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  1. charliekogure

    Silent Violence

    Let me tell you something! Bullying is normal in sumo but not like this. Sudo speaks barely Japanese (that caused him more getting bullied) because he grew up in the Philippines under his grandparents's care. When he finished high school, his parents put him into sumo. His elder brother chose that stable. He wants to work as factory worker or hotelier once he quits.
  2. charliekogure

    Silent Violence

    Hello there! First of all, Sudo is the only person who will able to give a proof about this matter as we advice him to report the incident to his oyakata. In fact, he only told us thru messenger especially voice call using our native language. Thanks
  3. charliekogure

    Silent Violence

    I decided to make a post here because some of us from the Philippines were outraged about a rikishi named Roman from Tatsunami Beya when he pointed a knife towards a junior rikishi named Sudo. In fact, a fan who is a lawyer wants to file a criminal case against him for grave threat. The incident happened last week. And Sudo might quit sumo after this Basho. Since Sudo is our friend, we decided to hide our identity. Thanks for your understanding