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  1. Godango

    Asahifuji kanreki dohyo-iri

    Good info, thanks. So basically, Teru is a lock as tsuyuharai. The question is, will tachimochi be Hakuho or Harumafuji, or even someone else?
  2. Godango

    Asahifuji kanreki dohyo-iri

    We need a poll on his attendants. Logic would dictate some combination of Hak/Teru, by this banzuke you'd expect Hakuho tachimochi and Terunofuji tsuyuharai. With the next banzuke not being released until 1 November that seems the likely bet. Personally though, I'd be very happy for Isegahama if he gets the Terunofuji/Harumafuji combo.
  3. This seems the best place to write that I only just now fully realised the awesomeness of your profile pic. Very good.

  4. Godango

    Yamamotoyama makes a big splash

    Most things are bound to appear small when Yama's involved.
  5. Godango

    Corona and sumo

    You know, I was struggling to believe it was missed. I checked this and the Aki basho thread... surely that absolves me ever so slightly
  6. Godango

    Corona and sumo

    Tachiai are reporting Miyagino-beya will be kyujo from Aki due to another infection discovered in the September 5 PCR testing. EDIT: Further reporting from NHK, seems as official as it will get.
  7. Godango

    New kesho mawashi

    Your assumption is indeed correct.
  8. Godango

    Aki Yusho Predictions?

    Yusho: Takakeisho Jun-Yusho: Terunofuji Bonus: Single digit wins for Tochinoshin -- this will be his last (maybe second-to-last) basho in makuuchi. Given the recent COVID-19 infections I'm beginning to question whether the basho goes ahead at all, tbh, but I'm sticking with the above.
  9. Godango

    Corona and sumo

    I'm fine with being outvoted, but the discussion of vaccine efficacy seems off-topic in this specific thread. Can we stick to the theme of COVID-19 in sumo? I get that there is a tangible link given the rikishi are vaccinated, but all (I for one) care about here is who has been infected, and what ramifications are to the rikishi, basho and NSK. Again, if the majority disagree I'll shut my mouth.
  10. Godango

    New recruits for Aki 2021

    Very exciting to see these two finally officially at heya. I will try to manage my expectations, but I have high hopes.
  11. Godango

    Sumo Tipping - Aki 2021

    The banzuke is in, and Sumo Tipping is ready to go for Aki 2021. Game page: https://dankonstantinos.pythonanywhere.com/sumo/ - you can sign-up, read the how to and enter there. We come into Aki with a new Ozeki in @Athenayama, and a few mathematical contenders for Ozeki promotion, including @Flohru, Kyoju (who's forum handle escapes me) and @chishafuwaku. Is the barrier for entry too low? Perhaps. I prefer to think you're all exceptional. I guess we'll find out one way or another! Looking forward to seeing you all come shonichi!
  12. Godango

    strange Rikishi names

    That means with some creative licences, we could refer to Ouchiyama as 'Mountain of Pain'. I like it.
  13. Godango

    Transgender in sumo

    Fair enough, but this forum is a no stranger to idle speculation.
  14. Godango

    Transgender in sumo

    At the risk of parroting others, the thread clearly isn't going to be closed anytime soon. We've discussed foreigners in sumo, culture in sumo, women in sumo, this really isn't any different. We're talking about Ozumo's approach to a minority group, simple, it's only as political as any commenter wishes to make it. Again, if a specific discussion doesn't interest you, you're free to ignore the thread. Note, not all forum threads must appeal to all forum members, and not all forum members must comment on all forum threads. For my two cents on the issue, it ain't happening anytime soon. Props to whoever may be the first openly transgender rikishi attempting to enter (or at that point, stay in) Ozumo, but in a world where cis-women can't step on the dohyo I doubt there will be room for anyone else non-cis-male.
  15. Godango

    Hakuhou caught watching Judo

    There would be people in the world who would have to google MJ, LeBron, etc. It's all about them statistics baaaaaaaaby.