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  1. code_number3

    Japan beat Ireland at Rugby World Cup

    BBC’s Mike Henson wrote an article about the future of Japanese rugby after this world cup. Guardian’s Andy Bull wrote about Japan’s never-say-die spirit needs nurturing after Rugby World Cup.
  2. code_number3

    Japan beat Ireland at Rugby World Cup

    Some article about Japan’s rugby team, especially winning game after 19th thypoon Rugby World Cup: How Japan became a force to be reckoned with Japan deserve their history-making moment - Matt Dawson column Japan: Rugby World Cup quarter-final spot gives fans reason to smile after Typhoon Hagibis
  3. code_number3

    Japan beat Ireland at Rugby World Cup

    I thought Japan’s momentum was shifted due to “cancellation drama”. But they keep playing good till end to finally through to quarterfinal. おめでとう, 日本ラグビー代表!!!
  4. code_number3

    Toronto Raptors Visit a Heya

    The dohyo where Hiro and friends present grand sumo preview?
  5. @John Gunning on Sokokurai
  6. code_number3

    Videos Aki 2019 ~ Days 1-15

    Enho's highlights from NHK World Japan
  7. This is the article, I did access this article: If you want to see Murray Johnson explaining pre-bout ritual, check this link
  8. code_number3

    Kisenosato intai

    Kisenosato's danpatsu-shiki photo gallery. Link on this tweet
  9. code_number3

    Jacques Chirac RIP

    Japan mourns former French President Jacques Chirac and his passion for sumo BY KYOKO HASEGAWA
  10. code_number3

    Videos Aki 2019 ~ Days 1-15

    NSK posted their best 15 aki basho matches
  11. code_number3

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    I think it was due to Takakeisho’s lower rank (west sekiwake) than Mitakeumi (east sekiwake). IIRC, it was also mentioned on NHK’s english sumo broadcast. IMO, the schedule-maker probably thought it’s better to have just 1 playoff game rather than more than 1 playoff game for the sake of NHK’s 6pm news hehe.
  12. code_number3

    Ounomatsu Oyakata kyujo for Nagoya

    What about the future of Onomatsu Beya?
  13. code_number3

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    Good win by mitakeumi but I wonder about something what does yusho winner do after those presentation until ending up in NHK’s studio? Quickly do the parade —> huge sake cup and fish presentation —> senshuraku party —> NHK Sunday Sports studio?
  14. code_number3

    Ireland Rugby Team / Isegahama

    Irish team visit to Isegahama Beya is mentioned in this BBC article Also in Mr. John Gunning's Sumo 101 article
  15. code_number3

    Day 10 pics overview Aki 2019

    I found these photos funny. Perfectly timed