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  1. cyclonicleo

    Banzuke for Haru 2023

    I hate to say it, but I think he's starting down the barrel of retirement.
  2. cyclonicleo

    Ichinojo Concerns

    This is really hard to hear. I've given Snorlax a hard time about his wavering form, but this would likely be the root cause. Alcoholism, caused by severe back pain and poor relations with his own stable, being disgraced on the dohyo, being denied winnings, having to support his family back in Mongolia, with a father who is in poor wonder he is drinking to erase the pain. Not to mention that alcoholism is a big problem in Japan, along with stimulant (methamphetamine) use, no wonder the NSK wanted to keep it quiet. Sadly, I can see Ichinojo being hung out to dry, unless the NSK wants to avoid further scandal by getting him into rehab, facilitating a move to a new heya, and forcing his current stable to pay up monies owed. Doubt that'll happen though.
  3. cyclonicleo

    Hello from Tokyo

    Working in Social Media for a telco, this isn't surprising. As long as the message is the same, you'll be golden.
  4. cyclonicleo

    Retired Rikishi Inspired By Death of Lover

    Well, there goes the last of my tissues....
  5. cyclonicleo

    Takagenji Caught Smoking Weed

    Off to MMA with him. If he tried his attitude in puroresu (pro-wrestling), I can guarantee there would be a few old hands that would beat the seven shades out of him pretty quickly (depending on the promotion, of course). There is little no tolerance for stupidity or arrogance in a pro-wrestling ring.
  6. cyclonicleo

    Araiso-heya branch out

    Personally, I kinda think its this. No matter, how he runs the heya is what matters.
  7. cyclonicleo

    Araiso-heya branch out

    I'm just glad to see coming to pass for Araiso.
  8. cyclonicleo

    Araiso-heya branch out

    Its an interesting train ride though, if its on the Tskuba Express line.
  9. cyclonicleo

    Ryuden Scandal

    Is that Marty Friedman era Megadeth?
  10. cyclonicleo

    Ryuden Scandal

    Regarding Ryunden's alleged behaviour: that's just....horrid. I'm no reliable moral compass but whilst he's been suspended for the multiple COVID breaches (the amount alone is nuts!), the conduct of Ryuden here is beyond reprehensible. I mean, have people been kicked out of sumo for less?
  11. cyclonicleo

    Natsu basho 2021

    I wonder how the powers that be will look upon Teru going to a playoff to win the cup? Would it count against him if he won the next tournament in less than dominant fashion (remembering the 2 wins by an Ozeki rule)?
  12. People consistently forget that the technology they love to use can also be turned against them. Location history is a great tool for investigations; no wonder the NSK's lawyer went down that path (if presumably to be absolutely sure of where Asanoyama was, if they decided to take legal action against Bunshun). If you really don't care about your privacy, by all means, leave location history on, but know that your phone will give up a lot of information about you, should it be needed to.
  13. I am hoping it'll only be a suspension for Asanoyama, only because I want to see him use this as an opportunity to improve himself, his sumo and his mental fortitude.
  14. cyclonicleo

    Rikishi Status - 2021 Natsu Basho

    Sounds like the beya has a bit of an interest in preserving their rikishi's career's, in that case? Good for Chiyonokuni to go kyujo and heal up. I wish Tochinoshin would do the same...