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  1. Kuhne

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    What a nice tourney for Mita, 13-2 record and beat a Yokozuna in the process. A lot of it is mental and there are guys that may be more consistent than Mita but they don't have what it takes to actually go and win a tournament, they crash and burn near the end. Mita has show three times that he knows how to win these things, to me personally having 3 yusho is way more impressive than being an Ozeki. But I am happy he is also getting promoted.
  2. Too late to play? Read the message just now! Sorry :(
  3. Yea that was heartbreaking but also 100% his fault. I like Onosho but come on. I’m all for Henkas, this was a beaut even if it went against the guy I wanted to win Thank god for Myogyryu. But the gift that is having to face shodai in your last day to claim the yusho is too sweet for Teru tu pass up. And Myogyryu has to beat a super determined Meisei at 7-7. It’ll be very hard for terunofuji to mess this up even if he tries to.
  4. Out of the remaining rikishi with the possibility of winning (except for Teru of course) Endo would be the only one I wouldn’t consider a fluke. He is inconsistent but when he is on the guy has beautiful technique and is capable of beating absolutely anyone. And he doesn’t just accidentally beat Yokozuna by sheer luck or whatever, when he is on the guy can out grapple and flat out dominate Yokozuna level guys and we’ve seen it vs hakuho, kakuryu and Teru He is like a video game character that every once in a while uses a cheat code, it’s crazy. So if endo shows 3 straight days of his best sumo then absolutely, endo yusho it is. sadly it won’t happen since we tend to get those 3 days of epic endo sumo spread out throughout a year.
  5. I’m just happy this Basho turned out not to be the bust it was seeming to be when it started. These last days are going to be a lot of fun
  6. Kuhne

    Aki Yusho Predictions?

    Hakuho wins and takes terus other arm in the process
  7. Kuhne

    Ridiculous Predictions Aki 2021

    Ishiura makes a legit run for the win. Shodai looks like he knows what he is doing Endo wins the basho Terunofuji completely sucks and embarrasses himself in his first tournament as a yokozuna
  8. Kuhne

    Sumo and the Olympics

    I agree with this, after that ceremony all other ceremonies just seem to be competing on a different division, Beijing was something to behold. I believe Tokyo 2020 could have rivaled it if it had happened in 2020 without COVID but they were forced to make it somber and mainly about covid and recovery and all that stuff.
  9. Kuhne

    Nagoya Basho 2021

  10. Kuhne

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    100% agree with you
  11. You are the boss Kintamayama, thanks for these videos as always.
  12. Kuhne

    Terunofuji Story Creates Awkward Silence

    Tokoshoryu officially the most famous sumo wrestler of all time. deservedly so
  13. Kuhne

    Sumo and the Olympics

    It’s their loss, they didn’t capitalize on what could have been a beautiful moment. it could have been visual cultural poetry, having a kabuki actor, maybe a samurai, geishas, all dancing to soft Japanese classical music and then you switch to the 69th yokozuna and he just elbows the shit out of all of them, literally knocks the kabuki guy the fuck out and fist pumps while screaming FOR YOU FATHER, FOR MONGOLIA! And every single mummy in the NSK dies of a heart attack.
  14. Kuhne

    Grand Slams in Ozumo

    The skill level required is the same of course but the mental task is greater and the physical requirements to have your body at top shape for longer means it’s simply more difficult.
  15. Kuhne

    Grand Slams in Ozumo

    The reason why a calendar year slam (in any sport where it can happen) is considered a special achievement compared to winning all tournaments in different years is simple. the calendar year slam is harder to achieve. That’s all. You need to be on your game in the first tournament of the year and keep the level throughout. If you mess up you won’t be able to try again until next year, as opposed to career slams where you can start over next tournament. got the flu on January? There goes the calendar year slam, better luck next year. tennis has the golden slam which means you also won the Olympic gold medal that year, which is obviously harder for obvious reasons, only one player has achieved that. but novak is on track this year…