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  1. Yama Arashi

    Greetings from Plymouth in the UK!

    Thank you its great to be here! im a big fan of Taiho! loved watching his old matches online
  2. Yama Arashi

    Greetings from Plymouth in the UK!

    Danke - its a shame i can't stay for the actual Basho but I'm hoping there may be a meet and greet type situation(here's hoping) or some exhibition bouts
  3. Hi Everyone, Ross here! Im a Judoka and Judo coach here in Plymouth and run my own little business, anyway enough of that I have a passion for history and especially for history of Martial Arts which is why on re-discovering Sumo(watched in the 90's when it was on terrestrial television here in the UK) i have seemingly unlocked a veritable feats of history and tradition! in only a few short months i have been hoovering up as much information as possible, Any recommendations on books that can be purchased would result in many tachi rei from me!(books in English sadly i have not mastered kanji yet) However History is one thing but I'm truly becoming obsessed with watching the Basho's and keeping eye on my favourites Hakuho & Asanoyama Im also due to visit Tokyo for the 2020 Olympic games(to watch the Judo, but taking a holiday to soak up all that Japan has to offer) next year and am desperately trying to find out if any exhibitions of Sumo will be given and where?(the has to be some right) Apologies if I'm waffling( i tend to do that a lot) but obviously there are not many people to discuss Sumo with amongst my own social group, although i do try!) Anyway excited to be here OOOSSSSS