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  1. rokushakubou

    Training with a Sumo Dojo in Tokyo - Part 2

    Thanks very much! I never had much success in any of the tournaments I entered (I wasn't very good to be honest haha) but the experience itself was enough to make this sumo fan very happy.
  2. rokushakubou

    Training with a Sumo Dojo in Tokyo - Part 2

    Yes, I am the tall lean fellow!
  3. rokushakubou

    Training with a Sumo Dojo in Tokyo - Part 2

    Sorry, just realised I have a photo showing what I meant from when we practised countering tsuppari one time.
  4. rokushakubou

    Training with a Sumo Dojo in Tokyo - Part 2

    Sounds like a great experience and some really interesting insight - thanks for sharing! How long have you been doing sumo? I have a bit of experience wrestling at a university club in Japan and am likewise a fan of the migi-yotsu, but had serious trouble ever using it against any decent opponents. Also, I agree that it feels great when people are cheering you on. As for countering tsuppari, I was told that it can be effective to try and get your hand under the opponent's armpit and thrust back on their upper arm to upset their rhythm and knock them off balance (although I admit that this is much easier said than done!)
  5. rokushakubou

    Premier Fantasy Football

    Right you are! I thought it might reset my points to 0 but looks like I've snuck nicely into middle table - may the best team win!
  6. rokushakubou

    Premier Fantasy Football

    me too! gutted to have not found this website until this month
  7. rokushakubou

    Hello from the UK!

    Hi everyone I started watching oozumo about three years ago after stumbling across the highlights on NHK World, but now keep up to date mainly thanks to the efforts of Mr Kintamayama on youtube. I study Japanese at university here in the UK, and was lucky enough to spend last year in Japan, where I joined my local university sumo team and even took part in some national competitions. Since coming back to the UK last month my interest in sumo has only grown further, so I'm looking forward to learning a lot from everyone. Thank you for having me!