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    Sumo Reference Updates

    Nakagawa oyakata is still listed as running his own heya. Since that heya was shut down last summer, I believe he should be folded in under Tokitsukaze.
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    I guess we can expect Kimigahama to go back out on loan again soon in that case!
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    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2021

    1-14 has at least happened a number of times from M2, landing between M10-M15. I wonder if the determining factor on a 0-15 from M3 might actually be somewhat more to do with the san'yaku composition. If Daieisho picks up 2-3 more wins and/or yusho to force an extra K slot, M17 isn't going to exist next basho. With one of the M16 spots presumably "frozen," I wonder if that makes it more possible that the 0-15 is demotable.
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    Banzuke Surfing Hatsu 2021 (15th Wave)

    Jd77 Kaitoma This is horrible
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    Banzuke Surfing Hatsu 2021 (17th Wave)

    Jk25w Arauma
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    Banzuke Surfing Hatsu 2021 (16th Wave)

    Jd1 Hozan
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    Sumo Reference Updates

    A better and potentially less complicated solution than anything I offered, and just as useful. I'd use this! Thank you. I was trying to add some meat to the other character's idea. But I appreciate given the other things that can be done to enhance the DB, it is a long shot. Certainly it would be useful to have a really good overview of "who's in the heya" - not just the rikishi either. Much of that of that information is there, but separately. I know some other sites cover this, but given how all-encompassing the DB is, it would be useful to beef that up as well.
  8. themistyseas

    Sumo Reference Updates

    In light of the tr****ng happening on other threads I really don't want to endorse the idea, BUT For those of us who run a lot of queries just looking for who's in a particular stable, as well as someone with a strong interest in kabu, it might be a cool idea to have the wrestler's heya link to one of three things. I've often wished I could click this as a shortcut to other types of information I frequently search. Using Hakuho as an example: 1) "Miyagino" on Hakuho's page links to a query of all Miyagino rikishi all time 2) "Miyagino" on Hakuho's page links to a query of Miyagino rikishi results during the period of Hakuho's active status (thereby eliminating confusion from - for example - unconnected historic heya which used the same name) 3) "Miyagino" on Hakuho's page links to the Miyagino kabu history Any of these would be super awesome for the user experience, although I appreciate it would be a bit of work :D
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    Japanese Yusho Resurgence? (A second drought)

    Sorry for bumping a week old thread here, but I'm kind of struggling with the overall narrative. Especially this part (no offence obviously!!!) I don't know that it's possible to fully reach that conclusion, when you look at the fact that there are about as many spaces open for foreigners now as there are occupied. So an awful lot could change in an awfully short amount of time. Part of that might be down to this being a particularly difficult year for scouting, but on the whole, I look at scouting not being a strength for an awful lot of heya. It's not like dominant talent is being blocked by the rule at the moment. The heya that are typically good at scouting/development do typically happen to have strong foreigners in their slot, granted, and a few stables have a pair of them due to mergers and transfers. Without being dominant - I know this thread started about yusho - foreigners continue to over-index in terms of results. There have been a string of recruits that haven't or don't look like panning out at various levels recently (Torakio, Mitoryu, Yoshoyama so far), but you can still project guys like Roga, Hokutenkai, or even Shishi as being guys who could in a couple years or so factor in the yusho reckoning. I feel like it's less about the rule and more about the desire of foreigner-free heya to actually find, recruit, integrate, and develop the talent. I don't even know if Hoshoryu has got it in him to be honest, and feel like others (e.g. Kiribayama) are likelier to develop into yusho candidates. So I think there will be another wave of foreign yusho winners, and don't know if I'd feel comfortable saying that we're looking at more than a 2-3 year period of Japanese "dominance." I take the point and will concede though that - if you look at Miyagino for example - Hakuho has been aggressively recruiting and developing talent and surely he would have another foreigner in the stable (I know a family connection is rumoured for after his retirement) if it were already allowed.
  10. themistyseas

    YDC convenes after November 2020

    Thank you @Kintamayama for that video. Taking a slightly different approach, for me the key quote from Ken was that they make "recommendations based on impressions and ideologies that (do) not belong to the contemporary world." It's interesting, because it's been said time and again that their job is to uphold historic values. But very few folks are willing to come out and say "yes but should they be doing that? Is that what people want?" (maybe it is).... So I at least appreciated that from Ken Mogi. You can also apply that tension between the way things have always been done and the contemporary world across the board... whether it's issues like broadcast rights, the way media is handled, etc. (also.... he has a striking resemblance to Kyokutaisei)
  11. themistyseas

    Sumo Reference Updates

    This is a fair point and the best rationale so far - thank you for the explanation because while I've used (gratefully) the DB for a long time, the architecture obviously isn't my area. I suppose you could create a new Ichimon, go back to 2013 and give everyone who was in the Tatsunami ichimon a CI for changed ichimon, but that wouldn't be technically accurate since it was the ichimon that changed and not their status. I can see also how renaming it "Tatsunami-Isegahama" would cause some formatting issues. I appreciate the pointlessness of debating minutiae, the perfectionist in me just wants it right for today's world :)
  12. themistyseas

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Looks like moto-Homarefuji's ichimon affiliation was added as of the Kotoshogiku intai, but whole ichimon is still mislabeled as Tatsunami even though it's Isegahama.
  13. themistyseas

    Kotoshogiku retires

    It would certainly be nice in the case of Ikioi if he could find a way to hang in there until March, if the Kyokai continues to make progress towards an Osaka basho with fans. For me, that's because the only thing I find truly sad about Kotoshogiku's retirement is that due to the pandemic it couldn't come this basho in front of his home crowd (I also somewhat regret that his final stretch wasn't in front of the "prime time" cameras, even if it was a great easter egg for the rest of us).
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    Banzuke Surfing November 2020 (14th Wave)

    Jk29e Nogami
  15. themistyseas

    Banzuke Surfing November 2020 (15th Wave)

    Jd89e Kotokino
  16. themistyseas

    Banzuke Surfing November 2020 (16th Wave)

    Jd60w Shimoyama
  17. themistyseas

    Preparations of the Y/O- November 2020

    Don't rule out the possibility either that with the clock running down on his time as an oyakata, any perceived humiliation or impediment to his influence may not really matter that much. It's not like he's in the mix to be the next riji-cho ;) I do wonder however whether he has any influence at all on the conversation to bestow ichidai toshiyori status on Hakuho. Would be curious if anyone has intel on how that works and if the shisho of the dai-yokozuna in question has any say in the matter.
  18. themistyseas

    Something needs to be done about part-time Yokozuna's

    I think the focus here is in the wrong place It's all well and good saying that the Yokozuna are somehow devaluing the competition or the rank But the reality is that they continue not to be there and continually those in a position to challenge for their rank refuse to rise to the challenge If they both walked away from the sport tomorrow, it wouldn't change anything in terms of the timeline to getting a new Yokozuna. So with that being the case, I'm happy for whenever we get to see Hakuho again. As he rightly pointed out at the joint training, when he is able to compete on the dohyo, his numbers are still as good as anyone's.
  19. It seems recently there have been more loans across ichimon, so I could see that Furiwake being used elsewhere in the event someone gets knocked off their loaned name. I guess I'm worried because you have - in addition to those loanees - a quartet of ~34 year olds in makuuchi with no kabu (Myogiryu, Takarafuji, Tokushoryu, Kaisei - who has citizenship) who might not be able to go until 37-38. That's not to say they want to continue as oyakata. Sadanoumi also turns 34 in the spring, and then down in Juryo you have 35 year old Akiseyama and almost 34 year old Fujiazuma who both qualify. So bringing it back to the main topic, when I look at the ability of Takasago to stay on as consultant in that light, it seems harsh that there may or may not be a slot for many/all of these guys to continue on if they so choose. Is there another or a better way to keep these stable masters in the game?
  20. themistyseas

    Ridiculous Predictions November 2020 basho

    Hakuho enters, only so that he can repeatedly slap Hokutofuji around the dohyo on Day 1 before delivering him into the pocket of Fujishima-oyakata with a furious dame-oshi, having already won the bout. After the ensuing furore and recent strong language directed towards him by the YDC, he sensationally intais and also pulls all of the rikishi from Miyagino beya out of the basho as well, setting up a splinter league in Tottori. Ichinojo, on the eve of senshuraku and with a 7-7 record, joins as well, stating "I have nothing left to prove." Meanwhile, the three Onami brothers all yusho in the top three divisions, with faux-Komusubi Takasu and Fujinoteru winning the bottom two divisions.
  21. Curious about what people here think about the news of him staying on for five more years as a consultant? I actually wonder whether this is an area the NSK can or should reform. It seems there is an enormous upcoming cluster of retirement age rikishi who might need/want kabu, a few loan situations that might be about to blow up, and it seems a bit horrible to get 24-36 years down the line and for someone who's 33-34 to miss out on the opportunity of 30+ years of work as a result of a 68 or 69 year old carrying on past the typical retirement age. That said, I know it's completely his right, and that everyone knows the rules of engagement. And also that lately, there is the precedent of a few consultants jumping off when a retiring rikishi was in need.
  22. themistyseas

    21 November 20, The Results

    1. X 2. B 3. A 4. A 5. B 6. A 7. A 8. A 9. B 10. B 11. B 12. X 13. B 14. A 15. A 16. B 17. A 18. A 19. A 20. X 21. B
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    Preparations of the masses- November 2020

    Fully agree, I think he's going to take some time to bed in at this level. It isn't often I disagree with the great goldenballz but I'd be a little surprised if he gets to 9 this time. I also tend to think that a lot of truly great athletes in any sport are able to channel their anger into their game, but afterwards many of them do not succeed as coaches because of an inability to emphathise with pupils who may not always possess the same fire. So while I don't doubt he has motivated Hoshoryu to some degree, I do struggle to see whether Asashoryu's presence will be ultimately helpful to his career ceiling. Do any of Takayasu's nonspecific definitely not outspoken relatives still live there?
  24. themistyseas

    Banzuke for November 2020

    Probably going a bit off topic here, but I've been disappointed in his delivery, and attitude towards others in the community over the years. I guess I'm glad not to be the only one who feels critical of his opinions. I'm certainly a fan of his application - putting so much effort into engaging the sport live with access that fans around the world are lacking, with the intention to share that experience, is certainly to be praised. Sometimes it does feel like he's deified on these pages. His comment re: Abi there may be a bit tongue in cheek or may be made with reform as the intention, but it's a ridiculous comment either way. Back on topic, I like the alignment of the two top Onoe guys at Ms15. It will be interesting to see which one establishes himself as heyagashira over the long term (obviously Ryuko has had some bad luck with injury). It's tempting to wish to rewrite history to imagine when Hokutenkai might have overtaken his uncle, were he still active (ignoring that the drama that also impacted Hokutenkai's own career, heya placement, etc.).
  25. themistyseas

    Yusho or Rank?

    I think there's also a presumption that you want to be an oyakata. Ignoring all the retirement privileges, I tend to be a subscriber to the "flags (in this case portraits) fly forever (in this case, a few years)" philosophy, but the privileges of an Ozeki rank career wise probably outstrip that in terms of its impact on the remainder of your career, nevermind the mochikyukin system. So I think it's important to take that into consideration. But I would personally probably be more attracted to the idea of doing a Mainoumi-style media career (although I appreciate NSK members get an enormous amount of media opps) alongside opening a restaurant business as many ex-rikishi tend to do, rather than take a kabu. I know it's an incredibly stable career path for those who dedicate their life to sumo, but after 20+ years in a house with sweaty guys, you want another 30 years of that? #nope So all of that to say, in spite of the immediate career benefits and long term stability of reaching Ozeki, I'd probably rather have the yusho. As Akinomaki implies, outside the last couple years, it was a very rare and special achievement.