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  1. yohcun

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    The English commentators incorrectly said a monoii was happening, but it was actually just the shimpan changing for the second half.
  2. yohcun

    Ridiculous Predictions for Aki 2019

    Azumaryu yusho, capped with him peeling off his knee brace while laughing maniacally "It was a bluff, you fools! A five year bluff!"
  3. yohcun

    Rikishi Status Aki 2019 - Day 8 Late

    So, Chiyonokuni's back for the first time since Hatsu. Well get the first look at him on Day 1.
  4. yohcun

    Sokokurai is Japanese and Arashio now

    Would Sokokurai's messy dismissal, court case, and reinstatement still pose a problem with the Sumo association? At least, if he ever plans to move upwards.
  5. yohcun

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    I guess it's new shikona time, again. Seriously though, I hope he's gone now.
  6. yohcun

    Aki 2019 YDC Souken

    This lesser-seen stuff is great. Makes me really wish I could go to a jungyo event.
  7. yohcun

    Sumo monuments and statues

    It took me a second to realise he's holding a ball and not his stomach.
  8. yohcun

    Rikishi extra activities

    Good to know he's got basketball to fall back on if this sumo thing doesn't pan out.
  9. yohcun

    Next Yokozuna??????

    Takayasu's chance hasn't yet passed. He was on the yusho path in Nagoya before that kotenage, I could feel it in my bones. Asasnoyama and Tomokaze seem like good well-rounded candidates, but I always hesitate to hype university rikishi that highly.
  10. yohcun

    Dangerously close to the third rail...

    Well nudity is part of ancient Olympic history, is it not?
  11. yohcun

    Preparations of the Y/O- Nagoya 2019

    He looks like a Dad on vacation.
  12. yohcun

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    I don't mind Konosuke's or any gyoji's "te wo tsuite". The "Oi hakkeyoi! Oi!" when rikishi are locked up bugs me sometimes though. That's when they're trying to listen to each other's breathing to pick their moment, meanwhile some guy's yelling at them. I guess that's something you feel as much as you hear though.
  13. yohcun

    Meiji era sumo on film

    "Thank God we got the camera out for that one!"
  14. yohcun

    Preparations of the Y/O- Nagoya 2019

    His awkward sumo lately looks like he's in the process of making changes to his style, but it's not quite clicking yet. It'll be easier to judge his prospects later this year. Hopefully what he and Araiso are working on will pay some dividends by that point.
  15. yohcun

    Takakeisho injury update

    Sounds like he's determined not to be a repeat of Terunofuji, at least.
  16. yohcun

    Trainee graduation/entry (pics)

    Touma sure stands out
  17. yohcun

    Another Sekitori Marriage

    Holy hell those cakes. How do you cut that? I'd be scared to even breath on it.
  18. yohcun

    Natsu basho 2019 discussions [SPOILERS]

    This was my understanding of torinaoshi as well - it's for when two rikishi go "out" at the same time, not for when the technology is inconclusive*. Therefore in this case, they must decide in or out based on the evidence. I don't know if I picked that up from somewhere, or it's just my assumption though. *If indeed you call that inconclusive.
  19. yohcun

    Ridiculous Predictions for Natsu 2019

    Kotoyuki's day 15 opponent lands a strike into the POTUS box, and is declared the new president in accordance with natural law.
  20. yohcun

    Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    Mitakeumi missing Beatlemania by a few decades.