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  1. sumozoid

    How to code a sumo game? I have an idea...

    Like previous poster said creating any good game will take ages. But not because its hard. But because creating good models, images, sounds and other assets and micro elements takes this much time. If you downloaded some free game pack kit with textures and/or models (1-30min), learned basics of game engine and programming (few weeks fulltime), you could pretty much, with help of internet, code one feature in few days sometimes even few hours, and then you just would connect free assets to it - you could have working 2D/3D game in few months. That was just an example though - personally I hate using other people assets but i am not a pro at creating them either. But honestly, if you learn basics of programing and use engine and learn it as well, then you won't have bigger issues with creating basic 2d-3d games. I recommend Unity (supports c#). Its one of most popular engines and the amount of free help and tutorials on internet is so big that you will always find solution. This website has great tutorial at the bottom that contains attacking, healthbars, inventory, movement, model and animation, and other things. If you didnt code before then it may be confusing so maybe start from this video: (you can find many "c# basics" videos on youtube) Good luck man
  2. sumozoid

    Japan beat Ireland at Rugby World Cup

    so japan is winning with best competitors in american sport? interesting :)
  3. sumozoid

    Hello from Poland :)

    Hello I am 24 year old polish guy :) I work in warehouse and have ton of interests. I got interested in Sumo after seeing fights on youtube, and been digging a lot of information and watching more fights lately :)
  4. sumozoid

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    link is dead. i guess the conflict had personal background? i never really understand why law only cares who was the first person to swung first, and not whether he was provoked and how. for all we know the second person could have ruined his whole life, then he attacks him, and boom the provoked guy gets penalized or goes to jail :V
  5. sumozoid

    Izutsu-oyakata has died

    this is awful loss :(