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  1. Tony

    Ozeki preparations July 2010

    Oh, no... Actually, I clearly remembered a impressive degeiko at Naruto-beya for the Kyushu basho 2007's preparation. Ama and Asofuji smashed Kisenosato and Wakanosato. When the Isegahama's sekitori were gone, Naruto oyakata was angry and stopped the keiko each 5 minutes to give a talking to his deshi. At 11 and half, the training went on and I was desperate to left keikoba because of an appointment.
  2. Tony

    Ozeki preparations July 2010

    Asofuji sometimes goes to Naruto-beya with Harumafuji.
  3. Tony

    Ozeki preparations July 2010

    Though, Isegahama's boys are often going to Naruto-beya.
  4. Tony

    Ozeki preparations July 2010

    He could try to go to Kitanoumi-beya. (Holiday feeling...)
  5. Tony

    Nagoya Basho Heya Locations

    Absolutely, I don't remember which sumo monthly magazine is it exactly (Sumou or Ouzumou), but you could find the updated heya list into.
  6. Tony


    If you read japanese, you can buy march issue of "Sumo" magazine, generally, there are all heya addresses in Osaka indicated.
  7. Tony

    New recruits -March 2010

    Historical for Kokonoe-beya! Tateno Masaru, 22, is the first recruit from a sumo college club. He was student at Nittai and he's son of ex athletes (father practiced modern pentathlon and his mother, fencing). More news here
  8. Tony

    sumo stamp - who is the rikishi?

    Yes, it's Arase who passed away a couple years ago.
  9. Tony


    Asashoryu's first win on Musashimaru. It was in natsu basho 2001, by shitatenage.
  10. Tony

    Ozumo bout of the year 2009

    Hakuho-Harumafuji, Natsu basho, 13th day.
  11. Tony

    Happy birthday Fay!

    Joyeux anniversaire Fay!
  12. Apparently, Kokonoe oyakata wouldn't be very popular among his pairs. And Musashigawa? Wouldn't he want to continue for couple of years?
  13. Tony

    basho programs

    When did the basho programs appear for Kyushu basho?
  14. Tony

    SFM #24 - Alive and kicking

    Or, it would be Oguruma oyakata, his real name is Nakayama.
  15. Tony

    Can Harumafuji aspire to Yokozuna?

    First, he should capture his first yusho. But, who knows??
  16. Tony

    Some more pictures

    Faced Takamiyama Faced Kaiketsu during natsu basho 1975's preparation Dohyo-iri Id
  17. Tony

    Some more pictures

    Few more pics of ozeki Takanohana I (he would turn 59 two days ago) Suri-ashi In shitaku-beya Beside Mienoumi and Asahikuni during the fuyu jungyo 1976 Sanyaku soroi-bumi at Nagoya basho 1974 (at the bottom there are Wajima, Takamiyama and Kaiketsu) One of my favourite, with Kiyokuni during the natsu basho 1973 Signing autographes Idem Tamanoumi's tachi-mochi during Kyushu basho 1970 Natsu basho 1977, beside Wakamisugi More soon...
  18. Tony

    Asashouryuu meets G

    The man on the right of picture.
  19. Tony

    Kokonoe gets another job

    Will he quit his riji's fonctions?
  20. Tony

    Happy birthday Asojima!

    Joyeux anniversaire Asojima!
  21. Tony

    Juryo promotions / makushita demotions

    Totally agree with Hakuyobaku, I think that Hakuba will be demoted.
  22. The new Kokonoe beya's website is online.
  23. Tony

    Happy birthday Fay.....

    Joyeux anniversaire Fay!
  24. Tony

    New shin-nyumaku record!

    Very interesting! 10 in 1962 and 12 in 1963. Idem for 1990 and 1991.
  25. Tony

    Retirements- Apres September 2008

    Other news, Rachimi, the oldest rikishi of Kokonoe-beya stopped his career this month. His danpatsu-shiki took place a few days ago, before aki jungyo. He was makushita 4 at his top (1996) and was an real hope but a serious injury in 1997 destroyed his dreams.