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  1. Kujo

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    Chiyotairu just found out the meaning of "let sleeping bears lie". Giving Toshinoshin a harite only made him mad (the return harite by 'shin was no joke).
  2. Two very deep (space) comments from Jakusotsu today I am thankful that Black Friday in Japan will never turn into Flash Mob Friday like it has in the US.
  3. Kujo

    Has a sumo wrestler ever been to space?

    Gagamaru goes from an ozeki run to a moonwalk Swami-san, I forgot about Roho, Hakurozan, and Wakanoho.
  4. Kujo

    Rikishi talketh once in a while- Kyushu 2021

    It looks like calmly is the new properly...
  5. Kujo

    Who Is This Woman?

    So you are saying the tamariseki fairy doesn't fly and hover onto her position? Man, am I disappointed. (I don't understand the fixation people have with her, I hope all the weird attention doesn't turn her into the hikikomori fairy).
  6. Kujo

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    Henkashoma, what way to start a basho. Chiyotaikai/Kokonoe must be so proud.
  7. Kujo

    Has a sumo wrestler ever been to space?

    If I had to guess, I would say Takaganja has been the closest to space
  8. Kujo

    Hakuho retires

    Oh come on Moti-san, tell us how you really feel (most of us are adults) I thought you were going fishing? Take a break, relax, (don't bait the hook, the fish will bother you). Don't worry it will only be a couple of weeks before he says something the NSK doesn't like (he can't help himself)
  9. Kujo

    Hakuho retires

    Ooh, nice kachiage at the tachiai and dame-oshi after the bout His numbers are big, but he hasn't always had the most competition at the top of the ranks (not his fault). It's not like the oldzeki's, the ozeki back scratcher's club, and the current crop of sanyaku were all that much competition. Only Asashoryu, Harumafuji, Kisenosato, and Terunofuji have given him real competition (and Toshinoshin when he was genki).
  10. Kujo

    Aki talk

    Well, I can't argue with not having to translate Endo (I wonder if he is more interesting off camera or always like that). Does the gypsy cook? How was fishing? Did you do it properly or did you gambarize your own brand of fishing? You know they say a bad day fishing beats a good day translating boring a$$ comments. You have 6 weeks (or so) to recover from that last snooze fest, stay well my friend
  11. Kujo

    Aki talk

    I don't get much done as it is during the basho. I'd just be watching his videos for my snark fix. I already watch the matches twice almost every day (live on NHK and then a recorded replay with my wife when she gets home). Maybe someone can make a snark digest of his video digest
  12. Kujo

    Aki talk

    Moti-san, are you farming out the writing on these things now? If so, break down, spend a little money, hire someone who has a sense of humor (or start writing them yourself again) I know it was a drab, boring basho without much material to work from, but we are used to higher standards (of low brow humor) Sorry for the rant, and thanks for all you do to properly make it a little more interesting.
  13. Thank you for that Katooshu. Being Mr Anti-Henka I was yelling at my TV (yeah again), and ready to post something about henkabayama. But then I figured it was payback, carry on kiribayama
  14. Ahhhh Henkashoma That's one way to get one win in a basho. Takayasu's head was even up, I guess either his eyes were closed or has very limited mobility at the moment.
  15. Kujo

    Aki talk

    There is also a new "one". "I am glad the test result was negative"