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  1. Yeah, that was crazy. Never seen that in my 16 years in Japan watching sumo. I was waiting for a new thread to show up, but the talk about it is in here. Really bad manners I'd say and a total breach of etiquette. Yokozuna, more than anyone, are supposed to act with dignity. Hakuho is usually very dignified. Seems way out of character to me.
  2. Best spirit I've seen from Goeido in a long time tonight, and to his credit, Harumafuji didn't henka him like you know he could have. Great match. Like to see a little drama. Like to see Hakuho's dominance fading, Like to see the Japanese wrestlers finally stepping up.
  3. Shibouyama

    Nagoya Basho 2012 - General Discussion Thread

    It seemed to me more that Hakuho was unnecessarily delaying than Kise was pulling anything. I don't even like Kise, but I thought Hakuho was in the wrong and frankly am a bit surprised at reading the comments here.
  4. Shibouyama

    Stories from Day 12

    Hey, sorry I haven't been active on the forum for a loooooong time so please forgive me, but where do you see the vids? Youtube? I'm usually working 4-6 when the basho is on tv, and Sumo Digest doesn't come on until 2 or 3 in the morning. (I signed in and hit New Posts, only 169 pages to check out. Ha ha.) Try this place for starters ... edit: As Bugman writes, Kintamayama's compilations are great too. They are also linked on Doitsuyama's Sumo Reference site. Wow, I saw that Hatsu video thread, but for some reason I was thinking it was later in the year. What a space cadet. Couldn't see Kise's delaying baloney in that vid though, so will check out the other site's vids. Thanks. I used to have all the great links favorited, but haven't used in of them in a few years. I've still been watching sumo when I can, but it became a less passionate interest for a while.
  5. Shibouyama

    Stories from Day 12

    Hey, sorry I haven't been active on the forum for a loooooong time so please forgive me, but where do you see the vids? Youtube? I'm usually working 4-6 when the basho is on tv, and Sumo Digest doesn't come on until 2 or 3 in the morning. (I signed in and hit New Posts, only 169 pages to check out. Ha ha.)
  6. I always laugh when the "we Japanese" comes out. This guy must be the spokesman for all Japanese people. Or maybe he is only speaking for all the sportsmen of Japan. Haha. Either way, there are lots of very strict procedures that must be observed when testing urine for drugs. If any of these were broken or there were any irregularities then Roho's lawyer has something there.
  7. Shibouyama

    Drugs, crime, and the law

    I don't really look for it, but once in a while it comes up and I partake in Japan. No worries. Really, not being able to get marijuana (or magic mushrooms) is one point I don't like about Japan. If I had a little weed during the week, I wouldn't drink as much and my quality of life would definitely be better. No doubt about it. I think if the world smoked a little more marijuana and drank a little less it would be a better place. If only Japan had the cheese, sausages, bread, beer, and weed of my great state of Minnesota.
  8. Shibouyama

    Happy birthday Iwagaki+Hashira+Shibouyama

    Thank you! I'm 40 now! Woo hoo! (Holiday feeling...) (On the banzuke...) (Neener, neener...)
  9. Shibouyama

    Drugs, crime, and the law

    Personally, I started smoking marijuana when I was 12 and it has never caused me any problems. Alcohol, on the other hand, has caused me numerous problems. The difference between the two is huge to me. I see marijuana as very harmless and mild and alcohol as very dangerous. Most of the negative aspects surrounding marijuana can be attributed to it's illegality rather than to the effects of the drug. Also, as someone already mentioned, if some "pothead" slashed someone's face that doesn't mean marijuana caused his violent behavior. The guy could have just been some crazy nutter.
  10. Shibouyama


    He was limping on his way out the hanamichi after the win. Yeah, he limped all the way to a Kanto-sho.
  11. Shibouyama


    Yes, Kokkai looks like a new man this basho. None of the flailing arms and slippery feet of the past. Also, he looks really genki. Nice to see he's changed tactics. He used to be pretty embarrasing to watch sometimes with all his flailing and belly flopping. ;-) 194-193 today. I'm looking forward to seeing how he fares from here on out. :-O
  12. Shibouyama

    Japanese men & women. Behaviour etc ...

    I think Kaiguma spent enough time in Japan to form a reasonable opinion of whether people open doors or not. Your reply, Mark, 'I spent 1 day in dokodoko, so I know everything'. is really childish. He didn't say that, and you know it. I don't remember many of your posts from before, but the posts you made in this thread seem pretty childish to me. Is this the level of all your commentary on this forum? P.S. I never read that secret email you sent me. I deleted it without reading it.
  13. Shibouyama

    Kyokai site new thingy

    I live in Japan, but work during the day so, if I don't stay up to watch the nightly 25 minute sumo program I miss the day's action. That 'watch the day's invidual bouts at my leisure' thing sounded good, so I just went and signed up. Without commenting on older featured bouts, I just watched the first half of the maknouchi bouts. All the first half bouts were cut down to fit into a 1 minute and 30 second clip! Forget about any pre-bout drama. You can't even see the whole bout. It was basically just the finishing moves. Jeez, what a let down. And to think, I complain about the hurried pace of the 25 minute show. (Sign of disapproval...) (Sign of disapproval...) (Sign of disapproval...) (Sign of disapproval...) (Sign of disapproval...) (Sign of disapproval...) (Sign of disapproval...) (Sign of disapproval...) (Sign of disapproval...) (Sign of disapproval...) (Sign of disapproval...) (Sign of disapproval...) Now, to figure out how to unregister from this service. That always seems harder to do than signing up. (Scratching chin...) (Holiday feeling...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (In a state of confusion...) (In a state of confusion...) (In a state of confusion...)
  14. Shibouyama

    Japanese men & women. Behaviour etc ...

    Jeez, it's been a loooong time since I've posted. Anyways, based on my 7 years live in rural Japan, I would say that Japanese are (in a general sense, of course, please don't whine about making generalities) much better mannered than Americans (I'm American, btw), a lot of it is, like Kaikitsune said, just superficial. However, that doesn't detract from it's value. Whether it's truly sincere or not, use of social etiquette makes a big difference. But, I think it goes beyond etiquette as well. The low-crime, mid-sized city in Minnesota that I grew up in seems to me a dangerous and violent place compared to the city I now live in. There just isn't hardly any crime or trouble here. As far as holding doors open though, yeah, it's not very common here.
  15. Shibouyama

    Blue Hawaii

    For those that don't ノ the characters 英国 mean Britain and are pronounced "eigoku" ありがとう 先生。
  16. Shibouyama

    Sumo for Japanese

    Personally, I think the "internationalization" of sumo makes it a little more interesting. I would like to see more foriegners.
  17. Shibouyama

    Roho has a conniption

    If you're referring to Asa's "look to the right after-torikumi glare" it's been there for a couple of years after every single bout. We have speculated about it widely. If you mean something else, forget I exist. No, he gave Kisenosato a glare for some reason.
  18. Shibouyama

    I'm Getting real tired of Roho!

    There is already a Roho bad manners thread. No real need to start another one.
  19. Shibouyama

    Roho has a conniption

    And Roho just gave us another wonderful example of bad manners. :-) No class. But, then again, Asashoryu does that kind of stuff and the yokozuna sets the example for everybody else.
  20. Shibouyama

    Hakuho Speculation

    That's what I picked, as well.
  21. Shibouyama

    Hakuho married?

    Interracial marriages, intercultural marriages, international exchange (ha, ha), interaction, interconnection, connectivity between different peoples, etc... can only be a good thing. It can only lead to increased mutual understanding in the long run. It can only be a good thing. The trend for the future in this world is to grow more connected, closer, become a tighter family. I wish Hakuho and his new bride all the best in the future, and may god bless them.
  22. Shibouyama

    Hakuho married?

    Go take a leak is funny English. Yes, it is. And your use of English is also very enjoyable, as it's a bit unorthadox in style. I find it influencing my Engish, when posting on this site.
  23. Shibouyama


    I used to sell my plasma (which is the white blood cells, I believe). They take the blood out, spin it, light yellow part goes into a bottle, dark red part goes back into in cycles. I did it twice a week for a long time. One gets needle scars on their arms. The needles are big. Lots of poor people do it, but a few suit wearing types also mixed in. You get 15$ for the first donation, and 20$ for the second (within a week). (Takes about an hour. It's not really pleasant.) They occasionaly check you for drugs and query any sudden weight changes, etc... One time, I sold my plasma, went about a block down, bought some beer, and then started walking up, not sidewalks, etc...but the areas between the streets. That area is too rocky to build houses on. Between the streets it's just rocky outcrops and wild flowers, and deer flitting about. Big rocks that soak up the sun. Hike up a while, rest on a big warm rock, have a pinchy, soak up the heat from the rock. I climbed up about an hour or so, only crossed two roads. Got up to the top, a city park, noone there as it's not tourist season yet, or even park open season yet. I came in through the woods, not the proper driveway. Sunny blue sky day and warm, deathly quiet, snow still on the ground under the shade of the trees. Beautiful. Beyond discription. I was the only one there. Crossing through the park, there was a raccoon sleeping in a hole in a tree. I could see him. I poked him a little bit with a stick. He turned around and said, "What??? Get out of here man, I'm sleeping." I left, of course.