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  1. Halian

    Sumo ‘What ifs?’

    Maybe Kisenosato would (also) be in the Olympic opening ceremony were he still active. :P
  2. Hopefully it makes its way to the US…
  3. Halian


    Welcome welcome! I hope your stay here is long and enjoyable.
  4. Halian

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Nagoya 2021

    However far back the last ten instances go, but never earlier than 1935.
  5. Halian

    Local Sumo Customs

    Alas, that channel seems to have deleted or made private all of its videos. :(
  6. Halian

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Nagoya 2021

    Attached: my first pass at 2021.09 GTB using Hālian's GTB Secret Sauce™, that is to average out the last ten instances of that rank-record combination, and then fill the bandzuke based on the results.
  7. Halian

    Sumo ‘What ifs?’

    I'm an alternate history nerd, so I regret not finding this thread earlier. What if Ōsuna-arashi didn't go for his fateful drive? What if kōshō seido were never abolished? What if the concept of yokodzuna never existed? Or the limit on foreign deshi, or the ban on foreign oyakata, or or or or :D
  8. Halian

    Natsu basho 2021

    The link to that thread has rotten; might you know where the thread went? o_O
  9. Halian

    New NSK council with Sadaharu Oh

    The words necessary to express the true measure of my anger at the Ō Sadaharu committee and the NSK for coming to this close-minded, self-destructive, and actively racist conclusion are not repeatable in polite company. Nevermind the obvious conclusion that everything recommended is more or less the exact opposite of what should actually be done. This but unironically
  10. Halian


    Interesting thread! I'm looking forward to reading the book…
  11. Halian

    Corona and sumo

    LOL. Not coke, Coke.
  12. Halian

    Corona and sumo

    Also Coke, but I doubt you’ll see chikara-cola anytime soon ;)
  13. Halian

    Retirees November 2020

    A salute to each of them. o7
  14. Too many storylines! No wonder Tachiai is calling the next basho Baku-Hatsu lol
  15. Halian

    The Graph

    The Graph is too powerful for my computer and I love it. :D