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  1. yohcun

    Joukouryuu retires

    They're basically a heya of college rikishi, so that's not overly surprising.
  2. yohcun

    Joukouryuu retires

    Throwback to that time he got his kinboshi on his freshly injured knee.
  3. yohcun

    Aki 2022 discussion (results)

    Shimanoumi's unfortunate run continues.... got mis-announced at "Shimazuumi" during the juyro dohyo-iri.
  4. yohcun

    Aki 2022 discussion (results)

    Tokihayate and Shonannoumi just had the bout of the tournament.
  5. yohcun

    Rikishi Status - 2022 Aki

    Asanowaka seemingly a late withdrawal.
  6. yohcun

    Rikishi Status - 2022 Aki

    I wonder if this is the end for Asashiyu.
  7. yohcun

    Kaisei Intai

    Could that be after the Kisenosato bout Aki 2018? I only remember it because he was so exhausted he was pulling faces like that up the hanamichi.
  8. yohcun

    Gagamaru retired

    And not only him, but his stablemates too. That's a real shame.
  9. yohcun

    Nagoya 2022

    On the contrary, the one thing you can expect from Shodai is that he'll wake up to spoil somebody else.
  10. yohcun

    Farcical basho?

    Kyushu 2017 sticks out in my mind. You had the Harumafuji scandal break, and Hakuho's infamous mono-ii attempt. To make matters worse, the actual tournament itself was a complete dud.
  11. yohcun

    Corona and sumo

    Good thing Oshoryu dropped off the leaderboard today.
  12. yohcun

    Nagoya 2022

    I don't know what's up between these two guys, but they seem to bring angry sumo against each other.
  13. yohcun

    Ex-rikishi YT sumo channels

    I'm still not used to seeing Gaga that slim.
  14. yohcun

    Preparations of the masses- July 2022

    There was an NHK feature a while back where Hiro Morita went grocery shopping with Arashio-beya's chef. The bill that time came out to 80,000 Yen for two day's worth of meals.
  15. yohcun

    Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    Shades of Ama and Goeido.
  16. yohcun

    Ex-Kaounishiki finds a new job in sumo

    IIRC he wanted to become a sewanin or wakamonogashira, but couldn't. I'm happy he found a way back in.
  17. yohcun

    Awards for rikishi and oyakata

    Must be nice to be the guy with less product in his hair for once.
  18. yohcun

    Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    "Okay, now you can weigh me."
  19. yohcun

    Heya A-Z with (partial) pictorial history

    Minor error with Chiyotsurugi, but thank you very much as always.
  20. yohcun

    Retirements after Hatsu 2022

    This guy's twitter was entertaining back in the day. Former tsukebito to Kisenosato and seemed like quite a character.
  21. yohcun

    Next Ozeki?

    Wakatakakage is probably too small, I think. I can see him as a respectable Sekiwake, but not putting Ozeki numbers together.
  22. yohcun

    Kyokushuuhou retires

    I thought so too. Looked like a good ani-deshi at any rate. I wonder if -taisei is going to be following him...
  23. yohcun

    Hakkiyoi! Ozumo promotion song

    I'm saddened that Gagamaru didn't go the oyakata route.
  24. yohcun

    Upcoming Kanreki

    Musashimaru has ballooned the last couple of years. He's had me worried for a while. I really don't want another Akebono.
  25. yohcun

    Obesity Deaths

    The cigarette culture is something that could theoretically be addressed without negatively impacting rikishi performance, the way body weight might.