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  1. Kaito

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    A friend messaged me some stills of it.
  2. Kaito

    Games Bugs

    This always happens, unfortunately. It gets fixed after the basho.
  3. Kaito

    Ridiculous Predictions January 2021 basho

    I think you're in the wrong place. This thread is only for ridiculous predictions.
  4. Kaito

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    My response was in reference to Hoshoryu/Midorifuji the day before. I saw Hoshoryu step out against Sadanoumi yesterday clear as day.
  5. Hey, I got the prize today. Pretty sweet masks! Between this and Christmas, I've got so many cool masks now, I hope the pandemic drags on for a while.
  6. Kaito

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    That's one way of looking at it. To my eyes, both men were working their offense. Hoshoryu was looking for the throw the whole time and executed it well enough to get Midorifuji to hit the ground first and flip off the dohyo. I thought it was at least worth a mono-ii, but the judges seem to hate backward sumo and Hoshoryu didn't quite get out from underneath enough to receive credit for his move.
  7. Kaito

    New sumo between the basho game!

    Amateur bullfrog impersonator.
  8. Kaito

    Metasumo 2021

    I'll make a couple last minute changes to my earlier entry. Gansekiiwa to Tenshinhan and Ruziklao to Balon. 1-5 Pandaazuma6-10 Susanoo11-20 Kaito21-40 ScreechingOwl41-80 Konosato81-120 Tenshinhan121-200 Balon201+ Mariohana
  9. Kaito

    Hokuseiho - Shot at a record?

    The 2 extra months should increase his chances of keeping the streak going, but it's hardly unfair. Normally the people contesting this record are university grads that have had several extra years to train and mature physically before going pro. If he were to go 7-0 next basho, I think it'd be the most impressive start to a career ever, and by a lot.
  10. Kaito

    Invitation to GTB- Hatsu 2021- and RESULTS!!

    41, I think. Lots of zeroes throughout the middle.
  11. Kaito

    Invitation to GTB- Hatsu 2021- and RESULTS!!

    Your score for each basho is Your Total Points / The Average Total Points. Your ranking is comprised of your last 6 scores, with the most recent carrying its full weight, your 2nd most recent score * 9, your 3rd most recent score * 8, down to your 6th newest score * 5. So for the provisional rankings, everyone's oldest score has been dropped off and the existing results have been downgraded in weight. Your provisional score + your score from this upcoming basho will equal your score on the new rankings.
  12. Kaito

    New sumo between the basho game!

    Oh, I thought there was a rule about only posting one, but now I don't see it. This game's not really about winning anyway, I think. Got some more. Shameful! His oyakata's demoted after illness. Smiles happily on dohyo, attracting ire. Slow hitter, once. Dude's always improving. Spikes his own drinks. Always imbibing! "Shot his oyakata's dog," alleged investigator. Sucks his own... Okay, they started getting a bit less true towards the end and increasingly heinous. I'll stop while I'm still potentially ahead.
  13. Kaito

    New sumo between the basho game!

    Spoiling his Ozeki debut, ankle injury.
  14. Kaito

    Invitation to GTB- Hatsu 2021- and RESULTS!!

    Since I said I might work out the provisional scores, I went ahead and did it. It was a little more trouble than expected though, so I don't know that I'll be doing it again! The provisional post-Hatsu ranking - current pre-Hatsu standings in brackets. The list includes all top 20 both pre and post: Players in red are kosho-absent and will keep their existing score, not get the listed provisional + Hatsu total. Pretty tight race the whole way down. Reonito and Gurowake drop pretty decent Aki '19 scores from their records, but Gurowake's was a little better, allowing Reonito to slip by into a provisional 1st place. Many are feeling the pain of expunging big Kyushu '19 results. Gooner loses touch with his 57-point yusho, while chishafuwaku (2nd, 54), Kobashi (3rd, 53) take a tumble as well. Atenzen and Okisuruga (tied 5th, 48) are also hit, but Okisuruga manages to hang onto a spot in the top 5. Jemuzu will delay losing his 46-point performance by taking this basho off. Asashosakari also loses a yusho from his record, from Aki '19, but seems untroubled by it, only losing 2 ranks. Heading in the other direction, Seki Haruaki drops a subpar Kyushu '19 score to make a leap from 12th to 6th. Kaito provisionally debuts in 7th after obtaining a 6th score. And SHiFT drops a 99th out of 100 Kyushu '19 result to make a huge shift into 8th. Shatsume gains some ground to round out the top 10 but will find it nigh impossible to progress further, with huge scores dropping off over the next 2 basho. Konosato, on the other hand, loses a rather bad Kyushu '19 score to advance from 22nd to 14th, and stands to drop an even worse score off his record next basho. There's certainly a platform here from which he can assault the top 5 in the near future. Korinokoishi is set to expunge a well-below average result as well, but it appears he'll wait to do so. Good luck to all competing!