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  1. Houmanumi

    Invitation to the Haru basho 2021 GTB - 124 entries

    I seem to be the only person not promoting Tsurugisho, and keeping Tokushoryu. This concerns me. My picks: East Rank West Hakuho (COVID-19 KOSHO) Y Kakuryu (0-0-15) Shodai (11-4) O1 Asanoyama (11-4) Takakeisho (2-8-5) O2 Terunofuji (11-4) S1 Takanosho (9-6) S2 Daieisho (13-2) Takayasu (9-6) K Mitakeumi (9-6) Takarafuji (9-6) M1 Hokutofuji (7-8) Onosho (9-6) M2 Wakatakakage (COVID-19 KOSHO) Meisei (8-7) M3 Kiribayama (8-7) Shimanoumi (9-6) M4 Myogiryu (8-7) Ichinojo (9-6) M5 Endo (7-8) Okinoumi (7-8) M6 Tamawashi (6-9) Hoshoryu (9-6) M7 Midorifuji (9-6) Kotonowaka (10-5) M8 Kagayaki (6-9) Chiyonokuni (COVID-19 KOSHO) M9 Tobizaru (6-9) Tochinoshin (4-11) M10 Akiseyama (9-6) Chiyotairyu (COVID-19 KOSHO) M11 Kotoshoho (2-13) Ryuden (4-11) M12 Aoiyama (6-9) Terutsuyoshi (7-8) M13 Chiyoshoma (COVID-19 KOSHO) Kotoeko (6-9) M14 Daiamami (8-7) Tokushoryu (3-12) M15 Yutakayama (7-8) Kaisei (COVID-19 KOSHO) M16 Hidenoumi (11-4)
  2. Houmanumi

    Special Kyokai training before Haru

    Showing my ignorance here, what's the context for the +1 with Hoshoryu?
  3. Houmanumi

    Daily wins scraping

    I've written a python app that scrapes daily results from the NSK site (sumo.or.jp) and uploads them to a MySQL DB. Happy to share the code if you'd like.
  4. Houmanumi

    Invitation to the Haru basho 2021 GTB - 124 entries

    In fairness, this sanyaku selection seems insane. Don't get me wrong, thus far I'm a middling GTB player at best; but I honestly don't know what to expect. To quote a great man quoting one of the great prog bands, "If we make it, we can all sit back and laugh, but I fear tomorrow I'll be crying.".
  5. Houmanumi


    Sincere apologies on my part to all who have an interest in this thread; around the end of the year time got away from me and I'm not just clawing my way back. Below are some newspaper stories that have been sitting in my inbox for some time. I have very limited Japanese so if anybody wants to go for an in-depth translation and/or correct what I got wrong, have at it. :). Thanks again to both Cal for sharing his stories and Joann for doing so much to help both Cal and the Forum get more information. 1. Yusho Notice From what I can gather, this is Araiwa's results for his yusho-winning tournament in Kyushu 1969 Hatsu 1970. The following details are provided: From California, America Ranked Jonidan 23. details Shikona (荒岩) Real name (Kaaru Rii Maachin) DOB Representing Hanakago beya The basho in question (Kyushu 1969 Hatsu 1970) Listed height and weight (that's 5'8", 262lbs for his countrymen). It then lists Araiwa's opponents fought by day, with the bottom stating it's Araiwa's first Jonidan yusho. 2. Araiwa Responds to Receiving His Draft Notice This appears to be an article about Araiwa's draft notice, and how it may hurt his prospects and the effect on his mood. Araiwa uses the example of Takiyama who was disqualified from the draft due to being overweight to ease the community concern at losing their prospect. We see Hanakago oyakata comforting Araiwa, with the bottom image praising Araiwa's chonmage. 3. The Return of Araiwa This article is about Araiwa returning to ozumo; the second headline pays special attention to his yawn (which is truly fantastic). 4. Yusho Winners Kyushu 1969 Hatsu 1970 This is a photo of all Juryo and under yusho winners of Kyushu 1969 Hatsu 1970. Some special focus is given the American Araiwa capturing the Jonidan yusho. He's second from the right in the group image.
  6. Houmanumi

    Yokozuna intai rules.

    I run a small game off the forum (looking at offering to forum users for Haru), and rather than Intai I've gone with a 'Yokozuna-kadoban' system, as follows: 2 MK gets a Yokozuna Kadoban 3rd MK leads to Ozeki next tournament, where 10+ (or your games equivalent) will see them back at Yokozuna. Standard Ozeki rules from there. So long story short; same as Ozeki demotion guidelines, but with 1 extra MK. I like it, because it means reaching Yokozuna is rewards with a minimum 5 tourneys at Y/O (assuming 5 back-to-back MK's), but no long-term rewards/pressure, just slip back to hiramaku if that's what happens.
  7. Houmanumi

    Tomokaze and Yago

    Has anybody come across more recent news regarding Tomokaze? I'm still holding out some hope.
  8. Houmanumi

    Tokitsukaze under house arrest

    I politely reject your unnecessary apology, and thank you for once again being the fount of wisdom.
  9. Houmanumi

    Tokitsukaze under house arrest

    At the risk of sounding anal -- ex-Tosayutaka? Or is the stable going to Tatekawa-oyakata?
  10. Houmanumi

    Rikishi Status - 2021 Hatsu Basho

    Goodbye Sekiwake Ikioi, hello Kasugayama oyakata. (This isn't confirmed, purely speculation).
  11. Houmanumi

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    They've got the excuse of the Yokozunae being out + being non-sanyaku for the last tournament; I don't know if 10 wins under those conditions would be deemed impressive enough? But if he were to go 13+ here and beat a Yokozuna or two next tournament then yeah I guess that would change things. Of course, he could always go the same way as his mate Takakeisho next tournament.
  12. Houmanumi

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    I'm glad this has come up organically. I was one who had picked a 4-man Komusubi slate with out current M1's at Komusubi. My super-speculative question is; should Daieisho get the expected 11+ here and carry that form through another two tournaments; would this score from M1 be an acceptable start of an Ozeki run? Should be a given if he wins this tournament obviously, but what's the precedent if he comes up just short?
  13. Houmanumi

    Rikishi Status - 2021 Hatsu Basho

    A few news reports, but nothing from the NSK that I've seen. Seems legit though. https://www.asahi.com/articles/ASP1M315XP1LUTQP01L.html https://www.sponichi.co.jp/sports/news/2021/01/19/kiji/20210119s00005000187000c.html
  14. Houmanumi

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    Wild and wacky day, I hope Takayasu doesn't lose too much confidence from that bout, it was one hell of a tachiai by Onosho, combined with a loss of footing. I was really pinning all my hopes on my boy (Takayasu) continuing the first-time yusho winner Hatsu trend! Terunofuji looked like a beast again, and Shodai was spectacular. Mitakeumi once again playing spoiler to Takakeisho's hopes, hopefully he bounces back tomorrow. Midorifuji looked good in his debut, Tochinoshin seems to (touch wood) have figured out how to do effective sumo even with his knees. There could be some good storylines coming out of this basho yet, even though I still think it won't see 15 days and should never have gone ahead.
  15. Houmanumi

    JWS Hatsu 2021

    Oh I misunderstood, I thought default one was the 'main pick', so put me down as a Kotoyuki/loss. So yeah, going forward I'll default with Kotoyuki, if he's out, Tsurugisho, if he's out, Ura -- am I understanding that right?