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  1. Ceramics

    Here's the Lladró figurine of the rikishi in kesho mawashi that Sekitori mentioned.;jsessionid=RM4M454EYHUKKCRDIRKSFFAKENAVIIWB#

    I wonder who he is, that is if intended to be anyone in particular. Hokusai wave is on this kesho mawashi that I found in a search although I have no idea who it belonged to.


    I think that this set belonged to Chiyonoyama. Chiyonofuji used a very similar's one for his first yokozuna dohyo-iri.

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  2. If he were allowed to leave with all the former Oshima-beya rikishi, that would really put Tomozuna-beya in a very bad situation, they would be left with basically only Kaisei and some rather uninspiring low rankers.

    On the other hand, the downside of his longevity as a rikishi is, of course, that he is in a rather advanced age for a fresh oyakata, so if he plans to re-open Oshima-beya he might prefer to do it sooner rather than later.

    But, as you say, in a year a lot can change...

    For what it's worth, the reports immediately post-intai included comments from him that he wants to be a very hands-on coaching oyakata, i.e. regularly getting into mawashi for keiko, not just sitting on the sidelines. That indicates to me that he probably still has designs on setting up his own stable. His father-in-law always seemed like a pretty diligent man when he was in Kyokai management, so it wouldn't surprise me if the details of that branch-out/re-establishment were already hammered out back when the original Oshima-beya folded - I doubt Tomozuna-oyakata will be able to block that move.

    (I probably should have moved my initial reply to the Tenho intai thread...this is getting pretty off-topic here. :-S)

    The new Oshima oyakata would wait june 2017. At this time, Tomozuna oyakata will quit the NSK.