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  1. code_number3

    Sumo and the Olympics

    Just in
  2. code_number3

    Hakuho & the Olympics - a dilemma. the list of rikishi who accompanied countries on Nagano Winter Olympics opening ceremony, in english
  3. code_number3

    Videos Haru 2020 - Days 1-15

    NHK haru bahso senshuraku montage
  4. Jūryō (十両), is the second highest division, and is fixed at 28 wrestlers. The name literally means "ten ryō"', which was at one time the income a wrestler ranked in this division could expect to receive. The official name of the second division is actually jūmaime (十枚目), meaning "tenth placing" and can be heard in official announcements and seen in some publications, but within and outside the sumo world it is almost universally known as jūryō. fromūryō
  5. code_number3

    Videos Haru 2020 - Days 1-15

    Kyokai go aisatsu haru basho 2020
  6. code_number3

    Hakuho & the Olympics - a dilemma. What will Hakuho do?
  7. code_number3

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    poor asanoyama, end of his ozeki dream?
  8. code_number3

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Well, judging department now looking at yusho arasoi since day 13, not binding to set a traditional set on last days of basho.
  9. code_number3

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    How come day 14 torikumi not released until at least 15.30 JST?
  10. code_number3

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Some of my view after day 12 Hakuho: if he lose again vs Asanoyama, will he be kyujo? Enho: shouganai-na Asanoyama: numbers are within reach, but will he be ozeki next basho? Kotonowaka: 7-5 after 7-2 on day 9. I hope Enho-on-May-2019-basho-MK situation won't happen, but yea, it can happen Tochinoshin: so much kuroboshi, not so powerful
  11. code_number3

    Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    Tochinoshin was featured in this Pythagora Switch episode, doing tegata (also, watching this will please your eyes!)
  12. code_number3

    Corona and sumo Social distancing and public transport restriction not really worked in my country ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. code_number3

    Corona and sumo

  14. code_number3

    Corona and sumo

    Coronavirus: 'In this current dark reality, sport doesn't matter but it does' By Tom Fordyce Chief sports writer
  15. Current Sadogatake Oyakata is Kotozakura's son-in-law, isn't it?