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    I thought this was particularly interesting, I've made the journey there from Fukuoka and it's not especially close. He probably won't have so many rikishi in the beginning for this year's basho anyway but I'm curious how they plan on making their trips in each day (by car/bus? Seems a bit difficult to get the train to Hakata and then trek up to the arena). It is a lovely little town.
  2. This is entirely baseless speculation, but I wonder also if someone like Kisenosato might be beavering away in the background to try and secure one for Takayasu, in which case could we see Kotoyuki take over Oguruma with the Araiso name reverting to the Nishonoseki family for the former Ozeki's later use (which could still go to someone like Kotoeko on loan)? Seems like stranger things have happened.
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    Hokuseiho Out- Hakuho Demoted - Miyagino-beya Closing

    The fans I interact with are indeed longtime fans. Most them on the older side. Japanese, and have been watching sumo for decades. Their main complaint about Hakuho is, not surprisingly, his past behavior on the dohyo. That is to say, his lack of "hinkaku" as a Yokozuna. I'm sure the most recent development as Oyakata has only further solidified their view. I work in another entertainment sector (very frequently in the country), and almost everyone folks in the general population that I encounter has at most a vaguely passing knowledge of sumo. They know about scandals (maybe) when they happen, but most people are like "wow, you like sumo? Who's your favourite? Hakuho is the best! He's amazing." It feels to me there's also a stark (!) contrast between people in the country with regards to their feelings on Hakuho - but also with regard to scandal. I do wonder whether with respect to the older, long time ultra fans, some in the Kyokai will understand that these folks have seen scandal come and go, frequently, over the years. These folks will have their opinions but aren't going to stop supporting the folks in the ecosystem who they support (ie, die hard super fans will always be die hard super fans, even if they view someone or someones to be unfavourable). But with that being said, the mood music of the general public may not be something that management wants to play with, it seems like they want to present the view that things are under control while preserving the presence of someone who still has the capacity to put butts in seats? I know there are other folks here who want to read something into the PR statement that maybe isn't there, but I feel like there's little point as things stand now not to take Sadogatake at face value if he states that they want him to be rehabilitated as a leader and come back stronger. They have a lot to gain by that being truthful, even if certain stakeholders might have alternate motivations for how they arrive at that point.
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    Hokuseiho Out- Hakuho Demoted - Miyagino-beya Closing

    Worth pointing out in the context of both comments that Isegahama himself is only going to be around as shisho for another 14 months, so it surely it won't be much longer - if it's even that long - than that? Feels like the best case scenario for Hakuho. Some folks have mentioned the real estate investment in his new heya building in Nihombashi having stuttered. Feels like this would be the ideal time to get the building work done, although I know it's a big bet to invest in a project which may or may not yet come to fruition.
  5. In light of recent developments (everyone stays on as long as possible), it'd be a little surprising. There aren't a huge number of eligible or soon-to-retire names in this ichimon, either I wonder, given the recent news of his citizenship, if the name might be ticketed for Tamawashi (or potentially Takayasu?)
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    Hokuseiho Out- Hakuho Demoted - Miyagino-beya Closing

    It really seems like the best case scenario to me to send Hakuho over to Isegahama. Especially from the point of view of his ability to re-branch at some point in the near future. Isegahama himself only has 7 more basho after this one, at which point someone new is going to need to assume control of that heya, making it a logical break point anyway. Hakuho reporting to Isegahama makes a ton of sense in terms of him getting a year to learn at close quarters off one of the most senior figures in the Kyokai, who's also survived/thrived despite some internal issues. Hakuho reporting to Terunofuji or Takarafuji doesn't make a ton of sense. So if he's able to step back out on his own next July, it ends up being a more lenient punishment than the Kise example. And does it really stop his scouting & recruiting? "Here, come work under not under not one but two Yokozuna, in a stable that also has the only active Yokozuna." Even the innovators at Nishonoseki beya can't match that kind of pitch. Honestly I absolutely love this solution however unlikely it may be. I seem to remember he has spoken in the past about wanting to run his own heya, the chances of that at present where he's at seem quite small, and it moves an Isenoumi name back to Isegahama ichimon after the Takashima theft. Sorry for using shikona and kabu interchangeably, I'm sure that's annoying to people like using metric and imperial in the same sentence.
  7. themistyseas

    Hokuseiho Out- Hakuho Demoted - Miyagino-beya Closing

    Clearly it isn't or shouldn't be, in the eyes of the general public and in the eyes of a Kyokai which relies on the general public.
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    Hokuseiho Out- Hakuho Demoted - Miyagino-beya Closing

    One of the reasons I don't buy the 10 year rumour is exactly this. That's as much a problem for sumo generally as it is for the heya. I'm not sure you need a full set of fingers to be able to count shisho who are prolific recruiters. Like Kakuryu said in that recent Sumo Prime Time, it's more and more difficult to convince recruits (or parents of recruits) to join sumo already if they aren't title winners who think they will go all the way to the top. And they are probably not wrong that in the current economic situation there are probably better job prospects in other walks of life with a full education if you aren't leaving school early to do professional sumo. The punishment as announced seems rational but there's no reason to go overboard and effectively make him quit. This kind of makes me wonder, per @Akinomaki's comment on the Ishiura danpatsushiki thread, whether it may still be called Miyagino-beya as Miyagino is the owner of the heya, even if Tamagaki is temporary acting shisho? I guess we'll find out. There could be some real fun times ahead for whoever makes those sumodb kabu history edits :)
  9. themistyseas

    Hokuseiho Out- Hakuho Demoted - Miyagino-beya Closing

    Something that has bothered me for a while is the distribution of oyakata. I don't know if it's so much the number of heya (especially while the overall number of recruits is decreasing) as much as where the names are focused. Another thing that hasn't come up here is Takashima's defection from Miyagino to Isenoumi a couple years ago. I don't know if the real reason for this ever cropped up, and maybe he just didn't want to be a part of what Hakuho was going to build, but you'd think that having a veteran presence at the heya (ie adult in the room) would help to hopefully mitigate some situations. It seems absolutely nuts that Kasugano and Isenoumi account for 10% of all elder shares between just the two heya, and Kasugano has another 3 official staffers, supporting a grand total of 31 rikishi. It feels like now that everyone can be a sanyo, a good use of the role would be using their time to support new oyakata to help them develop. I could be wrong but newer shisho who have a sanyo or very senior oyakata in the backroom team (Oshima when he was Tomozuna, Ikazuchi now with Irumagawa, Hanaregoma with Minatogawa, Oshiogawa with Oguruma, etc) seem to have had it pretty smooth sailing so far. Miyagino obviously had ex-Miyagino until Ishiura needed the share, but Takashima's departure comes into light. Should Sakaigawa be lending Sekinoto (for example) to Takekuma beya for a couple years? Would Naruto have avoided some issues if he were able to borrow someone temporarily from Sadogatake? Should Minezaki be supporting a heya that might need him a bit more than the one he's attached to? I think there's something to be said for maintaining a continuity of culture and history, but equally it seems like the lessons in management shouldn't stop when a recent retiree branches out.
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    Well, that aged very quickly and very poorly!
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    Fairly but not totally rare reading, currently in use by Kotoshoho, Kinbozan, Mineyaiba, Hoshuzan, Fujiyuho, and Kotokiho for those keeping score
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    Fair enough, obviously a bit of confusion there. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt, it's possible he's just got a 16 year old who got to be named after his two favourite rikishi, and he probably ends up with a career not too dissimilar to Jonidan perennial Hakuyo over at Isenoumi-beya. I think most people would assume Kakuryu is already in Hakuho's corner anyway (if that matters), but I take your point. Someone else might know more about whether Hakuho has been able to benefit Kakuryu, maybe he got a couple yusho care of Hakuho withdrawing! I also wonder how he's written the "ho," it could well be 鳳 instead of 鵬 I actually think it'd be brilliant to have a stable master who names his guys after Yokozuna, he could have a Tsurunosato or a Kakumafuji Kisenoshogiku would be a brilliant name, hahahah (it'd be more interesting than what the likes of Naruto and Nishiiwa have been up to anyway)!!!
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    Maybe it's just me, but it feels a bit conspiracy theorist to say one should be careful of associating themselves with Hakuho, who hasn't seemed to have really done anything that wasn't exemplary since joining the Kyokai (as an elder)? He's always going to be prominent by virtue of who he is, but I don't think another shisho really would start giving out shikona out of respect for a mostly unrelated oyakata's career. Could be wrong, but seems like a stretch. There have been plenty of other rikishi to have taken a "Haku" or a "ho" (possibly because they were fans, or just wanted it to rub off on them) from outside the stable over the years. Is it over the top for the Mongolian Daishōhō? I think the more notable thing is for Kakuryu to have started giving the "Kaku" prefix to rikishi, not just due to himself but to establish a through line to his old heya.
  14. themistyseas

    New ozeki Kotonowaka pics overview

    Surely it's Onosato? I know there are those who think he might be the next coming of Ichinojo and we haven't seen him have a sustained run at the top of the division but he seems a decent bet. This may strike some people as being a bit mad but Takakeisho's stable is closing in 2 years and he may only be 29 at that time, but given his challenges to remain consistently fit, it seems like he could rack up another yusho or two and then hang up the mawashi.
  15. themistyseas

    Tochinoshin intai

    Sorry if this is covered off elsewhere, although I haven't seen it - Apart from the danpatsushiki and the online store, do we know if his wine will be sold at any physical locations? I'd love to pick up a couple bottles as souvenirs/gifts
  16. themistyseas

    Akiseyama Intai

    お疲れ様でした! Seems like statistically that entry class was a bit of a rarity? Small sample size but 4 out of 7 made sekitori (Akiseyama, Homarefuji, Kyokutaisei, Keitenkai), 3 of whom made makuuchi, 2 of whom are now kyokai blue jackets with potentially a third to join them... and out of the 3 that didn't make it to Juryo, two got very very close.
  17. themistyseas

    Ex-Gagamaru takes us to a Miyagino training session

    Both of these points remind me of also the opposite of Seiyashi's comment, and the oyakata that took forever to produce a sekitori if they ever did at all. It took the entirety of Hakuho's career for Musoyama to get someone that he developed into Juryo. And it's not like he's running some small operation and keeping himself to himself, he's been a very senior figure in the kyokai. Likewise, Kaio and Chiyotaikai haven't been able to really recruit AND develop anyone of note (all of the latter's guys being brought in by the guy before him). That's to say nothing of a former Yokozuna like Musashimaru who in over a decade never produced or recruited anyone to the top level. It's actually somewhat striking that Hakuho's supposed "big failure" (Toma) being talked about here is virtually another Yokozuna's high water mark (for the pedants yes I know he's got a few guys into mid makushita). Re: Chikubayama, for sure with regard to the current crop, although it was going to happen in the next couple years anyway and Hakuho will have designs (whatever people think here) of doing this for decades if he is trying to be the GOAT. We don't know, he may have been ready to retire anyway but for the pay check (I don't know many 68 year olds who don't want to be retired). Hopefully Hakuho is wise enough to keep his counsel and take his influence, even in an unofficial capacity.
  18. themistyseas

    The end?

    I had a cake with Kintamayama once and a nice chat - don't let anyone ever tell you Kintamayama doesn't have good taste - but I think we'd have an even better chat in the wake of all of these YouTube shenanigans!! On the plus side, I have YouTube on the TV at home and my partner's like "what is Mord and why do you keep searching for it?"
  19. themistyseas

    NHK live sumo not bringing back color commentators post-Covid

    With the greatest respect to the others in the game, while I have a lot of respect for anyone who has gone on the air to talk about sumo in English especially in the years where we were content starved, nobody else doing this could lay a finger on Gunning in terms of insight and analysis. It's a shame they haven't found a way at least to put JG on the air on the handful of days (shonichi, nakabi, senshuraku) that they do Grand Sumo Live on the English feed as well.
  20. themistyseas

    Ikioi retires

    I was there as he was my favourite rikishi. The amazing thing is how different the vibe of the event is to how I imagined from always seeing these recaps/photos/videos on here. I'll do a more complete post later - curious though if anyone knows who the special guest performers were who sang for Ikioi (female) and with Ikioi (male)? The merch booth was very impressive, although also very expensive as makes sense since this is a funds driver for his second life. I got a few things (washi, official program, postcard set etc) but found it hard to justify the Ikioi/tegata/Kasugayama beach towel at ¥5500 though I was very tempted. Lots of soft cream on sale, nice for summer exhibition event vibes. A little sad to see it wasn't better attended though.
  21. themistyseas

    Ishiura Intai

    Probably depends how crocked 28 year old (29 this year) Enho is and how likely it is that he'll make it back. Enho's on 29 sekitori basho. So even if the rumour mill is correct and he has plans to join or replace Ishiura eventually in the heya, he might need to gambarise.
  22. The blue jacket guys still wear the name to which they're attached even if they have it on loan (as he does now). I've seen him at the store during all three incarnations, also wearing a Hidenoyama pin, and an Otowayama pin. He's known for his personality, and he's certainly had a number of them over the past few years!
  23. themistyseas

    New ozeki Kirishima

    Well he didn't get a pocket square which is the real party foul here Also, unless the lower rankers have been paying tribute to the oyakata's former shikona this whole time, looks like they got some snappy new yukata as well to celebrate the promotion (so I can imagine they've been preparing the name/fabric for such a moment for a while? That's an impressive turnaround time if not). Looks good, disco vibes. I'd wear it around the house for sure. Not sure if I'm bold enough to do it in Ryogoku.
  24. themistyseas

    Ichinojo intai

    I think it would be quite difficult to get that for sumo, not least because of the privacy and secrecy involved - rikishi can't use social media anymore, anything that does go out is mostly kyokai vetted or approved, and as (as I understand it) the kyokai controls media accreditations, they may snap them back from people may be unreasonably critical. I have been by those in the media told that there have been times when media who used to have passes had to come and go then needed to retrieve them from Kokugikan on a daily basis so that they could be more closely managed, and we also know the kyokai has a track record of blackballing those who are seen as too much trouble. I don't know that anyone would rock the boat with any kind of unofficial exposé about rikishi when it could cut off their meal ticket to future access and content. I'm not sure the stables have any reason in a world where rikishi don't transfer between heya to leak news, they don't gain anything by talking about injuries. Their main motivation (in the current system) for having a media contact would seem to be selling tickets to senshuraku parties or danpatsushiki, or koen-kai memberships/donations. For what it's worth I totally agree it would be great to have. Funnily, a lot of hardcore fans on social media have started to call Fab a "tap in merchant" who aggregates rumours from elsewhere and applies a "here we go" when it's at the finish line. I think it's a bit harsh! But all of those parties have something to gain, whereas I think in sumo as currently composed it's a little unclear what anyone would have to gain by engaging with a 24/7 "hot stove" type of correspondent.
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    New Juryo for Natsu

    Still seems a bit of a weird one owing to the fact he's already met the sekitori requirement, so even if he'd been demoted a few months ago he'd likely be able to take up the name if it is in fact promised to him. And it's not like he'll ever meet the branch out requirement anyway. It's hard to work out what the end game is for him. I do kind of wonder if there will be some kind of arrangement where he needs to bring the name back into the Tokitsukaze family, like Kotonishiki did with Asahiyama. Maybe the play here is that he is the successor to Michinoku (in name) which becomes renamed Izutsu, and then Kakuryu technically branches out to start whatever his heya is called (Michinoku?) and brings the Michinoku rikishi.