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  1. Tony

    Happy 40th birthday Kaiowaka!

    Bon anniversaire!
  2. Tony

    Araiso beya last basho!

    Sorry for my mistake! (Pulling hair...)
  3. Araiso beya lives its last days. The 15th november his oyakata, ex komusubi Futagodake, will turn 65. He decided to fusion his heya with Matsugane beya (owned by ex ozeki Wakashimazu) the next 14th november. Three rikishi and one yobidashi are concerned. (News from
  4. The 16th june 2009 Azumazeki oyakata will be 65 and quit NSK. Who will inherit to Azumazeki toshiyori kabu? And what will happen to Azumazeki beya? Fusion with an other heya? Takamisakari will compel to retire?
  5. Tony

    Aminishiki and Aki basho

    On NSK website, Aminishiki is now at 141kg and Ama at 129kg.
  6. Tony

    Can Ama make it higher than Ozeki

    If I remembered, Kitanoumi said at the end of last Nagoya basho that Ama's performance would be considerated as the beggining of ozeki's promotion race. So, I don't think that he would be promoted despite a strong result in september.
  7. Tony

    Featured rijicho - Musashigawa!

    Thank you Mark for the news!
  8. Tony

    Next Mongolian to reach juryo

    Hoshikaze! I saw him during keiko and impressed me a lot.
  9. Ex-sekiwake Arase (59) passed away in Kochi-ken hospital today. He succumbed to a heart failure. Funeral will take place the 13rd of this month at Ino, his birthplace. He was the most regular Wajima's assessor during his yokozuna dohyo-iri. Hanakago-beya's deshi, his trademark was his gaburi-yori style. He announced his intai during aki basho 1981 and left Nihon Sumou Kyoukai in february 1983.
  10. Tony

    Hakuhou preparations- Aki 2008

    Found on youtube, a few videos of Sapporo basho 2008. Hakuhou yokozuna dohyou-iri Hakuhou-Kotooushuu Hakuhou and Goeidou (asa-geiko) Katayama'shiko
  11. Tony

    Boy did they screw Asashoryu today

    I suppose they considered that Asashoryu was in position of shinitai, already out of the dohyo and couldn't turn the tide. It's harsh for the yokozuna!
  12. Where did Nagoya basho take place before Aichi prefectural Gymnasium was built? When Nagoya basho started to take place in Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium? From 1958 to 1964, I know that Nagoya basho was in Nagoya Shikanayama Taiikukan. For haru basho, I believe that it takes place in Osaka Furitsu Taiikukaikan since 1986. Before that, it was in Osaka Kashichuuou Taiikukan. Kyuushuu basho changed three times his location. The first one what took place at Fukuoka Kokusai Center was in 1981. Before that, from 1957 to 1973, it was in Fukuoka Sports Center and between 1974 and 1980 at Fukuoka Shikyuuden Kinen Taiikukan.
  13. Tony

    Happy Birthday, Jejima!

    Happy birthday! Happy birthday to Wakanohana I too! He turns 80 today.
  14. Tony


    Chiyonofuji did 1000 by day (Kitade wrote that he saw him do 500 in a row).
  15. Tony

    Tochiazuma Danpatsushiki

    Perhaps he has the same nutritionist that Takanohana oyakata! (Showing respect...)
  16. Tony

    Last pics, Day 15 Hatsu Basho 2008

    Thank you very much! Kokonoe oyakata's pic is great!
  17. Tony

    Bravo Yoshikaze

    Yes, bravo! Nice achievement!
  18. Tony

    Hakuho or Asashoryu

    I hope that will be Hakuho. So, Hakuho.
  19. Tony

    Quotes from Day 13 - Hatsu 2008

    Kasugano number 11, I suppose.
  20. Tony

    Happy Birthday, Sakana!

    Bon anniversaire mon ami!
  21. Tony


    Nice guy, yep! Plus, he's from Hokkaido (Nemuro)!
  22. Tony

    Yokozuna dohyo-iri

    I don't like their yokozuna dohyou-iri. I don't like their body movements especially when they are front of north side and slap their hands.
  23. Tony


    Chiyotenzan announced his intai the 12th on his blog.