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  1. 5 hours ago, RabidJohn said:

    I was expecting to see a series of pre-ordained exhibition bouts such as one might see on jungyo. I didn't. Sure, the rikishi aren't as invested in the result when their rank is not at stake (evidenced by the lack of resistance at the tawara in many bouts), but the winners looked like they were trying to win, as did most of the losers until it was clear they weren't going to. I was surprised by the vehemence of the OBs in their bouts, too.

    It's what you usually get when you put some old geezers in the "ring" again. They want to proof that they're still big though guys.

  2. Three things:

    Shodai looked so strong against Mitakeumi and to me he was the strongest of all contenders this basho. Let's hope he can show similar performances in the months to come.

    Takakeisho lost again today but it looks to me like he is really going for the belt or throws in some matches. He is clearly trying to show that he can win in other ways than Oshi dashi and I think he is on a good way.

    And lastly, I almost cried with Tokushoryu today... I don't think any rikishi in history could have beaten him today. For him this title win is the ultimate achievement and I think it's impossible to describe how much it means to him. He was going to be just another rikishi who's name will be forgotten in a few years but today he made is mark on sumo history. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, Amamaniac said:

    I can see why you'd think that.  In fact, a quick survey of all the kimarite winning techniques Takakeisho has used since entering the Top Division, oshidashi accounts for 46.6% of those wins (i.e., virtually 1 out of every 2 times he steps on the dohyo).  And while this is the first time he has used kotenage, he has resorted to sukuinage belt-less throws on two occasions.  That is the extent of his throwing game!

    Executing a kotenage today, maybe, just maybe, reveals that he is trying to develop his arsenal into something Yokozuna-worthy! ;-)

    One principle of top division sumo seems to be: Stick to what you're good at... at all costs. So why should Abi for example change his style of sumo if it got him into San'Yaku? I'm also fairly certain Takakeisho would be a decent yotsu wrestler if that was his preference. However he is one of the most dominant Oshi specialists I have seen in a while and of course it suits him way better than yotsu sumo. After all Sumo is about winning 15 bouts 6 times a year, that's the goal of every rikishi... And how you do it really isn't the most important question for them I believe.

  4. Great bout by Terutsuyoshi. It's fascinating how he manages to fight rather conventional sumo despite being only a few pounds heavier than Enho.

    I'm not gonna join the Shodai hype train just now but it really makes you wonder what happened to that guy. It feels like he's been fighting on 50% power this whole time up until now.

  5. 1 hour ago, Dwale said:

    I do think he was caught off guard. Abi came out in honey badger mode and Asanoyama didn't know what hit him until he was already outside the bales.

    While Asanoyama looks dominant when he can execute his sumo he often still looks helpless when it comes to defensive sumo. And the one thing about Abi is that if you underestimate his sumo you are almost sure to lose. Even Hakuho learned that the hard way. (Natsu 2018)

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  6. To me it's still crazy to see Terunofuji back in Juryo and so close to makuuchi. Just months ago there were doubts his knees would even hold up in makushita joi competition but he's gotten stronger with every basho and I think he might even be able to get his wins in Juryo.

  7. 3 hours ago, maorencze said:

    Agreed, and it's really sad. Old, tired, bruised, battered, hurting, limping Hakuho (you know, the guy that's only vaguely resembling the GOAT-Hakuho from 2010-2015) is still better than anyone on banzuke when healthy enough to compete.

    Let's not forget that in the 12 tournaments of 2018/2019 he fully competed in only 6 of them, realistically getting his KK 6 times out 12. So while the likes of Takayasu and Tochinoshin have to destroy their bodies to keep their career going, Hakuho can atleast modestly heal up and not aggravate existing injuries. And I'm not arguing that he's older, weaker and more fragile now, but he's using what he's got to the best effect and makes good use of his status.

    On a personal note I didn't like his sumo this basho at all. It was efficient and brutal but made the musubi no ichiban a chore to watch. I'm glad Asanoyama and the other Komusubi have shown exciting and spectacular Sumo this basho.

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  8. So tired of the speculation... I understand that people want to know what's going on but even if someone had a medical degree and was expert on muscle injuries I wouldn't 100% trust their diagnosis just by looking at a couple of pictures on twitter. Time will tell if he can fully regain his power, for the time being we can only wait and hope he and his oyakata make the right decisions.

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  9. On 26/09/2019 at 11:39, Pandaazuma said:

    I don't see this as a consideration. The banzuke makers won't worry about future traffic jams and will just put the lads where they think they should go.

    My first instinct would be to deny Hokutofuji the promotion, but having read Pierre's comments, it seems likely now that he will get the nod. But 2S-3K is less likely than 3S-2K as far as I can tell. And so Abi might go up.

    But who the hell knows? And the problem is...if you get the sanyaku number wrong, the entire banzuke is screwed in GTB. :(

    I would love it if they promote Abi to Sekiwake. And honestly I wouldn't be surprised if he keeps winning. Also in the current constellation it's just unfair to well-performing M1-M2 if they keep them out of San'yaku because those guys keep getting KK. But that's just my opinion.  

  10. Congrats to Mitakeumi. I was hoping for Takakeisho to claim the yusho but Mitakeumi brought his best Sumo today and I had the gut feeling that he'd win in a play-off. I hope he can get his Ozeki promotion next basho, but I don't think a 11-4 performance will suffice. Maybe with 12 (quality) wins he can make it. We will see...

    To me one of the standouts this basho is Daieisho and I'm happy for him getting his KK. He faced most of the top guys of this basho and even beat Kakuryu, overall a great performance. 

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  11. Hard to make out a favourite at this point but to me Asanoyama looks even better now than in his championship basho. And I'm already glad he got his kachikoshi. I know he is hardly at his level at the moment, but I would really like to see Yutakayama up there too and have a little rivalry going between those two.

  12. Even if Taka leads 9-0 as the sole leader I will still not be joining the yusho talk. To me the only thing that matters is that he gets 10 wins, everything else will be the cherry on top.
    Goeido and Kakuryu have slipped once but they still look very sharp so far, the latter is still the one I'd put my money on.

  13. 19 hours ago, Jabbamaru said:

    The michelin-man, the coolest rikishi ever, the godfather of fat, tovarish Anatolyiushku Valeryevich:

    Ōrora Satoshi zeki!

    288kgs of awesomeness!




    And also Asashōryu...

    He just seems like a very playful and happy person. I hope he can get his weight down to a more healthy level and enjoy his life after Sumo.


    Maybe not the most charismatic or loved Yokozuna but I would love to see someone like him again. Interesting story about a foreigners entry into Sumo.


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  14. 17 hours ago, Churaumi said:

    Hakuho will limp on until the Olympics, it’s really a question of if Kakuryu stays healthy enough to outlast him or not. Could go either way. The only speculation I will make is that one of the two of them will retire before the other.

    I just very much hope he does. His losses in the recent basho and his overall performance really make me doubt his ability to perform at Yokozuna for much longer. It does seem a bit weird to write this about someone who just finished the last tournament as runner-up with a 12-3 record, but well, that's Hakuho.

    I expect Hakuho to retire first and Kakuryu to battle it out a few basho more. However I would be suprised if he ever reaches the 10 yusho mark.

  15. On 22/07/2019 at 20:16, MrGrumpyGills said:

    I'm not a fan of his per se, but Abi is one of the young rikishi I'm following. He's likable, at least to me, and I think there's still potential to grow. While he can be overeager and has some balance issues, he also has a lot of energy and speed, and I usually enjoy watching his frantic bouts.

    As for the henka he used against Kotoshōgiku, I don't mind it one bit, even though I usually can't stand henka'ing. However, this isn't the first time Kotoshōgiku lost an important match in this way (Haru 2017, vs. Terunofuji comes to mind) and yet he seemingly refuses to address this weakness and keeps rushing in blindly. So it was a perfectly fine way to win in my book.

    Having said that, at first I was quite disappointed with the way this basho evolved, but that changed in the last few days, which were very entertaining. The yusho race was open until the last day and decided in an absolutely satisfying showdown between Hakuhō and Kakuryū. As for many, THE match of the basho for me was Endō vs. Hokutofuji. I don't even like Endō that much, but his balance and footwork are out of this world.

    Kotoshōgiku really is a straight forward rikishi with a very simplistic approach to Sumo. You could watch every match of him against Hakuho and he pretty much loses the same way every time, of course by some kind of throw.

    I don't blame Abi either, he knew he would make some people angry but a 8-7 KK in his first san'yaku showing is certainly a reason "to play it safe" and get the easy win.

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  16. Could Terutsuyoshi be the better Enho in the end? (Eh?)

    What really surprised me today were Ichinojos face slaps and it seems Takarafuji was surprised as well. To me it looked like he was told to use them. Ichinojo just doesn't strike me as the sort of rikishi who goes "today I'm just gonna slap the **** out of my opponent!"