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  1. cyclonicleo

    Speculating Hakuho's future (split from Corona thread)

    Seeing that we're all having a stab at it, I think Hakuho will stay around in Sumo. He's already talked about coaching/mentoring and getting his Japanese citizenship allows for that. Besides, for the greatest of all time to walk away from the sport upon retirement would be one heck of shock. Yes, some in the old guard resent the fact that he's Mongolian, not native Japanese, but the younger members hopefully see well past that and want to learn from him. Just my 2 cents.
  2. cyclonicleo

    Sumo and Head Injury / Concussion

    I have strong opinions on this, coming from the world of professional wrestling, where concussions were ignored for many years. Wrestlers were often concussed just minutes into matches and fought purely on instinct. Its left some with lasting damage and in a few cases, led to tragedy (Chris Benoit). We also see this in sports like Rugby League and Australian Rules, but they've taken strong steps to ensure that the impact of concussions are somewhat mitigated. Besides what has been done in the last few days, I don't see the powers that be in sumo doing anything else. They've already proven to me that rikishi are expendable. If they were serious, there would be medical staff ringside, an ambulance on standby and rikishi given much more support. The dohyo would no longer be raised so high and padding would be on the floor directly outside the ring. Saving face and warrior spirit be damned; if a tiny MMA promotion can put on an event for 100 people and have medical staff attend, then why can't sumo? If puroresu promotions can have padded floors then why can't sumo? Its simple - they don't have the want or the will to change.
  3. cyclonicleo

    Foreign Born Rikishi?

    Thats actually really awesome! There's so many interesting stories there; something that would be an interesting series in and of itself. Thanks very much!
  4. cyclonicleo

    Foreign Born Rikishi?

    As a part of this topic.....where do foreign born rikishi get their Japanese names from? Not referring to their shikona, specifically but their full Japanese name? For example, Terunofuji is known as Terunofuji Haruo - where does the "Haruo" part come from? Is it an adopted family name? Made up? Given to them? Thanks!
  5. cyclonicleo

    Gagamaru retired

    He had a good run, I hope he's able to have a wonderful retirement.
  6. cyclonicleo

    Kotoshogiku retires

    Genuinely saddened by this, but I hope retirement allows him to move on to the next phase in his life.
  7. cyclonicleo

    Former Takanofuji activities

    Agreed - he looked good, his opponent, however, gassed far too quickly.
  8. cyclonicleo

    Former Takanofuji activities

    Not surprised to see RIZIN pick him up for this. He's a known name, brings some controversy and attitude, all of which means more ticket sales or publicity. They've matched him against Dylan James, who is a pro-wrestler from New Zealand, with no record either. I've followed Japanese MMA for many years and these fights are usually messy, ugly affairs. It'll be interesting to see how he goes and if he can take a punch.
  9. cyclonicleo

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    I would assume that if he doesn't make the next basho then intai will follow? I wonder if he has sorted out Japanese citizenship yet?
  10. cyclonicleo

    Another Sekitori Marriage

    I do love this thread - its too damn cute. Interesting to see the controversy regarding the okimasan running off with a rikishi. Thats got a drama TV show written all over it.
  11. cyclonicleo

    Goeido to Retire

    Sad to see Goeido retire but doing so now shows me that he waned to leave on his own terms. Maybe he realised that his injuries over the years were going to place his long-term health at potential risk, maybe he feel out of love with the sport. Either way, reaching Ozeki is a huge achievement in and of itself, as is a zensho yusho, so he can be extremely proud of those achievements and be held in high esteem for them. I am glad to hear that he has found a place in the sport outside of the dohyo, especially as so many rikishi struggle with post-retirement life.
  12. cyclonicleo

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    One of the more crazy basho's, but there have been a few in the past year. Can't wait to get home to watch today's highlights. Enho has proven to be very interesting and fun to watch, though I have agonized over how the former Ozeki corps have done. With Goeido headed for Sekiwake, Takayasu to Komusubi and Tochinoshin to the near bottom of Maegashira, its been rough. Worst of all though, is Kotoshogiku, whom I fear is headed straight for Juryo, or, to retirement. Still, Hokutofuji has had a cracking basho, as has Takakeisho and who would've predicted that we'd see Shodai and Tokushoryu is the running for the cup! Craziness.
  13. cyclonicleo

    Arawashi intai

    Sad to see him retire but I think he's chosen the right time. I hope his future is a bright one!
  14. cyclonicleo

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Great to see Endo pick up his win against Hakuho and the crowd reaction was something to behold. Two kinboshi on consecutive days is incredible. The look of anger on Hakuho's face really said it all.
  15. cyclonicleo

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    Disappointed with Nishkigi this basho. If his eyesight is *that bad*, has he contemplated corrective procedures, like LASIK? Surely a laser eye clinic would love some publicity by helping a top end rikishi, right? No? Ok. Ishiura has had some cracking bouts this time around - certainly Enho might try to pick up a thing or two, if not already. Enho could do with more muscle as his speed isn't really enough, as most of the division has kinda twigged to his tactics. Great to see fmr-Kisenosato on guest commentary yesterday too - more of that would be great. Finally, i'm a bit unhappy with Hakuho - I sense a lot of frustration from him and its starting to show in his demeanor and matches. Forearm here, the odd push back there, some of it being behaviour that, for me, isn't becoming of a man in his position. Am I being a bit too harsh? Probably.