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  1. Negurayama

    Banzuke for Aki 2019

    Happy to see a new career high for Masutoo (Ms8), my fellow countryman. He has been around since 2005, never really making it. I so hope he can advance to Juryo as well. Does anyone has hopes for him besides me?
  2. Negurayama

    Greetings from Budapest

    Hi, I lived in Osaka for a year and Tokyo for 7 years (Kokubunji and Meguro).
  3. Negurayama

    Greetings from Budapest

    Hi everyone, I have lived in Japan from 2002 to 2010 and got interested in sumo when visited the Kokugikan for the first time in 2007. It was easy to buy tickets then... I went with my wife and we have filled out a questionnaire for a chance to win another ticket (the second prize was 3 kgs of potato). My wife got the ticket, which made her extremely happy, so we went again and kept on going after... We moved back to Hungary later and watching sumo is one of a few ways how we stay in touch with Japan. My wife runs a cooking school in Budapest where she teaches Japanese cooking and recently we have introduced a sumo event where I talk about sumo and she makes chanko for the guests. The goal is to build a community of local sumo enthusiasts this way. The content on the forum is amazing and I am looking forward to learning from you all!