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  1. Kujo

    Natsu 2024 discussion (results)

    In this basho, Onosato in the dohyo-iri or sitting ringside waiting for his bout reminds me of flounder from animal house. I hope they don't start talking ozeki after this basho, an ozeki run should only be counted while sanyaku (unless you're gagamaru) ;-}
  2. Kujo

    Hatsu 2024 discussion (results)

    Looks like Shiek Yerbouti was in the east side tamari today, or was that a yak that's found a new disguise to get in to the kokugikan....
  3. Kujo

    Hatsu 2024 discussion (results)

    It's a good thing Ura is so mobile, otherwise his elbow would have been Kaio'd (his own fault for sticking it in there).
  4. Kujo

    Changes you'd like to see in sumo in 2024

    I'd occasionally like to hear that John Gunning guy as color commentator on the english broadcast ;-}
  5. Kujo

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    Why would Gonoyama have to put both hands down before Hoshoryu engaged at all? As far as I know there is no rule stating the lower ranked rikishi must put down both hands before the higher ranked one.
  6. Kujo

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    I like the stare downs that happen after the timekeeper signals jikan desu before they go back to the salt bucket for the last time. The delay or this time, the complete refusal to put even one hand down at the shikiri-sen is BS. If his record was in the high double digits as an ozeki (or had a few more basho under his belt) I could maybe see the attitude. His best record as an ozeki is 8-7. Right now his attitude is way above his game.
  7. Kujo

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    It's good to see that Atamifuji's inexperience and for better words "wake up call" in the last basho doesn't seem to have affected him. I kind of looked at him like Tokushoryu's run to his basho, kind of a once in a lifetime thing. Looks like Atamifuji may have some skills after all :-} I was hoping Gonoyama would knock the smug look off Hoshoryu's face.
  8. Could be the price is too high, especially without an existing heya building to go with it.
  9. Kujo

    Akiseyama Intai

    Oh no, first Gagamaru ends his ozeki run, and now Akiseyama has ended his run...err..a...jiggle. Good luck to him as Izutsu. I hope he can hold on to it, or latch onto to a kabu more permanent.
  10. Kujo

    Who will be the next rikishi to retire as a sekitori?

    Aoiyama's stuff is definitely "working", much like Akiseyama's. If he keeps going as he is, he may be the first to win by that new kimarite, "oppaidashi"
  11. Kujo

    Rikishi Status - 2023 Natsu

    I saw two Kawazoe matches earlier in the basho and he could hardly walk back to the hanamichi. Being a true warrior is one thing, but I hope his (maybe somewhat irrational) drive to get to Juryo as fast as possible doesn't cause him any permanent damage.
  12. Kujo

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Well if Takakeisho can only achieve a HNH, maybe he should work out against Abi before the next basho. He'll be sure to pick up a few pointers.
  13. Kujo

    Cough, coffee numbers 1 - 15

    You've been coughing for 7 days now, I hope you're wearing a mask....
  14. Kujo

    YDC Keiko Sokken May 2023

    John, is this welcome back or are you just passing by?
  15. Kujo

    The end?

    I hope this isn't an April Fools Joke (NHK apologizing would be shocking) :-}