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  1. Terukuni

    How far will Terunofuji go?

    I meant to say that he was hampered so badly with injuries, it's as if he's an older wrestler. He probably wouldn't end up going too far.
  2. Terukuni

    Dohyo-iri Evolution

    The Dohyo-iri Video
  3. Terukuni

    Dohyo-iri Evolution

    I went back through the videos,"National Art of Sumo", and found out that the dohyo-iri has REALLY changed over the years. From Umegatani Totaro II and Hitachiyama (Special style) to Hakuho and Kakuryu, the dohyo-iri really changed. Many different yokozuna have had really different styles, from Graceful Futabayama to I HATE THIS RITUAL JUST GET IT OVER WITH Kitanoumi, to Hakuho's dohyo-iri, which has really changed since 2007. What do you guys think would be a cause for a change of the ritual?
  4. Terukuni

    How far will Terunofuji go?

    I think he may make Juryo once again too, but the guy is old and quite hampered, so I don't expect TOO much from him either.
  5. Terukuni

    Yokozuna Intai Photos

    I've had some spare time on my hands, so now I've gathered a good amount of danpatsu-shiki photos of yokozuna, including the one that happened yesterday. Futabayama: Final Dohyo-Iri (Video. Flanked by Terukuni :) and Haguroyama) Haguroyama: Maedayama: Chiyonoyama: Final Dohyo-Iri: (Flanked by Wakanohana I and Tochinishiki) Tochinishiki: His topknot being cut by Yokozuna Asashio III His topknot being cut by Yokozuna, friend, and rival Wakanohana I: Final Dohyo-iri: Merchandise (Not sure if it's from the actual Danpatsu -shiki, but it says the word Intai on it:
  6. Terukuni

    Next Yokozuna??????

    Sorry for the late reply, but I'm now beginning to eye Hoshoryu, as most of you guys know, the nephew of Asa. His rise has been pretty fast, kind of comparable to that of Takahanada (Takanohana II). I wonder where he will go.
  7. Terukuni

    Izutsu-oyakata has died

    This is horribly sad news, knowing he was so young. It's quite frightening knowing how fast pancreatic cancer can take somebody, as we saw with Chiyonofuji.
  8. Terukuni

    How far will Terunofuji go?

    OOPS, I accidentally clicked Yokozuna. It is very sad to think that he fell so far in such little time, but man the guy is beat up, very badly. There is practically very little hope, in my opinion, of him getting back to sanyaku. His body has already suffered too much, its been tormented horribly, it just is not going to hold up for much longer. Had he been YOUNGER, maybe things would be different.
  9. I love this thread. Seeing Yokozuna try other sports is very, very interesting.
  10. Terukuni

    When will be the next basho to see 3 Yokozuna on day 15?

    Yeah, I think time will need to come. I mean, it may take forever. Only time will tell. For example, the last basho in the Chiyonofuji Era where there were 3 Yokozuna in competition was Nagoya 1991. The next time that happened was Nagoya 1998. I mean, it might take a long time, especially with a dominant Yokozuna coming in, which will happen.
  11. Terukuni

    Araiso activities

    Man, I love these pics! At the same time that I hate to see him not fighting anymore, I love to see him doing so well in this "new" life!
  12. Terukuni

    What rikishi do you miss the most?

    Man, I miss Asashoryu the most.
  13. Terukuni

    Next Yokozuna??????

    Like 1991-1992, when the yokozuna retired, a large vacuum was created. Takahanada then came into spotlight, along with Akebono. Those two men then created a new era, and led it. I'm sure the same thing will happen when Hakuho and Kakuryu call it quits. In fact, we may have another no yokozuna era. This will set the stage for a new yokozuna to take charge. However, there really is no "big contender" at the moment (Takanohana and Hakuho are perfect examples of this), it's gonna be wide open for some time.
  14. Terukuni

    How will this era end?

    I also think that this era may crumble like the Chiyonofuji era. In 1990-1992, the main yokozuna retired, and the rikishi from that era began to decline, like Kirishima, for example. By 1995, two new yokozuna were active, and I think something like that may happen.