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  1. kapil857

    Visiting Nagoya Basho

    Thanks - posted here as I didnt see any ticket related topics in other sections but saw a few here. I guess I'll try posting there during basho time when there might be more traffic in general..
  2. kapil857

    Visiting Nagoya Basho

    I have been a sumo fan for 5-6 years now and am planning to travel to Tokyo 2020 as well as the Nagoya Basho before the Olympics. Have already started looking for the best way to get tickets but still have some questions, so would really appreciate any help. 1) I will need 4 chair seats, as my mom and dad can't sit on the floor. So is Arena B actually better than Arena A in Nagoya ?? I understand that Arena A seats are only on the west and east ends of the stadium while Arena B are on the front and back. So Arena B gives me a 50% chance of facing the gyoji and thus having the best view of the Tachiai whereas Arena A ensures I will be looking at the back of rikishi. How does the front view compare with the fact that Arena B will be farther from the dohyo ?? Also, if anybody has links to any pictures of how the view is from Arena A or Arena B, please do post (cost difference between Arena A and Arena B doesnt matter to me). 2) I also understand that its pretty hot in Nagoya at the time of the Basho. Since the ACs are in the back, it actually gets even hotter towards the centre of the ring. So does anybody know if there is any significant difference in terms of heat between the farther Arena B and the closer Arena A?? 3) Ideally, I would like to go on Senshuraku but seems like it is very tough to get those tickets. Buysumotickets.com generally doesn't even bother to sell arena seats on the final weekend and ticket oosumo seems to sell out in seconds. Are there any other options for a non-Japanese?? Has anyone used Voyagin to buy tickets for Senshuraku?? They list tickets for double the price but are they actually able to secure them ?? Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance.