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  1. nick

    Ticket Refunds

    Has anyone who purchased tickets from the English version of the official site had their refund yet? I haven't
  2. nick

    Ticket Refunds

    Does anyone know how to get the tickets refunded? I can't see anything on the offical site.
  3. nick

    Goeido to Retire

    I'm really gutted because we are booked for Osaka in March and Goeido is a hero to my young son. The first basho he watched was when Goeido Zensho'd.
  4. nick

    Osaka March 2020

    Hi All, We've booked a holiday to Osaka for the March 2020 basho. Having watched events where Kisenosato pulled out early on, and last time Hakuho, I'm paranoid that we won't get to see Yokuzunas in action. Does anyone have advice on how to get tickets for the first day? Nick