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  1. Hello everyone! As the title indicates, I'm from a wonderful subtropical archipelago, and I'm here mainly to discuss and learn as much as I can about Sumo! You see, I'm a 24 years old student and I've always been curious about Sumo, specially with regard to the physical conditioning (and also cultural-religious) aspects of the topic, but it wasn't until recently that I started to watch actual tournaments (basho) and I must say I'm truly amazed. It's simply mesmerising, I just love it! So I'm interested, among other many things, in the training techniques of the rikishi: I'm a big fan of calisthenics and I'd like to include exercises like shiko and koshiwari in my daily workout routine, and for that I'm willing to work hard and learn everything I can about it! (Any advice and/or source are most welcome). And that's all folks! Glad to join this (aparently?) amazing community!