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  1. Halian

    Corona and sumo

    LOL. Not coke, Coke.
  2. Halian

    Corona and sumo

    Also Coke, but I doubt you’ll see chikara-cola anytime soon ;)
  3. Halian

    Retirees November 2020

    A salute to each of them. o7
  4. Too many storylines! No wonder Tachiai is calling the next basho Baku-Hatsu lol
  5. Halian

    The Graph

    The Graph is too powerful for my computer and I love it. :D
  6. Halian

    YDC convenes after November 2020

    Both yokozuna have a very pressing need to shit or get off the pot, and I see a line for the bathroom.
  7. Halian

    Name it - The Day After...

    神帰 Kamigae, literally meaning “deity/ies going home”. In English, “silly season”.
  8. Halian

    Gagamaru retired

    Big F for the career of Gagamaru. As for Aoiyama, I think it might be time to start planning an exit.
  9. Halian

    Videos Kyushu Basho... 2003

    Thanks for the throwback. :D I wish I'd've gotten into ōzumō earlier.
  10. Halian

    Corona and sumo

    Something something magic salt.
  11. Halian

    Retirees after Aki 2019

    D: noooooooooooo If I'm not mistaken, that leaves Wakaichirō as the sole American sumotori (even though his shusshin is Nagasaki prefecture)?