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    I'm very disappointed! He was the very first sekitori I saw in the flesh (august 2003).
  2. Tony

    Hakuho - Another opening day loss ?

    I think that Dejima will surprise us.
  3. We must remember something : the number of ozeki in activity before a new promotion. For example, now, there are four ozeki. So, standards would be higher for Ama's promotion (for example). If there would be only one or two ozeki, standards would be less draconian, hard. In Kirishima's autobiography, he explains it. For Hasegawa's non-promotion, I suppose that his results were deemed as substandard. At this time, they were four ozeki : Kotozakura (same Hasegawa's heya), Maenoyama, Kiyokuni and Daikirin, plus one yokozuna : Kitanofuji.
  4. Tony

    SFM Sekitori Interview

  5. Tony


    Not original : 5+1+0 For yokozuna yusho, I think that Hakuho will win three and two for Asashoryu. Ozeki yusho for Kotooshu.
  6. Tony

    Asashouryuu injured-keiko news

    And it's Sagatsukasa just beside Tochinoshin. On the left, is it Futenou?
  7. Tony

    Happy birthday Asojima!

    Happy birthday Asojima!
  8. Here is a documentary about Chiyonofuji's career divided in 9 chapters. 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9-[/url]
  9. Tony

    Yokozuna and Ozeki

    No surprise in 2008 : Kaio intai and no yokozuna or ozeki promotion/demotion.
  10. Tony

    How will Asashoryu finish in Hatsu?

    14-1 and yusho. I think that Asashoryu will succeed a great basho.
  11. Tony

    Best Yokozuna rivalry post WWII

    You forgot Tamanoumi-Kitanofuji. One of the most exciting. Anyway, my favourite one is Takanosato VS Chiyonofuji.
  12. Tony

    Ichihara - In makuuchi for Hatsu '08 or not ?

    No, I don't think so.
  13. Tony

    Ichinoya intai

    Ichinoya started his sumo career during an incredible hon-basho. Kyushu basho 1983 (makuuchi division) was a very exciting with a great final battle between Takanosato and Chiyonofuji. Chiyo-Taka period was brief but incredibly interesting. Ah... what a great times!
  14. Tony

    Surprise Kyujo

    Chiyotaikai hurted his right elbow. One month is necessary for complete recovery. (News from
  15. Tony

    Happy birthday, Doitsuyama!

    Happy birthday! Joyeux anniversaire, cher Doitsuyama.
  16. Tony

    Name These Rikishi

    The second one is Yakigaya of Onomatsu-beya too.
  17. Tony

    Kotooshu - Sekiwake in March 08?

    I agree with you. I can't imagine that Kotooshu will not able to reach kachi-koshi in january.
  18. Tony

    Happy Birthday Fay and Chiyo!

    Happy birthday
  19. Tony

    Who is this?

    In front of Konishiki, it's not Mainoumi but Kirishima.
  20. Tony

    Happy Birthday, Asashosakari and Tikozan!

    Happy birthday, guys!
  21. Tony

    Takanowaka intai

    Moto-sekiwake Takanowaka, 31 years old, announced his retirement.
  22. Tony

    Did they ruin their chance?

    I agree with Asashosakari! I think that Homasho (komusubi) and Ama (sekiwake) will be promoted.
  23. Tony

    Aki Basho 2007, Pics of Day 14

    Thank you very much for Kokonoe oyakata's pic!
  24. Tony

    The Most Frustrating Active Rikishi

    Roho for me. I don't understand what is wrong with him.
  25. Tony

    Happy Birthday Leonishiki!

    Feliz cumplea