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  1. This is really cool, glad you updated this. You should mention rikishi coming up to Juryo like you did with the Mongolian edition. Speaking of which hope that gets updated soon, think Roga deserves a mention at least
  2. R.G

    Terunofuji Watch

    Not sure why everyone is bringing him down. Within a year he’s back in Juryo and he won a Yusho with only two losses. Not only that he’s getting healthier and stronger every time he comes back. At the very least doesn’t need much to gain makuuchi status now. Still progress for him. Still a good start to the year. See you guys in March
  3. R.G

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Every rikishi takes a loss eventually. He’ll make Juryo in May and won’t take long to gain makuuchi status. It’s more of a tragedy to see the other Makushita prospects close to losing records
  4. R.G

    PR for Nagoya 2019

    Watching the building of the dohyo it’s such a good to build up towards anticipation and hype. I hope it’s a fierce basho!
  5. R.G

    Meeting Tamawashi at Kataonami

    Yeah I felt the same after looking at his profile, he’s 23 now so plenty to years to grow but not sure he’s got the spirit yet. Again, I’ll post the training photos and you’ll see the vast different between a Sekiwake and a Makushita.
  6. R.G

    Meeting Tamawashi at Kataonami

    There was originally three but one recently quit sumo altogether. The funniest thing of it all is we set this up through a company and when they told us it would be only two rikishi, we almost cancelled it. We never knew we’d see a Sekiwake in action. When I have time I’ll show the photos of them training. Really captivating material.
  7. On my trip to Japan a month ago, I visited the Kataonami stable as part of my venture into Sumo culture! Alongside me and my fiancé is Tamakongo , the only other rikishi representing rikishi at the stable and the only one living at the stable. We had the privilege to watch them practice and I’ll show all the photos I was allowed to take to show some rare insight into sumo practice! Stay tuned! P.S: new here so if this is in the wrong place, please redirect it if possible
  8. R.G

    Takakeisho injury update

    In his perspective, Better to be healthy and strive for Yokozuna rather than defending a rank he might lose overtime regardless. Even better that time is on his side, rare to see 22 year olds ascend the upper ranks in such fashion.
  9. R.G

    The new mongolian generation

    Roga? Also rising through the ranks, should be Makushita next tourney?