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  1. I played some browser sumo games but they didn't really sattisfy me. I have an idea for a game where you start as newbie and you make your way to the top by winning tournaments, upgrading your character, choosing (or upgrading) one different (or same) ability every few levels, and so on. It would be even funnier in multiplayer heh and perhaps if I added second class, samurais with swords.. Anyway I am not so good at coding (very familiar with computers though) but I thought that its because i never really had an idea that I want to put the work in but this time is different. Does anyone know what language should I code it with? I want the game to be downloadable and playable on computer.

    Hi there!

    Hi everyone! I am from Romania. I can speak basic english but I perform mistakes sometimes so sorry for that in advance. I am almost 30 year old and I got here after watching sumo anime... Lol... It's interesting hobby. What are your diets? I wonder what's the key to both gain mass but also stay healthy. I perhaps need to lurk more :).