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  1. Houmanumi

    Favorite Yokozuna? Past And Present

    Hakuho all the way. As much as I have respect for the matches, technique and the stories/legends that go along with prior Yokozuna, I feel so fortunate to have become a sumo fan doing a period where I could lay witness to the greatest of all time doing his thing. He's broken nearly every record, and sure, he's a "heel" (bad guy for non-pro-wrestling fans), but he backs it up. I've grown to love his cockiness, because, it's Hakuho? What are you gonna do about it?! Is he wrong?!! The man is a Yokozuna in every sense of the word, and has been for what, 14 years? It will be a long, long time before we see his like again. That said; from a 'from the heart' perspective, Musashimaru seemed like he was always fun to watch/root for, and I really wanted Kisenosato to unseat Hakuho and usher in that new era.
  2. Houmanumi

    Coronavirus in China

    I work for a major international travel company here in Australia; once the borders were closed off I knew it would only be a matter of time, I was stood down last Friday. I have savings and a short-term job lined up already, so I'm far better off than most. Our daily infection rates have been dropping over the past few days so I'm optimistic that our distancing measures, while they may last a while, at least shouldn't get more intense. But who knows? Hope everyone is well!
  3. Houmanumi

    Corona and sumo

    You could always throw the Makushita joi in the mix too. I don't see it happening personally but it wouldn't be the worst idea.
  4. Houmanumi

    Enho - predictions?

    Might thoughts after Haru is that Enho will be a joi mainstay for a long time, with typical 8-7, 7-8 records. Could easily see him reaching Komusubi for a tournament or two. Would love love to be wrong and see him do better, for what it's worth. It's only size holding him back, he's a pound-for-pound Yokozuna.
  5. Houmanumi

    JWS Haru 2020

    My first sumo-game jun-yusho! Thanks @WAKATAKE for the fun, and congrats @Gaijingai. Good fun, hope you're all keeping safe.
  6. Houmanumi

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Any more formal news on this? I'd have expected his results to be ready by now, but I can't find anything.
  7. Houmanumi

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite March 2020

    Eh, if I don't do it now I'll forget. Day 8: Shodai
  8. Houmanumi

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite March 2020

    Day 7 - Takakeisho
  9. Houmanumi

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite March 2020

    I can dig that logic. Day 6 - Takakeisho
  10. Houmanumi

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    I'm a mad Takayasu fan and I'm insanely scared. That looked potentially career-ending. Hopefully I'm just reacting emotionally in the moment and it's not as bad as it seemed. I just don't see him as the type to accept an extended period going down the ranks.
  11. Houmanumi

    Shodai, a possible Ozeki ?

    To be fair that was when there were 3 pre-collapse Ozeki, but still a valid point.
  12. Houmanumi

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite March 2020

    Day 4 - Asanoyama
  13. Houmanumi

    Shodai, a possible Ozeki ?

    I have nothing new to add, I just wanted to throw in with the "No way, but a strong performance here could see him on a run for May" crowd. Even then I think should Asanoyama get promoted after this or the next basho, anything short of a strong Jun-Yusho from Shodai here would push back promotion talk to July.
  14. Houmanumi

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Man, what bizarre viewing. I was hoping Takayasu would look stronger but alas. Shame not to see Tokushoryu put up more of a fight too. Pinning all hopes on Asanoyama getting his 12!
  15. Houmanumi

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite March 2020

    Day 3 - Hakuho