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  1. ilovesumo

    New Egyptian recruit- Oosunaarashi

    That's him, :-) Senshuraku party was as him,,, :-) :-) :-)
  2. ilovesumo

    New Egyptian recruit- Oosunaarashi

    He trained hard and developed, tought by his Oyakata and other Sumo-people. They all did a great job. I am thankful to everybody and wish him a great future. Not wanting to go OT. As people are different, so are their views. We all should also be open to other views and respect each other, this is what I wanted to say. Some views do not work for a particular person, that is reality.
  3. ilovesumo

    New Egyptian recruit- Oosunaarashi

    Dear Forumers, As you know, Mr. Gadd and me, Verena Hopp, brought Osunaarashi to Japan in 2011. From that time on he fought on his own. We had help from several other wonderful people, like Mr. Gunning, Nishikido Oyakata, Komatsuryu Dojo, Mr. Hoshi - a friend of mine who wrote the invitation to Japan, Asakusa Smile, ...many many great people. To me, the whole trip was a great learning experience. No matter how crazy a dream might be, you can reach it by working hard and with the help of others. If you help enough others to get what they want, you will also reach what you want. And - you gotta ignore the Naysayers. This is what I teach my youngsters now, who study Japanese at Tokyo Riverside School. All foreigners who want to make it in Japan. Cannot even explain what a great work that is...helping young kids to reach their goals is the greatest gift of all. Thank you God. When Abdelrahman introduced himself and the wish to become a Rikishi in Japan, I just had been back from my field research, writing my M.A. thesis about Contemporary Sumo, made contacts being important until this date...had been the right timing. Now looking back, its almost 4 years time flies...but what are 4 years? I became a member of this forum in 2002, had been a member of the German forum even earlier. I was a kid of 13, watching Sumo for the first time...Without all the work people who provide information put into this forum, all these hours, so much heart, nothing would have ever been possible. Thank you Forumers, from the bottom of my heart. Yesterday I wrote an SMS to Otake Oyakata, and handed over a letter to a Rikishi of Nishikido, thanking them. Had been such a great journey so far, and yet it is just the beginning, since we are all still so young. So much more to come. No more words needed. Just had been interviewed about it 2 weeks ago... Congratulations Osunaarashi, don't ever forget about the dream. I see you as Yokozuna. No doubt. Thank you God, thank you all. Yours, Verena ....kinda overwhelmed .
  4. ilovesumo

    Akebono back in the heya

    Now that stuff (and staff) is cool! Sayounara to Nakamura would be a shame. That man is a treasure. (yes, am still alive)
  5. ilovesumo

    Takanohana has plans for Osaka

    Let people sit in the first floor until Juryou, will help a lot. Come in traditional clothes...Always thought that foreigners look strange in it, but if he wants that, I'll go for it. And I wish I had a closet...
  6. ilovesumo

    Sad, sad news

    Rest in Peace Robert. You had been a wonderful person. I believe we all meet again in that wonderful place.
  7. ilovesumo

    Sakumayama another yusho

    Really did a superb job. Will be Sekitori soon.
  8. ilovesumo

    Tochinonada intai

    First Rikishi I "stumbled" over - first time I fell out the train in Ryougoku. Man was I nervous... ^^ Great he stays.
  9. ilovesumo

    Videos Hatsu 2012

    So Bart gets the Yuushou, but Tsunatori will be funny after henka-wins...where is Uchidate-sama?
  10. ilovesumo

    Kyokutenho intai after Haru 2012?

    But it's a darn waste to retire now...he could physically go on like that for some more years - just as usual. Will be soooooooo missed :(
  11. ilovesumo

    Then & Now

    Tenho - cause he still can go like usually.
  12. ilovesumo

    Yaocho by mobile scandal-

    Well, never say never. :-) If that is what he wants, no compensation or anything...
  13. ilovesumo

    Yaocho by mobile scandal-

    Oh boy...How many fans will get into that....even I got winks from Ozeki during Dohyo Iri... I'd say looks good for Hoshikaze - what a lame stuff.
  14. ilovesumo

    New Recruits for Hatsu 2012

    Article with Video.
  15. ilovesumo

    New Recruits for Hatsu 2012

    Great news. Please forumers, root for him. :)