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  1. Hi All, Am a semi-pro photographer from San Francisco. Hi everyone! Am visiting Tokyo from Sept 16th through the the 23rd, then Kyoto through the 28th, then Osaka through the 3rd of October. I'd really love to visit a Heya to see and photograph (I know about the no shutter sound rules and stuff...) a practice session! I believe that the "Ryogoku Kokugikan 2019 September Grand Tournament" is going on during my entire time in Tokyo - I THINK that there are no permanent Heya's in Kyoto and Osaka... So, am I out of luck to see a practice? I'm guessing that all wrestlers are going to be at the tournament. Right? If my only option to see Sumo is to go to the tournament, then I have some follow-up questions for y'all. Any help is hugely appreciated!!! - Jon
  2. Well - I took a chance and signed up for a tour with Voyagin. We'll see how that goes. Thanks all! - Jon
  3. Ouch. That does not bode well for me... Thanks for the info. Does anyone on here have any connections for a well behaved photographer and his super Sumo curious friend to attend a training?! - Jon
  4. Anyone have any ideas? Should I just get a list of Heya's and start calling around? - Jon
  5. Oooh, that's promising. Anyone know how to find one that might be still practicing during the tournaments? - Jon