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  1. First off, I'm glad you're all good -- keep well. Excellent reference.
  2. Godango

    Sumo Tipping, Nagoya 2022

    Sumo Tipping is ready to go for Nagoya 2022! How to Play: https://dankonstantinos.pythonanywhere.com/sumo/how-to-play/ Entry Page: https://dankonstantinos.pythonanywhere.com/sumo/enter-tips/ Tournament Preview: https://dankonstantinos.pythonanywhere.com/sumo/preview/ I've been unable to offer as much commentary last basho and that may well continue this time, but the game will still run with updates posted on the game site. Have a crack, all are welcome :). SF members are dominating and have jumped to the top of the banzuke in short order -- come on and claim some scalps :).
  3. 66, I believe. I was so excited but seems like I won't be among the leaders. Still, getting away from the bottom is amazing for me and my history with GTB.
  4. My two cents, they should add more kabu -- even potentially 'sanyo-only' kabu. Make that space limited so it's harder to hang on the extra 5 years rather than harder to get in at all.
  5. Godango

    Stable and Ichimon Dominance

    Yup, Terunofuji, Takarafuji, Terutsuyoshi, Midorifuji, and presumptively Nishikifuji. With Atamifuji looking likely to join them before too long if the others can keep their places.
  6. Godango

    Another Sekitori Marriage

    Not here in Oz though, so I'm glad it was pointed out
  7. Godango

    Measuring Ōzeki Quality

    A few things: I didn't say he was promoted because of that alone I listed the two prior basho directly preceding promotion as that was what was relevant to the discussion This was consistent for all yokozuna listed As a general rule for generations promotion has directly followed the performance in the preceding two basho If anything, listing promotions as above, especially given Terunofuji's non-controversial promotion follwing Kisenosato shows that Kisenosato's promotion was not at all controversial. This is further reinforced that I used his promotion standard as the baseline for 'promotion-worthy' results The inconsistency with which Yokozuna go on to repeat that standard only further reinforces his worthy promotion.
  8. Godango

    Measuring Ōzeki Quality

    I don't know if I agree. I'll preface this by saying I missed most of Harumafuji but I liked what I saw -- but by the numbers he was a fine, not great, Yokozuna, Hakuho or no. Out of 31 tournaments at the rank, he earned 5 Y(not too shabby at all) and 4 JY (kinda low for a Yokozuna of that tenure). Of matches he competed in (ie. excluding kyujo) he was at a ~73% win rate (not too bad), and he had an average of ~9 wins (median 11). I get the impression that he was an 'all or nothing' Yokozuna, who had a particular knack against Hakuho 1 on 1. And hey, that's one heck of a rikishi, I don't mean to take anything away from him -- just saying I'm not overly surprised he avoided 're-promotion'.
  9. Godango

    Measuring Ōzeki Quality

    Nice, time got away from me but this is good to know. When Terunofuji was up for promotion I posted a thread looking into his and Takakeisho's prospects and what it would take to get them across the line. At the time I looked into all post-Futahaguro promotions in order to get a 'definitive' idea of promotion thresholds. It was then pointed out that I should look into Asahifuji and onwards, as he was the first Yokozuna promoted after the intai of Futahaguro, which is the more relevant point in time. If we look at that, the following criteria have resulted in Yokozuna: Asahifuji: 14-1Y + 14-1 Y = 28 wins, 2 Yusho Akebono: 14-1 Y + 13-2 Y = 27 wins, 2 Yusho Takanohana: 15-0 Y + 15-0 Y = 30 wins, 2 Yusho Wakanohana: 14-1 Y + 12-3 Y = 26 wins, 2 Yusho Musashimaru: 13-2 Y + 13-2 Y = 26 wins, 2 Yusho Asashoryu: 14-1Y + 14-1 Y = 28 wins, 2 Yusho Hakuho: 13-2Y + 15-0 Y = 28 wins, 2 Yusho Harumafuji: 15-0 Y + 15-0 Y = 30 wins, 2 Yusho Kakuryu: 14-1 D + 14-1 Y = 28 wins, 1 Yusho, 1 Doten Kisenosato: 12-3 J + 14-1 Y = 26 wins, 1 Jun-Yusho, 1 Yusho Terunofuji: 12-3 Y + 14-1 J = 26 wins, 1 Jun-Yusho, 1 Yusho If we apply this as our 'minimum standards' for yokozuna re-promotion, we're looking for any consecutive tournaments where a Yokozuna has: 26+ wins At least 1 Yusho/Doten If only 1 Yusho/Doten, other result must be JY I know any 2 Y/D should qualify -- but I'm going to be picky and stick to 26+ wins as that's what we've definitely seen lead to promotion. For completeness' sake, allowing any two yusho would give the following extras: Takanohana - 1 re-promotion Akebono - 1 repromotion Musashimaru - 1 repromotion Hakuho - 1 repromotion This gives us: Asahifuji: 0 re-promotions Akebono: 7 re-promotions Takanohana: 15 re-promotions Wakanohana: 0 re-promotions Musashimaru: 2 re-promotions Asashoryu: 15 re-promotions Hakuho: 40 re-promotions Harumafuji: 0 re-promotions Kakuryu: 1 re-promotion Kisenosato: 0 re-promotions Terunofuji: 1 re-promotion (still active) Also admin, feel free to remove/move to a new 'Measuring Yokozuna Quality', where someone will assuredly come up with better metrics than I.
  10. Godango

    Measuring Ōzeki Quality

    I'd be really interested in this as an exercise in measuring Yokozuna quality (how many more times would they have been promoted?). Would you mind if I stole your idea?
  11. Godango

    Measuring Ōzeki Quality

    How with Strength of Opposition be grouped? The kyujo would only effect a by basho grouping, whereas if you had a time period (calendar year, tenure, whatever it may be) you could look an average/median SOO for that period? DISCLAIMER: I may have fundamentally missed the point.
  12. Godango

    More Takatoriki nonsense.

    100%. Even in the case of Takakeisho who absolutely delivered on the hype, now we're beating him up because he's not a Yokozuna yet and has been a bit patchy. Nevermind the fact that at 25 he's our best, most consistent ozeki.
  13. Godango

    More Takatoriki nonsense.

    This is a bit sad. It's probably been gone over already, but is this due to the NSK fallout or something more?
  14. Godango

    COVID-delayed oyakata danpatsu-shiki

    His oicho looked fuller and larger than it had in the 2-3 years prior to his intai, I wonder if Ajigawa-oyakata undertook any hair loss treatments.
  15. Godango

    Retirements after Natsu 2022

    He had a bout during Toyonoshima's intai, so it would appear not yet.