought. I'm not sure how the KK/MK bonus works when subs are involved. Can they earn this bonus? If so, are their wins prior to substituting counted or do they come in and add to the wins previously earned in the slot they're replacing? Could you have a rikishi earn a KK bonus and go kyujo, then have a substitute with 7 wins come in and earn another KK bonus? EDIT - It looks like their wins are attributed to the slot. Although in the example I was looking at, the original rikishi got 0 wins, so I can't rule out the silly possibility that the sub has to earn 8 wins in the slot on their own. But their win prior to substituting definitely didn't count. I could probably figure this stuff out by digging through past results and looking for examples, but it seems like a bit of a pain. EDIT - I guess I got it all now. Thanks anyway!
  10. Kaito

    Gaming Banter

    Thanks for the inclusion, Panda. I am hoping to score some Oracle points. I was worried going in that I strayed from the median a little too freely, to the point where I did some unfortunate tinkering at the last second; I remember moving Ikioi from 6 to 7, Daieisho from 7 to 8, Chiyonokuni from 10 to 9, etc. But I think I'm still set up for a good finish, afaict. Got very lucky with Kiribayama's kyujo since I underrated his performance severely. Also would've helped a lot in UDH, but as I'm posting this, I just learned Kiribayama's back tomorrow! I thought I had RotoSumo pretty locked up until this Endo kyujo. I can maybe still hold on to first if Okinoumi gains 2 wins on him in the last 4 days, provided the rest of my team holds it together. But if they don't, or if easy scheduling gets Okinoumi 3+ wins (I think this isn't unlikely), I may go plummeting. Took an important loss today in Toto today after tinkering with 1 pick, so probably won't even get scraps now. Still in good shape to score in Hoshitori, Salary Cap, Juryo Game, Quad, TTT, Norizo, and maybe UDH, with some yusho chances in the first couple.
  11. I was pretty unhappy with yesterday's results. Burned some quality resources in Quad just to blow a 2-0 start, lost the 2nd leg of TTT where I was really close to picking a winning option instead, lost ISP, lost Toto, lost yet another SG tiebreak, had a winning Odd bet that would've shot me to 1st but I tacked on Hoshoryu for reasons I didn't even understand at the time. At least pre-basho stuff is still mostly on track.
  12. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much before it all comes crashing down, but after a questionable first 2 days, I'm doing pretty great across the board. Stealing Ganz's format. Dailies Chain - Also out on day 1. I managed to avoid the Chiyootori bloodbath, tried to save Takayasu for future days, and lost with Daieisho vs Tamawashi. Odd - 6 bets, 6 losses. Day 2 I didn't even mean to make a bet but I guess I left something locked in. Oh well, probably looking at 0 here. ISP 4-2 - One back of the leaders, in a large tie for 5th. This game's hard. Let's see who gets luckiest. SG 3-3 - Unlucky start, but managed to claw back from 0-3 to 3-3. BS 3-3 - I was Bad Luck of the Basho leader 2 days ago, but have climbed back to 3-3 here as well. Now #3 in MCP. S4 4-2 - In a big tie for 4th. TTT 4-2 - In a big tie for 1st. Toto 4-2 - Lost the first 2 days here as well, but now I have chances. DST - Middle of the pack. Not out of the running but not expecting anything. Pre-Basho JG – Tied for 6th. I'm most worried about Kyokutaisei pickers getting a free point every day. Need Shohozan to continue losing every day to keep pace. POG - Tied for 40th. 9-6. Too many players and my lineup's not good enough. OBG - Tied for 23rd. Still some ground to make up. NC - Tied for 8th. Yusho pick is dead but otherwise the future's looking all right. UDH - Tied for 30th. After a horrendous first 2 days, made a big climb to pass the median line by day 4. Last 2 days have been great again, I reckon. TH - Tied for 2nd. Just keep moving up every day. RS - 1st. I thought yesterday was subpar but retained first. SCS - Tied for 1st. The problem will be if Shodai gets Y/JY points. He was a little too expensive for me. S-O - Not sure yet.
  13. I'm surprised there were literally 0 Takakeisho picks in Roto. It's not like I thought he'd be popular, but geez. It might have been a free yusho for anybody that took him. (Or not. We'll see.)
  14. Managed to lose with 7 today in SG. 2 come-from-ahead tiebreaker losses now against opponents that avoided Asanoyama!
  15. Kaito

    Norizo Cup 2020.9

    Probably a lot of people picked Yes without understanding the question was only for day 1. The English translation forgot to mention it.