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    The end?

    Natto got hit as I viewed last nights coverage, the moment the video was done and I switched to the juryo, the video it didn’t work anymore. That really sucks. I hope everything stays right with your content kinta! Good luck!
  2. Kuhne

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Will he though? I mean it as an actual question because with the JSA it is always a case by case, with Terunofuji of course they allow him all the time he wants to recover as he had just had an epic comeback, won a bunch of bashos, and proven that he was a true yokozuna, so, of course, he gets the time, with Keisho I think it could be a problem, if I recall correctly he already went yun yusho followed by a yusho (what he is trying to do here) and he wasn't given the rope of course, thank god for that because he got injured right after and a level of inconsistency followed soon after that I am pretty sure he would have been forced to retire had he been made a yokozuna. I guess it depends on how much time he takes off though, if it's one or two basho then I don't think it'll be an issue but if it is a Kisenosato situation I would much rather have him stay an ozeki for longer to see him brawl some more, sumo wouldn't be the same without keisho. Anyway, I think the point is moot now, as he already lost twice and I don't think he'll be made a yokozuna with a 13-2 basho. I do hope to see him promoted though, it would be quite the sight to have a yokozuna that size with that style. I personally would rather see him duke it out a few more times with a healed terunofuji before that happens.
  3. Kuhne

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    I never wish ill on anyone but it's hard not to root against Hoshoryu for me, the guy is so smug and does crap like what he did vs Waka last night that just makes me want to root against him, he is so good at being the heel and paired with an incredible skill set and fighting spirit, the guy is must watch sumo. Still, I am watching to see him lose, not win, and last night, especially after his super extended stare-down, I was close to cheering out loud when Waka beat him. But being injured is another thing, I hope he is fine, I think he'll be an ozeki sooner or later, he is simply very, very good, maybe even a really strong Yokozuna in the future and with that attitude he will always have people wanting to watch him compete, rooting for or against. As for Takakeisho, it's hard not to like him, he defies all ods and is close to the rope with a one-dimensional style, but I believe he does not deserve it if he wins 13-2, there is no yokozuna in this tournament. If he were to win 14-1/15-1 then maybe? But still. With Keisho for me, it is only a matter of time before there's an injury or something that brings back the inconsistent rikishi we are used to, so what I am afraid of is that they give him the belt then almost instantly we go back to that version of keisho and he would be forced to retire early. Part of me doesn't want him to get it for that reason, not yet.
  4. Kuhne

    TORCHBEARER 2023: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Ok so I was allowed to get in late and I really didn't completely understand how this works and I do not have a lot of time to figure it out before I can't pick soooo... I'll just go with my gut and say Tomokaze, I want this guy to do good after that horrible injury but he has been struggling and punching way below his weight class, he could definitely improve from where he is. I hope he is a good pick unless I completely screwed up and even my limited understanding of the game after a quick glimpse of the rules is crap. So yes, Tomokaze it is.
  5. Kuhne

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Ahí si so badass he concusses you with henkas
  6. Kuhne

    Nagoya 2022

    That was a very shodai thing to do
  7. Kuhne

    Nagoya 2022

    Definitely if there’s something that can save this basho it would be ichi winning
  8. Kuhne

    Nagoya 2022

    Shodai is reaching new levels of bad, even for shodai his performance so far has been abysmal, I usually root for him to pull through with the miraculous KK at the end to heroically escape kadoban but not anymore, it’s downright annoying to see him suck so much, does he even want to be there? Is he being forced to be a rikishi? I hope he gets demoted all the way down to kindergarten dodgeball
  9. Kuhne

    Nagoya 2022

    Wow, just when I was about to come here and rant about how this is probably my least favorite basho in recent memory and how I was only watching the highlights the following day and not catching it live (the way I sometimes do when it's really interesting) Ichinojo GOES ON AND FRIGGING BEATS TERU... the one thing I never saw possible due to Ichi's mental midgetness all of a sudden the dude shows us what he is capable when he is confident and now all of a sudden I'm invested and I can't wait. Waka had a nice win against emo kid. Ura had a beautiful throw against Mita. And I miss Ishiura. Those are my 4 takeaways from the latest day. Can you imagine an ichinojo basho?????
  10. Kuhne

    Nagoya 2022

    Man, what a horrible start to the tournament, there are 8 undefeated guys and you know those are likely to falter at any point (yutakayama 2-0, wouldn't be surprised if he finishes the basho 2-13 with how inconsistent he can be.) It all starts wrong for me when the goat of goats Ishiura can't compete. But Daieisho, Onosho, Wata, all 0-2? That's sad, usually, those are the ones we can count on! Anyway, Sumo is Sumo, even bad tournaments end up with good surprises and can be fun, I always thought the sign that you really like a sport is when all the greats and favorites aren't competing yet you still want to see it. I remember when I used to watch a lot of tennis but the moment the rivalries that interested me (roddick federer, nadal federer, etc.) ended, I stopped watching and haven't watched a tournament since because I could not care less about Novak. Sumo is fun regardless of what happens but I wont deny that tournaments like this get more fast forward action from me than others. With the way the score is right now, the tournament basically hasn't started yet, the only one from the undefeateds I can actually see doing some damage (and I would love it if it happened) would be Tamawashi, we know this man can bring it, we know he can beat the yokozuna. Kotonowaka could also bring it as well but for some reason I don't see it this tournament.
  11. Kuhne

    Haru 2022 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    And we are also being a bit unfair about his late basho fade… yes he lost his last 3 in a row but he did end up with a very often yusho winning score of 12-3… it was still a great effort and lost only because waka was on some sort of trance, I’ve never seen him that focused and on fire. it’s easier to take it in if you forget about all the curse and bad luck nonsense and just accept that this time around he did pretty well but lost to the better guy, he was through and through the second beat rikishi in this tournament and the score reflects that. Nothing to snuff at, he was fighting at ozeki level
  12. Kuhne

    Haru 2022 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    Waka fought Taco twice in the same tournament and beat him twice, I do not have the means to procure an excuse as to why taco deserved it more when the actual winner beat him twice.
  13. Kuhne

    Haru 2022 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    People love to say he is cursed and unlucky but at the end of the day Taco had it more or less in his hands (waka did lose to shodai after all) yet still managed to lose the last 3 matches in a row, day 14 , 15 and the playoff. You can’t win a basho going 0-3 on your last three, he just can’t handle the pressure. Waka was in the same boat and went 2-1 losing his only match of the last 3 to a super power shodai who no one saw coming, I frankly thought he was going to lay down and give waka the freebie, having achieved his KK and all. Yes it’s painful to be a taco fan, i really do feel sorry for him and his fans but this time around Hiro’s annoying saying “will he be a champ or will he be a chump” never fit better because losing your last 3 on a basho you were dominating is pretty damn chumpish. I hope he gets another chance. And for waka, all I can say is wow…
  14. Kuhne

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    What a nice tourney for Mita, 13-2 record and beat a Yokozuna in the process. A lot of it is mental and there are guys that may be more consistent than Mita but they don't have what it takes to actually go and win a tournament, they crash and burn near the end. Mita has show three times that he knows how to win these things, to me personally having 3 yusho is way more impressive than being an Ozeki. But I am happy he is also getting promoted.
  15. Too late to play? Read the message just now! Sorry :(
  16. Yea that was heartbreaking but also 100% his fault. I like Onosho but come on. I’m all for Henkas, this was a beaut even if it went against the guy I wanted to win Thank god for Myogyryu. But the gift that is having to face shodai in your last day to claim the yusho is too sweet for Teru tu pass up. And Myogyryu has to beat a super determined Meisei at 7-7. It’ll be very hard for terunofuji to mess this up even if he tries to.
  17. Out of the remaining rikishi with the possibility of winning (except for Teru of course) Endo would be the only one I wouldn’t consider a fluke. He is inconsistent but when he is on the guy has beautiful technique and is capable of beating absolutely anyone. And he doesn’t just accidentally beat Yokozuna by sheer luck or whatever, when he is on the guy can out grapple and flat out dominate Yokozuna level guys and we’ve seen it vs hakuho, kakuryu and Teru He is like a video game character that every once in a while uses a cheat code, it’s crazy. So if endo shows 3 straight days of his best sumo then absolutely, endo yusho it is. sadly it won’t happen since we tend to get those 3 days of epic endo sumo spread out throughout a year.
  18. I’m just happy this Basho turned out not to be the bust it was seeming to be when it started. These last days are going to be a lot of fun
  19. Kuhne

    Aki Yusho Predictions?

    Hakuho wins and takes terus other arm in the process
  20. Kuhne

    Ridiculous Predictions Aki 2021

    Ishiura makes a legit run for the win. Shodai looks like he knows what he is doing Endo wins the basho Terunofuji completely sucks and embarrasses himself in his first tournament as a yokozuna
  21. Kuhne

    Sumo and the Olympics

    I agree with this, after that ceremony all other ceremonies just seem to be competing on a different division, Beijing was something to behold. I believe Tokyo 2020 could have rivaled it if it had happened in 2020 without COVID but they were forced to make it somber and mainly about covid and recovery and all that stuff.
  22. Kuhne

    Nagoya Basho 2021

  23. Kuhne

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    100% agree with you
  24. You are the boss Kintamayama, thanks for these videos as always.
  25. Kuhne

    Terunofuji Story Creates Awkward Silence

    Tokoshoryu officially the most famous sumo wrestler of all time. deservedly so