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  1. Not looking like he's back.
  2. They didn't show the replay of the original camera view, but it sure looked like he saved him live.
  3. Takakeisho loses an oshi bout and Ozeki goji bowling is back
  4. Kujo

    Preparations of the Y/O-Natsu 2022

    He started the recovery process slowly but Shirley, and now he seems to have overcome the injuries and has been piling up those training sessions. Don't call me Shirley! (On most other forums this would cause a change of username or shikona)
  5. Kujo

    Haru 2022 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    I thought the same thing, at least it wasn't day 15. I said the same thing, just a different four letters :-} I like Wakatakakage also, but I think this is Takayasu's last chance.
  6. Kujo

    Haru 2022 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    Was Hoshoryu trying to uchari Ichinojo? That's crazy (we need a uchari emoticon)
  7. Kujo

    Preparations of the masses- Haru 2022

    Wow, either "uncle" is mellowing with age, or we got the sanitized version (I'm guessing the latter)
  8. Obviously one far, far away (right back at you) Nantonoyama thanks for the reply See, that's why my GTB is so bad, Yarimotsu thanks for the search lesson.
  9. Moti-san, You mentioned Hidenoumi dropping to Juryo. Is this after going 0-15 in the next basho while still in Makuuchi? He wouldn't (normally) drop to Juryo from the current banzuke with a 0-15 at Maegashira 8, or is this the punishment? It's looking like I'm going to be dead last in GTB again.
  10. Kujo

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    Hatsu may strike again. If Terunofuji's left knee was in the same condition as last basho, I don't think the other 3 would have a chance. Today against Terunofuji (his knee was bad yesterday), the rikishi with the most movement (and who will make him go backwards) will have the advantage. If Terunofuji gets the mawashi (and can go forward), there probably won't be any Hatsu surprise.
  11. Kujo

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    Great Patton quote
  12. Kujo

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    Kotonowaka and Abi seem to be in better physical condition after 14 days than Terunofuji and Mitakeumi. If Abi and Terunofuji win, I think Abi's movement in the playoff will be the key. If Kotonowaka and Terunofuji win, being Hatsu it's Kotonowaka's basho
  13. Kujo

    Who Is This Woman?

    Today during juryo, Enho was standing next to the dohyo with her directly behind him in the camera shot. She pulls out her phone and looks at really quickly, so she is human after all.
  14. Kujo

    Hatsu 2022 rikishi talk

    Day 6 Mitakeumi: I was able to do my own brand of sumo today. I gambarized properly, so my content was forwarder than my opponent. (Don't worry Moti-san, I won't be quitting my day job)
  15. Kujo

    Hatsu 2022 rikishi talk

    Thanks Moti, that made me smile. Afterwards as Ishiura was heading back on the hanamichi, he got a fist bump from Magaki (doing security). I guess a win will be a win (however it happens) in the Magaki heya.