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  1. Jaffa

    Videos Haru Basho 2023 - Days 1-15

    Thank you for the videos. Simple question: what does the "ISP" abbreviation mean in match captions? I searched for it in the forum but did not find an answer. Thank you in advance!
  2. Jaffa

    Article on Baruto

    http://sport.postime...mu-suurim-tugi/ Baruto: My wife is my biggest supporter Google translation, http://translate.goo...mu-suurim-tugi/
  3. Jaffa

    Unfortunately the article, http://www.ohtuleht.ee/469776, does not have much to say. "Sumo needs a new Yokozuna. The only(?!) option is Baruto, but..." Short summary follows. Sumo needs a rivalry, which in turn will bring in the audience. Baruto might not be suitable for the role of the yokozuna because of his character. A few words about yokozuna Taiho who was born on the island of Sakhalin and is considered to be the first yokozuna of European origin. That is about it.
  4. Jaffa

    Hatsu Yusho for Baruto!

    (Clapping wildly...) Time has come to dig out my forum credentials and congratulate Baruto and all his fans :-)
  5. NHK World TV is now viewable in Europe, satellite Astra 1L (19,2
  6. Jaffa

    Translated article

    It seems to me that Baruto is not very happy in Japan. He is having hard time getting used to the kind of life sumo offers. Maybe when talking to outsiders (eg journalists from Estonia) he enjoys the chance of being straightforward, almost brutally honest. He is physically talented for sumo but culturally almost from a different planet. PS Having myself for the last year and a half lived in a very different (Muslim) culture I find that there are some things that I accept and other things that I just endure.
  7. Jaffa

    Translated article

    Link to the original: http://sloleht.ee/index.aspx?id=245218 by Ants P
  8. Jaffa

    Rikishi Talk Day 8 Kyushu 2006

    Most appreciated. (Whistling...)
  9. Jaffa

    Rikishi Qoutes - Day 5

    Thanks a lot for translation...
  10. Jaffa

    Thank you Dale

    Thank you for your efforts. I am glad to note that your karma account must be overflowing. (I am not worthy...) PS The hidden message behind all these "thank you"'s is the hope that you continue to provide free and up to date videos... (Whistling...)
  11. Jaffa

    Urban legends

    True/False? Every japanese knows top sumo wrestlers. For me false as the couple of japanese I have talked to about sumo were in difficulties with coming up with names of current top rikishes.
  12. Jaffa

    Baruto preparations - Aki 2006

    This bag looks small compared to Baruto. Can anybody enlighten me what is in the bag and how heavy it might be?
  13. Jaffa

    Junior Sumo World Champs

    http://sportnet.ee/index.php?id=32031 Results. < 80 kg: 1. Nachyn Mongush (Russia) 2. Masakatsu Ishiura (Japan) 3. Igor Ciurilov (Moldova) and Banzragch Baatar (Mongolia) < 100 kg: 1. Takashi Shimako (Japan) 2. Madis Sihimets (Estonia) 3. Khayaa Tyulyush (Russia) and Artiom Pocinoc (Moldova). > 100 kg: 1. Masahiro Yamaguchi (Japan) 2. Visesio Sakalia (New-Zealand) 3. Rokas Adomaitis (Lithuania) and Vladimir Petrov (Russia) Absolute weight category: 1. Takayuki Sakuma (Japan) 2. Soslan Kobesov (Russia) 3. Mark Tanu (New-Zealand) and Sandagdorj Bold (Mongolia) Team tournament: 1. Japan 2. Poland 3. Ukraine and Russia
  14. Jaffa

    Article about Baruto

    The translation/summary of an article in estonian newspaper about Baruto http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=9989# Scroll down to post # 11
  15. Jaffa

    Junior Sumo World Champs

    A short translation/summary follows: Japanese journalists hunt for Baruto even in Estonia Three japanese journalists are looking for Baruto's background information. Any information is about him is considered to worth of gold. Farther of sumo in Estonia - Riho Rannikmaa has invited Baruto to participate in opening of his memorial sign at Vinni sports centre. The sign says "Baruto's dojo and wrestling hall". It means that construction work will start soon. As a result the first full size sumo hall will be built in Baltic states. ... Praise from the president ... Baruto answered to many questions during 20 minute interview. Is he happy being so far away from his fartherland, does he still enjoy sumo? "One must love sumo in order to do it properly" - smiles the strongman. ... Baruto is truly grateful to the president of International Sumo Association Mr. Hidetoshi Tanaka . "Thanks to him I went to Japan. Mrs. Tanaka was like a mother to me until I became professional". "Baruto is very popular among japanese" praises the president - " He is an outstanding athlete and he will reach the absolute top. Everybody in Japan in expecting that". Baruto's mother Mrs. Tiina Pudel tells to the newspaper "It is not easy in a foreing country. Sometimes Kaido calls me many times a day just to talk to somebody". According to mother's words son is not regretting the chosen path and wants to see how far he can advance. "Kaid has almost no private life, all hours of his days are planned in advance". To young for girls According to rules 21 year old should not have a girlfriend - he is considered to young! "One can find a girlfriend after coach has agreed to it" enlightens Baruto. He has been allowed to come to home for three days with the help from Mr. Tanaka. "According to the rules I first have to ask permission from coach and then from the sumo federation" explains Kaido " but usually my request does not go beyond my mentor". Rise on the sumo hierachy has not made Kaido's life easier. "There is less and less free time, media is surrounding me"- he sighed. "I am tired of attention and I am not giving my signature any more to anybody who asks". Among other things H